This Weeks Brophy

This week Lazlo wins with this quote/guest post from “Plan Ahead”

“It may not be his #1 priority but it should be one of his priorities. It is sad when a man does not get to – through his own work or plain luck, discover the fungibility of the modern women, at least in terms of the attraction-sexual gateway. In todays socio-sexual market that is how a man becomes empowered. He may not want that to be true and he certainly did not design the market to be as such, but this is the reality he lives in.

Until they experience that fungibility, bring down the pedestal one brick at a time, drop their hook into the sea of lies and begin to feast on the catch, one truth at a time, those men (and I count myself in your ‘other priorities’ so I am speaking in my own voice) will always be of the mindset that their sexual worth and thus significant portion of their overall worth in the eyes of women is out of their control or that their “goodness” – their lifelong work as a Nice Guy, the blue-pill at its worst, is not serving them as they were told (the big lie).

The result can only be resentment, bitterness, frustration, and more self-hatred. At best he will operate from the painful and lonely corners of scarcity, at worst he with eventually submit to an unhealthy relationship – probably one of the first women who treat him marginally well, or he will withdrawal from the market completely.

While women bask – knowingly or not in the options they create and maintain at great cost to the “good”, it is both men and women who lose when huge segments of the market are disenfranchised, marginalized, or self-selecting out. Since women are giving no indication of altering their choices, their behavior, or raising their voices to cede the avalanche of entitlement and optionality, men are responding.

The price/value of sex is near zero. So if a man still cannot manage to get sex from the women he desires, what message does he internalize? And with such a low price, what is there of true novelty, true intimacy? It is a hedonistic model now. The libertine find this to be quite favorable. A man of more rigid morals finds himself in a paradox. But if he is a rational man, he does himself no favors by upholding, propping up the value of something well beyond the price at which it is clearing the market. He would be delusional.

So he either accepts his second or third order place or he takes action: accumulation, even to the point of gluttony, by feasting away until all illusion gives way to truth. Only then can he can internalize the truth – can he understand how and why the market is pricing as such and only then can he begin to arm himself for the proper fight.

The inverse of this of course is that the women who are giving/getting the sex from higher status men are on borrowed time. Beyond the intersection of male and female sexual market value, those women will be scrambling to garner the attention of the men they ignored not that long ago or they will run headlong into the wind of denial, usually demonizing all men for her failing to secure commitment from those top men. But that is for women to figure out. (Not holding breath.)

I wish it weren’t true, but the modern women make the market and they continue to communicate in voice and action what they value. A man that does not break down those blue-pill frames is much more likely to face a lifetime of doubt, his worth tied up in the wicked lies of some fairy tale of good and evil that does nothing but sedate, paralyze him and the other Nice Guy sheep, trapping them in the paddock until such time as the post wall modern empowered women come around to reluctantly select their consolation prize.”


well said Hermano. well said. you earned this one.

stay up.

2 Comments on “This Weeks Brophy”

  1. Lazlo says:

    An honor Danny, thanks! ‘Guest Post’ indeed. Brevity is not my thing apparently. I’ve been on the road of late so I totally missed this last time I came around. Always enjoy checking in when I do. Keep up the good fight. Cheers.

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