Danny’s Joy

i got lucky and copped a pair of tickets to see the joy formidable at the NO civic center last friday (maybe thursday). whatever. it was a rare treat as i didn’t know they were even in town.

for those of you that have been keeping score, i love going to see live shows of bands i dig. one of the things i hate about jax is that NO ONE comes out here to play a set. back home you can go damn near every night.

the show was fucking amazing, although relatively short. they really remind me of my beloved shoe-gazer stuff. not sure if any of you reading know who they are. well, if they aren’t on your radar, they should be. TUL hooked me up with tickets, i was going alone so i sold my spare for $30.

they opened with-

and closed with-

one of the things i dig about live shows is that girls are usually much more open to being gamed. i don’t know what it is, but getting a number and kiss close is way more easy at a live show then any other place i’ve opened. maybe it’s the adrenalin, matter of fact, i’m pretty sure that’s it. i also think it’s a “we like the same band ZOMG we have like made chemistry” thing. i wrote about how i banged a girl in a port-o-potty at lollapalooza before.

of course, she was from chalmette (NO locals will get the joke).

i didn’t bother with girls number (her name was julie though), we just made out during the show. it was fairly easy. she was standing in front of me with 2 of her friends and of course she ended up bumping into me a couple of times. after the third time i told her, “once more and you owe me.” she just smiled.

when she bumped into me again, she gave me a look. it was a “well, what now look.” i told her, “ok, that’s it, time to pay up.” she asked me what i wanted and i told her i wanted a kiss. she shook her head and i slipped a finger under her belt, stared right into ther eyes, and pulled towards me slowly.

then i just leaned in and kissed her. it started out gently at first, then it got crazy intense. spent the rest of the show with her leaning against me, my arms around her waist and my hands just about her happy place. every once in a while we’d start making out again.

never asked her for her number, no email, no mention of my site. just her, joy formidable, and a nice memory.

so get off you ass, out the house, and go check out a band. you’ll get prequal’d by a girl just for having something in common; i mean let’s face it: a girl at a show with 2 gf’s would MUCH rather be there with a dude. use the sticking out the tongue bit or get close enough to where she’ll bump into you and do what i did.

above all else, stick to the frame, and let your eyes do the talking. happy hunting.

[ed- as a frame of reference, here is classic shoe gazer; circa 1988-9.

stay up.

4 Comments on “Danny’s Joy”

  1. Athor Pel says:

    With about half of the bands you put on here I either can’t stand or go cross eyed from the dreariness. This band is actually pretty good.

    Thanks for that

  2. Rojo says:

    I caught JF for the first time at this yearly festival they throw in my parts. So they came around again a few months back, and got to see them in a more intimate setting. It was a great show. I don’t know if it’s the band, but the crowd had a good energy too. Every band has a different feel at their live shows, but this one it seemed the whole place was way into it. I even brought a couple friends out who had never heard the group and they got way into the band as well.

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