Mother’s Dread, Woman’s Tingle

quick post tonight.

i’m sore as shit after finishing my PFT the other day. the other night at work, after mentioning i was taking a motrin for my sore chest and shoulders, my co-worker (a female, who i feed quite often) got up and started massaging my shoulders. now, she’s married, and i work with her, but she was just offering a kindness. after all i feed her food porn slut ass often, so i took it as a “give-and take” deal. then i saw it from another angle.

when i wrote the piece about “raising a boy” (mom said she’ll try and comment tomorrow- when she does, i’ll link it) i realized the same bullshit i did that put the fear of God into her is the very behavior that generates major tingles with women.

i’ve done things that have drawn a crowd, and the girls ALWAYS show up and seem to take up a, “no wait, he’s not really going to…..oh yeah there he goes”. that dare-devil invincible attitude drives women wild. conversely, their caring, nurturing, soft side amazes us men.

tom-foolery and balls out brazenness make most women melt. as it’s been said before, “chicks dig scars”. ever noticed how the girls show up when we play basketball or football? they LOVE watching us get dirty, get rowdy, get hurt. on the other hand, my mother would NEVER want to watch me play football. is i ever took a decent hit, she’s wince in response.

but my gf would initally feel worry, but then settle into tingle heaven when she sees me get back up and into the fray. and you know for damn sure she’s going to be dying to shower me off and get me dirty again in the bedroom. even the women i’m friends with get super nurturing when i do physical work around them.

so roll your sleeves up, get dirty, and do something that will leave a scar. a girl is sure to show up wide-eyed and salivating.

stay up.

3 Comments on “Mother’s Dread, Woman’s Tingle”

  1. I’m finding more and more every week that even the smallest things, when you do right, can start the tingle.

    Tonight for example, went to a haunted trail with a girl I’ve been dating 4+ months now. Zombies kept scaring the shit out of her and I didn’t flinch. They’d get right in my face and I’d stand tall and make them back down first. I’d lead the entire group into the next “scary” room without an ounce of hesitation. I could just see admiration in her eyes. FOR NOT BEING SCARED OF ZOMBIES. *rolls eyes*

    We were about to have fun in the park adjacent to the trail afterwards…but hobos got in the way.

  2. Mister E says:

    A mother’s cringe is a girlfriend’s tingle. Interesting, very interesting observation there. One seeks preservation, the other copulation.

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