My take on the 20/20 Bullshit

by now everyone’s heard of the whole “manosphere get’s grilled by ABC’s 20/20” piece. i stayed out of it. i fully admit that i’m not the one to speak up for our cause. i really can’t articulate our purpose without coming off as an asshole or someone with a louisiana public school education. so i stayed out of it.

i don’t cite references, i don’t quote articles, i don’t research SHIT on my site. i just speak my mind, and the basis of my site is based on personal experience. i write about what i know, what i live, what i do.

that being the case, i can speak on the bullshit the ABC piece was going to air about us. i’m not really an MRA’r, nor a PUA, i’m slightly more aligned as a MGTOW’r as i don’t want to get married due to the risk that comes with it from the family court system. here’s what i can add to the defense of the Sphere in regards to Manopshere.

i watched my brother in law get his ass handed to him in his divorce and custody battle. and….his ex wife makes MORE than he does. it was chock full of drama: she had falsified documents admitted as evidence, she had much of his evidence blocked, and his ex told him up front, “i’m going to drain you financially as much as i can.” since he was trying to win custody, he fought. eventually she won full custody of the boys.

well, once the oldest reached 18 and she couldn’t collect child support, she kicked her oldest out. he’s now in the army. need i say more? my brother in law is over it now. he’s a good guy, great job. but he’s a pilot for a MAJOR airline. i couldn’t imagine funding and losing a custody battle like he did.

next is the whole “men have no say over how child support is spent” issue. well, when i first moved out here i ended up hooking up with a recently divorced woman. i became a FWB for about a year. she got the house and split custody with the kids. on the weekends she didn’t have the kids, i was fucking her. this was WAAAAAAAAAY before i found the sphere.

one thing i noticed was she was always wanting to pay for shit we did. 99% of it was innocuous: pizza, take out, alcohol, etc. things we wanted for the night to be spent at home. well, one night we were having sushi at a place by our subdivision and she insisted on picking up the tab. i tried to pay and she said, “no Danny, you just don’t know how much money i get from my ex in alimony and child support, i got this.”

i paused. something in me sank. and i refused to let her cover me. from then on, i NEVER let her pay for me.

feminists have fought long and hard to get women on a level field as far as the “women can sleep with whoever they want” front. which is fine. i don’t have a problem with that. i LOVE a young woman living the kesha “care free, party” life. hell, they’re my bread and butter. interestingly enough. these same feminists mostly have daughters who are…..well….sluts. i’ve met these mothers. they are total feminists, they’ve been polluted with the whole “you go girl” mentality and passed it on to their daughters. their father’s are sheep, and these girls are BEGGING for a strong male role model. they don’t have it at home, so they seek solace in a “bad boy”. their disappointment in their family has led them into what said family warns them against.

i’ve had them all: 19-25. hate their family, low self esteem, major daddy issues. they are the easiest and most willing when it comes to pick up and game. they LOVE a man with confidence, that’s bold, that takes what he wants. vilify me all you want, but i’m simply a man surviving in a system WOMEN have created.

if feminists hate me, they can blame themselves for making me into what i am. see, most men are survivors. we adapt, we overcome. the Sphere exists to help men adapt, see the truth of the SMP, and teaches them how to overcome it… survive and THRIVE in it.

that’s where i like to think my role in the community is.

instead of citing articles and studies and think pieces, i prefer to offer REAL.LIFE.EXPERIENCE. when a feminist tries to counter, i simply tell her i’m not trying to win her over, i’m just giving her facts. then dismiss everything else she tries to counter with with, “great, NOW i’m definitely gonna get married.” and roll my eyes. when i walk away, they’re fuming.

but remember, we men that have gotten fed up and simply walked away are the REAL assholes. feminists are NEVER accountable for their attempt to reconstruct society. i predict, soon enough, there really won’t be any “good” men, because they’ve left the party.

these guys had the right idea.

stay up.

