Are you Dating Her?

it’s now fall. the weather is getting cooler and that means one thing: NEW COLOGNE.

during the cooler months, i prefer a more musky scent. last year i was rocking vera wang for men. great scent and the wimminz were always complimenting me on it. summer months i prefer a more citrusy-crisp scent. this last summer i was sporting dolce gabana light blue “life stromboli”. it didn’t disappoint.

so i had narrowed my selection down to 2 scents. i sprayed them on a test strip and hope my girl was working. i headed to her section and YISH she was there. she was helping a customer and once she made eye contact i said, “STACY, STACY, I NEED YOU NOOOOOOOOW!!!!!” she smiled and asked me what i needed. i held out the 2 strips and told her to choose. now….

stacy likes to smell things.

everytime i get a new candle she wants to smell it. whatever. now, what you need to know is stacy is quite pretty, she has a bf, and i flirt with her all day long. on this particular day, she was helping a dude- early 20’s or so. once i started talking to her, i immediately told her i hated her top since it didn’t show off her AMAZING rack. also, stacy has MAAAAAD ass. like, the ass that when she stands in profile, once her leg ends, there’s a perfect “pop” of a bubble. it’s fucking insane how nice it is. oh……THIS is Stacy

told you she's a cutie.

told you she’s a cutie.

and i remind her of it every time she wears paint-on pants. if she’s working and bending over, i’ll announce, “STOP!!!! don’t move sweetie.” she’ll look over at me, smile and just shake her head and reply, “hi Danny.”

guys, i can’t stress enough how important it is to make it a point to learn how to have flirty, lightly sexual banter with women. ESPECIALLY one’s that are committed. this is the best way to master/understand/learn outcome independence. as long as it’s known you’ll never “cross the line”, most women will happily flirt with you in the manner i do with my female friends. most of them will readily admit that they LOVE it.

so, i was leaving the exchange, and i someone asked me, “dude, are you dating her.” i looked over and it was the dude Stacy was helping earlier. apparently, he hung around and watched me talk with her. i asked him what made him think that and he mentioned it seemed like we were a couple.


one of the best thing about being “friends” with a woman and interacting with them the way i do, it’s a pure DHV signal. he thought we were a couple, and i promise women wonder what’s your angle. you generate serious tingles with nothing more that chatting with a friend. AND these female friends will usually wing like a champ. i have one friend that goes so far as to WARN girls that i’ll just break their heart.

she might as well hand me the pussy on a silver platter.

so, guys, never shy away from being “friends” with a woman. especially one that’s taken. you can up your game without fear of rejection. and female “friend” game translates to “day game” quite easily. practice, apply, and succeed. happy hunting.

stay up.

10 Comments on “Are you Dating Her?”

  1. Raycomo1982 says:

    Good advice as always, bro! I was always trying to get them to cheat on their man. I guess it is worth having wimminz you’re not actively trying to bone in your AOR.

  2. earl says:

    Girls and their yoga pants. Just letting it out there for some high status male…or creeper…to take notice.

    On another note…how about some more short guy love.

  3. Mister E says:

    Who doesn’t like to have their status elevated or validated?

  4. moe jones says:

    I’d bang. What type of game tipzzz do you have for making a girl feel like there’s a line that can’t be crossed, like you mentioned? General push-pull? Any type of specific half-flirty half-serious statements you make?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Nah. I just ask her about the state of her relationship, them make a light hearted comment that’s sexual in nature. Just not over the top.

      When I first started talking to her, I’d neg her top and tell it doesn’t show enough cleavage. As far as her ass, I’d just tell her she has great ass. I ran this for a minute.-

      “I’m sorry, you were talking I was too busy marveling at yer heiney.”

      She’d always respond with a smile and shaking her head. But I must warn you, I tested the waters before I ran this. Had she shown disagreement, I’d have quit talking to her.

  5. bdm says:

    Love your blog Danny. Pure experience, no KJing. I can totally see the life you’re living through your storytelling. Great stuff.

  6. Random Angeleno says:

    scents, eh…
    but you’re the guy with the yankee candles what would I know about anything but bathroom scent and i’m not talking about the soap bar either.

    the girl picked one, right?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i went back and sprayed vera wang, and another scent. she liked the vera wang. i even asked her directly, “which one make you wanna bang me?” she pointed at the vera wang wrist.

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