Your World is Her Paradise

i called her last thursday.

she was busy for the weekend so we made plans to see each other monday for “lunch”. we had a nice lunch and a little conversation catching up. she told me about her daughter who’s now in school and how she can’t believe she’s so big so quickly. i let her go on about all the things she’s going through and how she’s still not sure what to do with herself other than take care of her girl (she lives with her parents).

i finally leaned over, smiled and said, “let’s have some fun.”

she smiled back and asked me what i had in mind. i told her we should get a room and act like we were in high school. she grinned, shook her head and called me impossible (I hear that a lot. Lol). she kept saying no but couldn’t look me in the eye when she said it. i knew she was on the fence and I was battling her hamster. And it going down without a fight.

she was going to make me work for it.

i finally told her (and this isn’t verbatim), “yah know, you’ve been busting your ass with K****** (her daughter) and R******* (her baby daddy), and what do you have to show for it. when are you gonna allow yourself to enjoy life, if even for just an hour. you can say no, and i’ll drop you off, and you’ll go back to mom and dad’s, watch tv, clean up a little K****** will come home and she’ll keep you occupied until she goes to bed. same thing; night after night. i don’t know if you’re keeping score, but life is passing you by. everyday you look in the mirror, you’re a little older and not that same woman you were 5-6 years ago. but, there’s another option.

say “yes”, come with me for a little while, have some fun. you’ll look back at today and smile and have a tiny secret that’s just for you and i. would it REALLY be that bad to have an orgasm today? how long is danny (i bought her a vibrator and told her it’s name is danny) going to cut it?

we ended up at a cheap motel nearby. i took her home after about 2 hours. she was smiling ear to ear the whole way home.

now, don’t go patting me on the back for the masterful use of seduction. i totally stole that bit. want proof.

it’s nothing more than a play on the scene where darryl (nicholas) seduces alex (cher). all that’s happening is you take her out of her dull, dreary existence and bring her into your world of wonder. most women won’t just give an easy yes even if she’s dying to get into bed with you. there’s something hard-wired in them to make you work for it. i don’t mind that to an extent, it’s part of the game. if she goes way over board with shutting you down, bail.

but most women (if she’s cool or a slut) will give a small resistance, and that’s fine. though she may be saying no, she’ll still be giving IOI’s and her body language will say yes, she may even throw in some kino. this is why understanding body language is key.

and remember, her saying no while you’re talking her into getting nakie is one thing. her saying no while she IS nakie is a put the brakes on and bail IMMEDIATELY moment. don’t wanna catch a case over the whole thing.

so get out there, and show her there’s a much better place outside the drab little cage she keeps herself in. as one of my readers put it- most women’s lives are boring. men add some liveliness to their existence.

stay up.

6 Comments on “Your World is Her Paradise”

  1. earl says:

    Paradise is too boring for women…Eve proved that point.

  2. Mister E says:

    In order for love to exist, there has to be something missing in that person, a need of some kind, if you will. A man’s mission is to find that “need” and fill it. The trouble with women is that they themselves don’t always recognize this “need” they have. You have to help them evaluate their needs vs. wants and paint them a better picture with you in it.

    I like what Earl said…Eve had everything she could ever need, it was her “want” that got her into trouble.

  3. I thought that sounded familiar… well played, sir.

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