19 Comments on “My take on the 20/20 Bullshit”

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Hey Danny, I swear every time I read your blog, I begin to respect you more :)! I mean, I rarely do research, case studies and stats work and everything else that most guys seem to be fascinated by. I just write and state my case without giving a shit about references.

    As for the 20/20 piece, I didn’t see it but heard of its airing.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      word Hermano. word.

      • Socialkenny says:

        Now as for marriage, holy fucking shit! I’ve never been the type to even want to go there. I have marriage phobia and that’s based on my belief that young marriages in these crazy times don’t and can’t work.

        The other day, I had my baby-mama say to me during an argument:

        “Do you know I can take you to court and demand more $$ in child support”?

        I’m like, bitch, you are fucking heartless! You work for more than I do, I pay my child-support dues and never missed a beat in 3 years and you have the heart to threaten to take me to court to possible suck me dry!!!?

        When I hear shit like that, I could imagine how a marriage would look.

  2. earl says:

    Good men can find better things to do. Abundance mentality to me is that I have my hobbies that interest me…and women are way down the line on things I want to take on anymore. Marriage when it was placed in an honorable society is a good thing for a man to take on. In this society…it’s slow suicide.

    The Capt’n said something in his heartbreaking tale from a woman.

    “I don’t have time for this shit.”

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      As much as I’d love to do the marriage thing, it’s just not worth the risk.

      I’m better off on my own.

    • earl says:

      Reading the abuse stories on Elam’s website is another nail in the coffin when it comes to marriage.

      I couldn’t imagine living day to day walking on eggshells because she wants crazy to control her life.

  3. docillusion says:

    You guys are just depressing. Someday, you will all find that special someone and fall in….ack….ack…cough…..*hairball*.

    Like I was saying, you guys have your heads on straight. Marriage is for the foolish. I tried it once, got burned. It only takes me once to realize fire is hot, Tonto.

    If Mistress and I ever break up, I will go PUA/MGTOrW. Fuck hot chicks and dodge commitment like a crossbow bolt. Hoo Ra!

  4. HanSolo says:

    Great post, Danny. I dated a woman who got about $60k in child support a year for one kid and was taking trips and living in a nice big apartment.

  5. joe sixpack says:

    Ugh. Every sane man knows this shit. But it really depressing to hear of the horror stories. The F-ed up thing is that most judges are men. Male judges are doing this to fellow men. WTF?

  6. Doktor Bill says:

    Yup, hard to argue with facts/the Truth. Mom is gonna comment? That should be great!

  7. Just Saying says:

    “19-25. hate their family, low self esteem, major daddy issues. they are the easiest and most willing when it comes to pick up and game”

    Yep… Although I usually lump that group to be 18-25 – college/grad-school age. The “age of experimentation” – yum… One of the reasons I like that group is they are like the new car – doesn’t matter what it’ll go through over life – the mileage is low for the moment and problems are manageable. So it doesn’t matter if it’ll have 100K miles on it in 4 yrs or not, for the moment, it’s fresh off the lot, the transmission is tight, it shifts well, and engine is well lubricated and ready for action. Of course, they have their “secrets” thank heavens – and love to “do bad things”. Learned long ago, you want to BE her “dirty secret” – you have a lot more fun than if you are the idiot she’s screwing around on. Of course, if she isn’t “yours” you don’t really care what she’s into, or how screwed in the head she is, you want her for your own reasons, and as long as she’s willing and able to keep you happy – who cares about anything else?

    I’ve been called all sorts of things, but I am what benefits me the most – it is that simple. So her boyfriend will wear a condom every time they have sex – me, I’ll raw dog her and let her worry about the results. He’s my “safety-net” since she’ll try to palm the kid off as his just so that she doesn’t have to admit to bangin a guy older than her father. (Being a slut is fine, as long as people don’t know it.) I love young women… They are the best… But by the time they hit 25, their usefulness is done – either they are starting to get “baby-rabies” or that tranny is slipping, and it’s going to need a new valve job soon… (It’s showing it’s age…) Nothing but problems after 25, but before then? Enjoy….

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