Killers, Kittens and Puppies

i wanted to write about this before as i always thought it was funny and interesting, but didn’t because…..well, i just don’t see how anyone would relate. then, this morning, i got a text from my nephew. he’s in mechanized infantry and just got back from afghanistan. he’s a tough kid. i preached red-pill to him since he was 8.

he’s a life taker and heart breaker.

well, i work with some pretty hardcore guys. one of my best friends is in the suck right now and a few of my junior HM’s that work in the ER are some certified bad-asses. sweet guys, but they’ll kill you. that ot they’ll kill to protect you. i’d take a bullet for them, and them for me.

it’s not even a matter of question.

well. one night, i was working with my pal that’s currently in the suck (watch yer 6 Lamont) and i hit a channel with puppies. the show was (as i later learned) “Too Cute”. next thing i know, we’ve gone through probably 2 commercials and neither of us had budged. we were staring stone faced at the show, almost like we were high.

i can’t explain it. i swear to God.

then my buddy from the ER showed up to bring us a patient. he’s 6’2, 200 lbs, and played clollege hockey back in Minnesota. kid’s a psycho, and i love him. he finally looked over at what we were watching- and he too was soon watching blankly entertained.

well, this morning, i got a text from my nephew where he tells me how he introduced his army pals to the show.

can't make this up. lol.

can’t make this up. lol.

i had girl over about a month or so ago, and dog movies came up. i mentioned old yeller and my dog skip, and how i turn into a mushy pussy at the end of said movies. once she found out i had old yeller DVR’d, she BEGGED to watch it.

now, this women is used to seeing the stony side of me. the semper alpha Danny. by the time we got to the end, she was balling and i was weepy (as i ALWAYS get with old yeller). she ended up resting her head on my lap and telling me how sad it was. i told her if i EVER had to kill Brody, it would destroy me. her knowing Brody made the point even more reasonable.

i’ve always been amazed at how women respond to men showing their “softer side”. i guess it explains the women moistening themselves when they see a man holding a baby. i guess when a woman knows you kill scary monsters, then sees your more gentle side, it could be a bit puzzling yet exciting for her. she get’s to see behind the curtain for a second, and boy does that make them juicy. lol.

here’s some evidence…..

even Brody loves the show.

he's transfixed. lol.

he’s transfixed. lol.

Brophy. sorry, that bit wore thin. no more Brophy. enjoy puppies and kittens instead.

stay up.

16 Comments on “Killers, Kittens and Puppies”

  1. earl says:

    Heh…I love how the dog and the little kitty interacted.

  2. javaloco says:

    Cats/kittens? Not so much. Dogs are a life elixir though. Couldn’t put a bullet to one, but putting Pepper down was one of the saddest times of my life.

  3. josh says:

    your post reminds me of this puppy video, which you might find useful yourself as it combines cuteness with masculine mastery:

  4. The Navy Corpsman says:

    This is the famous ‘dichotomy’ of Man, the seldom seen soft sensitive side. Never overexpose this portion of your personality… this is a drug, to be used as carefully as the uber-caveman protective side.

    Like any drug, it can become addictive to the user, with consequences that destroy lives. Ration it, as you ration any other behavior that is craved.

    It’s not that women want to see Mr. Sensitive all the time; they eventually tire of that aspect if it were rampant all the time, just as they do not want the caveman protector all the time. But, they sure as hell want to know it exists. It’s the POTENTIAL that matters.

    And, after all, women want a man with POTENTIAL. Potential of all sorts, not just financial success, not just cuddle bunny, not just lethal knight in shining armor. It’s a wonder that men even try to be all these things to a woman, anymore…

    Oh… wait….

    The Navy Corpsman

  5. Faust says:

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I lost it when the four little cats were all stalking along the wall in a mini-pack.

  6. RojoC says:

    Damn, you too? Haha. Now every time I see this I’ll remember how straight up warriors enjoy this program.

    I’ve seen that episode with the GSD puppies. I have a GSD. I love GSDs.

  7. Tin Man says:

    My daughter gets me sucked into that show every weekend. When she’s flipping the channels and sees it, she jumps all over it. I always say – NO, I’m not watching that show – then of course, there I am, on the couch with her, ohhing and awing. Just goes to show you how our primitive brains really do control much more than we think it does.

  8. MissMarie says:

    Awww! We can’t watch the show in our house unless I lock myself in a room, Maxwell goes absolutely NUTS growling and barking at them, lol.

  9. Maeve says:

    I think the universe comes to a complete halt when that show comes on. OK the Maeve & Filles universe comes to a halt. We like it that way. (Personally I think the puppies are cuter than the kittens. Some insane people in my house disagree)

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