The Meet Up in Vegas

ok. ok. i know. you wanted a post on the meet-up. but after doing some thought i realized i can’t really do a comprehensive review because…….well, i was only there for close to 3 days.

the meet up started on a monday. i got in on a wednesday afternoon and left friday morning. first night we all hung out and spent the afternoon and evening on fremont. next day we all hung out and that night went out to find out all the shit closes at midnight. well i ended up slowing down because everyone was FUCKED UP. i needed to be clear headed. the second day we ended up meeting my mom and dad for lunch then spent the rest of the day/night in the room. i flew out the following day.

the night i slowed down to make sure everyone was ok i ended up getting trashed after everyone passed out and sleep walked into some industrial part of the hotel. i was in shorts, no shoes, and no shirt. it went down around 6am; i think i got back to the room around 8am. NO IDEA how i wandered out the room. i looked and felt like david banner after he changed back from the hulk.

there you have it. THAT was my experienced in Vegas. i’m sure most of you were expecting some crazy as fuck tale of misadventures that people experience in Vegas, but unfortunately, the crew did all that shit WITHOUT ME. by the time i came in, they were wiped out. so as far as a Vegas experience, i crapped out. fuck my life.

one thing that struck me was i mentioned THE FIRST DAY, that i wanted to check out a strip club in vegas. considering i FUCKING WRITE EXTENSIVELY on strippers it would seem a no brainer to get me some strip-club time. but no. never happened. it was an “all for one” affair. in hindsight, i should have went off on my own to one. but i stayed true to the “meet up” experience and stayed with the group.

however, it was VERY fun hanging out with everyone. they are a great group of people and i was very happy to finally meet: TempestTcup, her hubby Dr.Bill, Dr.Illusion and his Lady Mistress, and DeathToHamsters (start a blog faggot). we were definitely a motley crew and had a ton of laughs. And if you ever meet Dr.Illusion and you talk shit, be prepared to fight. srslee. Lol.

as far as getting a better idea as to how the meet up went, you’ll have to read their posts since they were there for the whole thing and experienced all the “Vegas’y” type stuff.

all i did was show up, drank a little, played Shekkie McChucklemeister telling jokes the whole time, saw fremont street and watched them gamble and smoke.

meeting my mommy for #meetupofdoom

I wonder what the poor folk are doing.

Someone pass me my monocle.

also Tempest has a tasty little todo about the meet up. check it out.

stay up.

9 Comments on “The Meet Up in Vegas”

  1. The Mistress says:

    It was very interesting. Sorry, Danny.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      And I’ll never know. *sigh* Welcome to loserville- population Danny. Lol.

      Sorry, that this reply is so “weird”. I don’t know, but I just feel so calm around you. I’m sorry, I keep repeating self. This is weird, I know. Lol. But this is definitely “interesting.”

  2. TempestTcup says:

    What the hell are you talking about? There’s nothing more Vegas than passing out and sleepwalking through the maintenance section/roof of the Belligio! What more did you want? Wrestling with a tiger? Oh right, you wrestled with Dr. Illusion.

    Sorry about the strippers, though. If I could will you all the titties that were rubbed in my face (6) at my death, I absolutely would. Besides, guys only go to strip bars with girls to buy lap dances for the girls. Ack!

    Smooches! TTc

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I swear to God I thought I was having an out of body experience. I couldn’t interpret signs, no sense of direction. No shoes, no shirt, no clue.

      Walked down a TON of steps and suddenly, one door wasn’t locked. I opened it…

      And there the lobby where you show dude your key, but I didn’t have my key and couldn’t remember the room number.

      And that tiger started sporting wood. Dirty pool. VERY dirty pool.

    • TempestTcup says:

      “And that tiger started sporting wood.”

      Gaaaaah, TMI!

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  4. RojoC says:

    Your towel turban is sexy.

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