This Weeks Brophy

This week CopyLeft takes home the Brophy with this simple, yet direct comment in “savages”.

“You said you didn’t want or need men to protect you. You got it. Enjoy.”

this week i have 2 honorable mentions:

Pablo Hernandez- “how to make her fall in Love with you”

“Last LTR she used to call me every morning tell me she “L” word me. Anyhow the sex was average at best, no passion. Had to ask her for a bj….the most demoralising thing I think a man has to ask off a woman. If she’s any good shed be down there like Oprah on a baked ham…Needless to say I went offside numerous times. Not proud of it as I cared a lot for her but ended it as I wasn’t getting enough.
I was so beta looking back, paid for her car, living at my place, she didn’t put her hand in her pocket for anything except for a gift for birthday and Christmas. Never even bought groceries for the house. Major Daddy issues, parents split up when she was 16. Needless to say she moved to Australia, sold the car to fund her trip. Left me €9,000 outta pocket….I think I got off light. I’ll remind her that I paid for her excursion next time I see her…..
Been lurking in the sphere for a few months now and now I see the light…..this article will be very helpful for future reference. Got 4 ladies lined up and they’re going to get both red pill barrels!
Cheers baby….much love……”

Mister-E- “a mothers hamster”

“About twelve years ago, I lost a job at a major corporation and had to move back in with my in-laws. I love my in-laws, but I need to make it on my own. That is part of who I am. No coat tails for me. After a couple of months, I picked up a job that payed better, had a few nice perks, but was in a somewhat rural area. My wife said that we would do two years max at that location, her thoughts, not mine. Two years came and went. She started in on me about moving closer to her folks and or a bigger city. Her rant went something like this “I hate this house, I hate this city, I hate your work, and I hate you”. I just stood there staring at her. All I could think about was there is food on the table, a roof over your head, a car in the garage, money in the bank, and you are bitchin’ about location. I could have spit nails. Then she hit me with the I’m not happy line. I said so what? She had the option to walk. I’ve never held anything over her head. There is the door sweetie if you think you can do any better somewhere else. She stayed. She is much more content these days. How I hate that damn hamster. It still rears its ugly head every now and then. Death to the hamster!

I can sympathize with you on the down sizing and doing your own thing. Less is more and you have to do what is best for you. If you do find a woman that is willing to live in those conditions, she will be a keeper for sure. Happy hunting.”

and finally-

Zorro- “savages”

“Women will take equality no sooner than they will be willing to register for the fucking draft and have their hilarious little sociology 101 dream diploma cancelled so they can die face down in paddy mud in a Far Easter country they couldn’t find on a goddamned map.

There. I said it.

PS: Anybody who belts a girl for 41 cents needs to meet my 7-iron. I will go Kevin Costner on his face until the fucking FBI crime lab gets a migraine.”

alot of great comments this week and i really appreciate all you guys chiming in. i had to lot of comments to read through but fortunately half of them are me replying to said comments. lol.

congrats CopyLeft.

congrats on this weeks Brophy CopyLeft. stay up.

congrats on this weeks Brophy CopyLeft. stay up.

One Comment on “This Weeks Brophy”

  1. earl says:

    “You said you didn’t want or need men to protect you. You got it. Enjoy.”

    Empowerment must feel great for the ladies…until things go wrong.

    Like Tyson said: “Everyone has a plan – until they get punched in the face.”

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