Glee Proves Red-Pill Philosophy

mom was watching the episode paying homage to the dummy that OD’d. for the record, i’ve never seen an episode of this abortion of a show, but i’d heard over and over and over how the female star of the show was dating another actor on the show. well, the guy was a long-time heroin abuser.


but, in typical MSM fashion, they had to turn this retard into a victim.

as one in the Sphere who’s actively seen many people’s lives cut short and leave this mortal coil, i found the episode to be particularly offensive. you name it, i’ve probably seen someone die in that manner: car accident, self-inflicted gunshot wound, walking into a fan, heart attack, allergic reaction; hell, i had a 2 week old have an allergic reaction to formula that quit breathing on me.

i don’t take death lightly. she comes for us all. matter of fact i’m WAAAAAAAY too comfortable being around death. i’m almost numb to it.

so asshole was doing heroin for a long time; apparently most of the cast and crew knew. anyone that’s been around or known people with long term drug abuse issues (ESPECIALLY heroin), knows it’s just a matter of time before they buy the farm.

however, there was an angle to this that my red-pill side recognized.

lea michelle had it BAD for a classical bad-boy. she probably didn’t see him as a junkie; no- her hamster told her he just “needed someone”, or he was vulnerable. pick your cliché but i PROMISE she NEVER held him accountable for his addiction. and you know for DAMN sure the network only cared that the show was getting ratings.

as long as the money’s rolling in, keep him happy and doped up. and of course, when he died, they turned it into a “tracing life cut short” spectacle.

i call bravo sierra.

there was lea and the cast, crying for the fallen boy blunder that OD’d. her true love gone, “i wish i could have been there to save him”. “no one really knew the real corey”. whatev’s.

but it is hollywood, so fortunately lea didn’t have to fade away into sorrow

so don’t worry about having a heroin habit. as long as you have an alpha preofession like acting that’s on a network smash show; you’ll still have access to prime hollywood tail. and when you kill yourself in an OD, you’ll be celebrated as a hero. there’s only one question-

who’s carrying?

speaking of carrying, i picked up my new girl. me and a friend back home were talking survival shit and he asked me what i thought the best bug-out weapon would be. i told him my AK. it’s reliable, it has stopping power, and it’s well….RELIABLE. that thing will fire no matter what you do to it. then he suggested the .22 pistol. i though about it and it made perfect sense.

it’s small, and if i take small game it won’t be shredded like it would be with a higher capacity round. plus 500 rounds of .22 is WAAAAAY lighter than 100 rounds of 9mm. so, i now introduce-

ruger's 22/45. holds 10+1

ruger’s 22/45. holds 10+1

it’s the Mark III. she has a threaded barrel so i can suppress it. she feels VERY comfortable holding it, and the sights are very basic but effective. i’ll take her to the range tomorrow.

stay up.

18 Comments on “Glee Proves Red-Pill Philosophy”

  1. JF says:

    dude, great fucking gun. My dad has one, and aside from not feeding hollow-points, it never fails. Natural point makes hitting whatever the hell you want easy money. Would get one myself if I could find ammo…

  2. ar10308 says:

    Mark IIIs are joyous little guns. Perfect for plinking, women and new shooters.

  3. […] mom was watching the episode paying homage to the dummy that OD’d. for the record, i’ve never seen an episode of this abortion of a show, but i’d heard over and over and over how the female star of the show was dating another actor on the show.  […]

  4. Beppo Venerdì says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t own a .22 until now.

    My first pistol was a Walter P22, a fantastic little popgun.

  5. Sir_Chancealot says:

    I have a relative who has a .22 that is silenced. (Yeah, he’s got the tax stamp).

    Anyway, when we shoot it, we call it “movie quiet”, because it is as quiet as they show on the movies.

    The first time I shot it, I was like WTF?! and looking at the gun. My relative started laughing, and he said “No, it didn’t misfire.” With the earphones on, you couldn’t even hear the slide cycle. It was uncannily quiet.

    And, it was AWESOME to shoot like that.

  6. ant says:

    Its funny that the comments rather talk about the gun than that tv show. Priorities.

  7. earl says:

    Bill Burr talks about .22s.

  8. .22 is THE essential SHTF weapon. Though I’d probably have a rifle. It’s what you’ll use to shoot your food. Larger calibers are for the bad guys. So the AK has its use as well. And will literally fire with a ham sandwich in the action.

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