Further into Minimalism

i was reading and i was thinking of posting an update to my going home to my family reunions. at the Gutierrez meet up (which is more Cajun than the Cajun side of my family- don’t ask), my aunt Cindy asked me what i was going to do when i retire.

i went into detail about my mom and step dad taking over the house and renting it out, me getting rid of most of my shit, buying a travel trailer, and parking it on a few acres. my aunt stared at me for a moment, threw her grand-daughter off her lap and quickly ran outside proclaiming, “I’LL BE RIGHT BACK DANNY.” i looked at my mom and she just shrugged her shoulders.

my aunt came back in with an ipad and started pulling up pics to show me. apparently she’s trying to move a 32 foot luxury 5th wheel and a 350 dually deisel. and since i’m family and she just wants to get rid of them (uncle has a medical issue so they can’t use them to do the “retired couple travel thing”, and have barely used both). my mom joined in informing me she’s seen both and they are quite nice.

then, while talking to my cousin, i learned she just bought 59 acres in right outside of hammond, in a area my dad’s parent’s used to live. spent MUCH MUCH MUCH time in those woods. well, cousin knows about the guns and her husband hunts and they asked me to park on the back end of their property so someone is there to keep trespassers in check. she’s even going to let me use one of the 4 wheelers so i can putt between her place and mine.

i couldn’t have planned this any better. it’s funny how life just kind of unfolds when you take your time and quit spending too much wondering how things will pan out. she also told me land in southern La. is usually around $3000 an acre; so i’ll still be able to buy my little slice of land to run off to when i want.

on the way home mom asked me, “what’s going to happen to the blog when you retire?”

i had never thought about the site before in regards to when i’m no longer on active duty. i really can’t see what i’m going to be writing about once i’m retired: “woke up, went to work at the refinery, came home and pounded a few beers…”

how exciting, how riveting, how….zzzzzzzzz.

i realize there’s a certain amount of entertainment to be had with the shit i write about and i know that’s my angle, but i’m starting to become less and less concerned with even a relationship, much less the site- thus the lapse in posting. the girls here in jax know i’m leaving around march, i might see them once a month, which is actually perfect. but i think one’s kind of crushing on a dude at her school, so she’ll probably walk soon.

oddly enough, as i unload more and more shit in my house, the more “balanced” i feel. and who’d have thought sleeping on the floor could be so damn comfy. seriously, i sleep like the dead now. lol. i told my aunt to send me the pics she showed me so once i get them, i’ll post them up here. as i learn more, i’ll keep you guys updated. here’s a pic of me when i was a kid in the same are where my cousin moved.

me at my Grandparents in the country. the lab was my dog Jacob. we ALWAYS went with me into the woods.

me at my Grandparents in the country. the lab was my dog Jacob. we ALWAYS went with me into the woods.

stay up.

10 Comments on “Further into Minimalism”

  1. Doktor Bill says:

    Synchronicity is a wonderful thing! Congratulations. Very happy for you Bro.

  2. joe sixpack says:

    There is nothing as liberating as moving onto a different job and being able to throw away all reference files, operating manuals, binders and all the rest of the mental baggage.

    BTW, I hope you don’t quit posting.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yeah, i can’t wait. 50+ acres for me to rage on.

      “BTW, I hope you don’t quit posting.”
      it’ll all depend on my next gig. nothing’s set in stone yet.

  3. Weston says:

    Sounds like you are in a really good place both physically and emotionally. Can almost hear burdens falling off of you just by reading your words.

  4. Richard Cranium says:

    Things have a habit of working out. Just one request is leave the blog up if you decide to stop posting. It’s a wealth of information that is helpful to many of us. I understand that many either burn out on writing or said all they felt they had to say but then nuke their blog and a lot of really valuable info is lost.

  5. aneroidocean says:

    Sounds awesome, Danny. As for sleeping on the floor, do you think it’s at least partially because your bed was too soft?

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