Foof, Fluff, and words of Fancy

it’s usually solid advice from most guys that will tell you not to speak foofy to a woman. typically i’d say the same thing.

the other night girl was over at the house. long after the sex, she was lying under a blanket watching a movie as i surfed the net. i looked up at her (i always sit on the floor) and she looked amazing. i could barely see her breasts that the blanket was falling off of as she nodded out. she caught me looking and asked me what was wrong. i told her-

“nothing, you just look amazing when you sleep.”

i’ve said things to women that would make you guys CRINGE in douche chills. now, as i’ve gotten older i’ve learned that foofy sentimental words with women works WONDERS. but there’s a certain criteria that must be met first.

she has to have made an emotional investment in you. throw them out too early and you come off as clingy and desperate. i don’t have any lines memorized, but once i know she REALLY feeling me, i’ll get lovey dovey- but just once in a while. they need to be used sparingly. but there’s also a flip side.

as i mentioned in the linked post above. 2 of the girls that fell for me were mexican. well, mexican girls eat up poetic foofy talk like it’s cool. there’s a few songs i knew from a long time ago and i use some of the lyrics on Spanish speaking women. They blush and smile.

but I’d NEVER say these same words in English to a white girl. they’d look at me like my head was on fire.

So remember: fluffy, frilly sentimental words to a woman is ok. just make sure she’s made that investment in you. If she hasn’t- she’ll be gone VERY soon.

Stay up.

6 Comments on “Foof, Fluff, and words of Fancy”

  1. MissMarie says:

    Awww, you’re cute! Personally, I like to use schnookums. It just has that… je ne sais quoi… 😀

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