Further into Minimalism: Gov’t Flu

by now you know about the 5th wheel, about me parking on my cousins property, going to welding school once i get settled, hell i’l even be living semi-off grid. at the very least, i’ll have the set-up to go off grid if i need. as i watch things unfold around me, and as Cappy noted in his book regarding the 2012 election, i fully expect shit to get worse. i touch on it a bit with this post.

it seems we have a majority of the population that wants shit handed to them. i’m not here to cite statistics and blast on any political side (i think both are useless), no. i’m a man. men don’t bitch and moan, we find solutions. mine is simple.


after 20 years of traipsing the globe i’ve been fortunate to see TRUE poverty, and let me tell you something: the poor in the US are doing MUCH better then in china, or eastern europe. i’ve decided to starve the beast. no point in me breaking my back to give almost a third of it away to someone who doesn’t feel the need to contribute shit. that’s made it a career of being a parasite.

i can live comfortable, mostly off the land, don’t need public services, i prefer isolation, i’ve grown tired of consumerism, and i’d MUCH rather carve out my own path than have an administration corral me into what they think i should be. no, that’s not the Cajun way.

the great thing about the gulf coast is that there can be a complete breakdown of society….and not much will change in neck of the woods. i was watching a special on natgeo about what would happen if there were an attack on the US power grids. it was called “American blackout.”

well, the “suffering” the people had to deal with was laughable to me. money can be worth shit and won’t be missed in my neck of the woods. and since i’ll be getting into welding, i’ll be able to easily find work under the table. in Cajun country, we horse trade. secondly, i have a MUCH needed skill.

combat medic. i can perform damn near any minor surgical procedure. granted, the mortality rates for simple sickness will fall abck to the early 1900’s, but that’s to be expected. oh, about welding scho AND, since i have “PTSD”, it’s been advised i not work in patient care. so…..welding school will be FREE!!!!!!!

matter of fact….i know a few HM’s that have been invited into “prepper communities” to serve as the local Dr. plus, being tactically trained is a HUGE bonus.

i’m 5 months away from hacking it out on my own. i’m still buying my 5-6 acres in Cajun country as my little slice of the swamp, but i’ll be protecting the back end of my cousin’s property. i’ll sleep late, hunt, fish, shoot the gun/bow, drink beer, tend to a micro farm, tend to some chickens and goats. hell, MAYBE i’ll even work a little (under the table of course). because, well…..

i’ll be free to do whatever the hell i want. self sufficiency FTW.

stay up.

19 Comments on “Further into Minimalism: Gov’t Flu”

  1. thebastardson says:

    dead kennedys? fuck yes. I haven’t logged on in a long time and immediately I’m stoked

  2. Lord Highbrow says:

    Not a fan of Jello Biafra (for reasons I won’t go into) but stoked as hell you posted a Melvins (aka The Greatest Band of All Time) vid!

  3. Chrysalis says:

    congrats on the career choice. I myself consider a welding course, and I’m an electric engineer.

  4. Freaking awesome. I’m strongly considering becoming a farrier, myself, and the acres of freedom sounds delicious.

  5. earl says:

    When STHF…I’d do my best to find way to move to the south…I’d prefer Texas. I know I would fit in much more there than where I’m at now.

    I don’t mind hard labor and now I’m starting to learn what it means to live with less. Heck it is even Jesus approved.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude, I can’t wait to unload all my shit and get back to Louisiana. I’m so looking forward to isolation.

      If I didn’t have family and a nephew to teach, I’d totally be in tay-has.

  6. TempestTcup says:

    I’m trying to be minimalistic, but I moved into a tiny house from a huge house, so I have an overabundance of crap to deal with. Also, my MIL surprised us with every toy my husband ever had! Yay, a bunch of early 60s GI Joes, Boy Scout stuff, etc. I guess she had them stashed in her attic or something. I’m hoping this winter I get off my derriere and put them all on Etsy or something to get rid of them. Maybe I’ll set up a stall in a flea market; maybe I’ll give them away to someone else with a stall in a flea market.

    All I know is they gotta go!

    • Lord Highbrow says:

      TTC, from someone who has lived the minimalist lifestyle for a number of years. I know the whole ‘lots of crap’ thing can feel overwhelming. My advice to you is to just take it one step at a time. Go through everything you’ve got and ask yourself ‘Do I need this?’. If the answer is ‘yes’ keep it, if the answer is ‘no’ get rid of it.

      The first time you do it is hard as hell, because you feel an attachment to it all, but you just have to suck it up and be honest with yourself. So you know, it’s not just about getting rid of ‘stuff’ it’s about facing who you are and where you want to be.

      The first step is the most difficult, but once you get rid of all the crap, you will feel a giant weight lifted off your shoulders.

  7. Good post. A shame this isn’t the US it was when you signed up. But sounds like you’re a survivor and will do just fine. Congrats on the retirement, and thanks for your service!

  8. JG says:

    That’s a nice change Danny. People will work up to the point that it no longer benefits them to work i.e. the additional income gained from work is taken and distributed elsewhere. We are well established into going that direction here. And when we get there, the effects will not be pleasant.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude, I’d be happy with a job in a kitchen at chili’s.

      The great thing about the gulf coast is you can be fine fine despite economic status.

      You just gotta be willing to work.

  9. aneroidocean says:

    I’d love to work entirely for myself and have the vast majority of my work be trading. Networking is one of the most powerful things in the world.

  10. Reprobus says:


    I’ve been living in vehicles since 2005.

    If you think you’ll need to travel then get something smaller and lighter.

    I’ve had a F-150 with a camperised fiberglass cap; F-250 diesel with 28′ trailer, an old Hyundai hatchback and an old Mercedes diesel wagon. I have criss-crossed the continent multiple times this past decade. The F-250 with trailer takes too much fuel and standard-issue RV systems can’t survive long enough off-grid. The rest are too small. A while back I dragged the trailer 4,000 miles in under a week to deal with a family matter, only to find myself in a place with zero hookups and winter temperatures that freeze propane and turn diesel into glue. I wound up trading the trailer to a local fellow who was mid-divorce and had a place with semi-functional hookups to park it, then left in the Mercedes.

    I’m looking at step-vans right now. A stealth camper (it doesn’t look like a camper) that’s easy to insulate and can be run on wood gas. Something I can run off-grid indefinitely. Something I can run 4,000 miles in without needing more than firewood and water along the way. Shouldn’t be much of a challenge for a welder. Helps that I know this guy: http://www.earthstream.ca/biography/

    I look forward to reading about your own setup and how you come to it.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I’m buying it off my aunt. She’s can’t use it any more. It’s practically new, so it’s pretty much a hook up.

      Check out the book “dirt cheap survival retreat”. I’m following his example. His story is something right out of Spearhead. Laid off, wife left him, close to being broke. Ended up having to temporarily live at his family camp site.

      Great book, easy to read, I highly recommend it.

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