This Weeks Brophy

sorry for the lapse in posts this week, haven’t really fely like writing. deal with it. lol. this week Mister E wins it with this comment in, “your world is her paradise”.

“In order for love to exist, there has to be something missing in that person, a need of some kind, if you will. A man’s mission is to find that “need” and fill it. The trouble with women is that they themselves don’t always recognize this “need” they have. You have to help them evaluate their needs vs. wants and paint them a better picture with you in it.

I like what Earl said…Eve had everything she could ever need, it was her “want” that got her into trouble.”

indeed. very good point.


Stay up.

2 Comments on “This Weeks Brophy”

  1. Mister E says:

    I’ve encountered this several times in my life. Danny nailed it again, as usual. I just wrote this comment off the cuff and the point about painting a better picture for someone is universal, doesn’t have to be in regards to women only. I’ve tried living in her world, and it sucks. I can’t do all the drama and shit they do.

    Thank you Danny, for your blogging efforts and for putting yourself out there. You have helped me so much. Hats off to you, good sir.

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