ITLR: The Sailor

i’m slowly creeping towards my retirement. the other day i was watching master and commander and i kept remembering how Paw-paw loved the movie. then i let him borrow and read this .EPIC seafaring book. i try and read it once a year.

there’s no denying, i’m a Sailor. how i got here is a different story. i was 19 years old, i didn’t like college, and really didn’t know what i wanted to do with myself. i had a great job at a refinery in texas, had a gf, life was wine. but i suddenly realized i was going to be like the guys i worked with. in less than 5 years, i’d probably get girl pregnant, get married, buy a small house in that small texas town and keep on at the refinery.

scared the shit out of me.

one of my good friends had a brother in the navy and he was stationed in spain. then it hit me: i wanted to live in europe (not take a trip there), see the world; or at least a good part of it. just after my 20th birthday i was off to boot camp in great lakes, il. then HM training in san diego, then off to my first command in charleston, sc.

it was finally time to go to europe. i REALLY wanted spain, but ended up having to go to sicily. i enjoyed it. i ran all over europe over the next 3 years. partied my fucking face off tbh. soon, i was back in NO, preparing to get out of the navy. i was getting ready to go to nursing school, i had a second job that i was going to work when i got out, i had a GF.

i felt lost.

i realized i didn’t really WANT to go to nursing school. i had already broken up with girl, i dropped out of college, cancelled my orders and requested a ship in japan. i spent 3 years at sea. it was during that time that my youth died, and i truly became a man. i was about 27-28 when i got there. 3 years at sea killed what boyishness was in me. i LOVED being underway. you work long hours and at times the work is back breaking.

the video below is from the weather decks of the blue ridge, somewhere in the southern pacific. i used to LOVE going out on the sponsor at night. there’s something about being at sea and staring at the vast ocean. it’s so peaceful, yet you feel so miniscule. 3 of the best years of my life were spent on that ship. i worked hard, and played harder when we hit port.

no point into going into any more of “my life” shit. that’s not what this is about. i ended up where i did as a odd parallel to what the Sphere preaches. i most CERTAINLY wouldn’t recommend a young man do 20 years in the military (i already posted about that), as feminism has KILLED it. but it has suited me alright. and it certainly wasn’t the conventional “graduate high school, do college, get a nice job, get married” format.

fuck that.

after 20 years in the navy, this old bastard will give you a tiny piece of advice.

fuck the rules.

life will offer it’s opportunities to you. marriage is no longer a very safe bet for men. i’m not here to rag on dudes to avoid it, i’m just pointing out, it’s not what it used to be, and you could face dire consequences if it goes sour. i had a talk with a reader yesterday (more on that to come) and he, like many young men, put WAAAAAAY too much effort into women, and not nearly enough in himself. focus on YOU. put a roof over your head, food on your table, find something that you’re passionate about and chase it.

that’s what kept me in the navy so long: i love the travel opportunity. the last 5-6 years haven’t been the best as i’ve started to have to deal with the more “political” side of the navy, and i hate it. fortunately, i only have to deal with that for 5 more months. but if there’s one thing i can attest to, is that it’s possible to find peace and happiness without taking the route the lame main stream will pound into your head.

and if you’re ever in southern louisiana, shoot me an email.

stay up.

10 Comments on “ITLR: The Sailor”

  1. K-Stan says:

    I kind of went through the same thing quite recently. I was set on getting out and started thinking about what the hell I would do if I got out of the army…no effing clue. Yea go to school get a degree but then what? I just put my reenlistment packet in for Hawaii or Germany. I will be extremely happy for either. The military has gone “soft” just in the 2 years I’ve been in. When I first got to my unit we would get hemmed up for fun and within 6 months that was a no go. We have females in line companies now…that’s a whole company of infantrymen for those wondering. It’s unheard of because infantry is an all male MOS…well for the time being smh. Anyways, without the military though, I’m sure I’d be working at a mall somewhere in my old town I grew up in going nowhere with my life. I can honestly say right now, I’m glad where my life has ended up and look forward to the future.

  2. RojoC says:

    I was this close to enlisting this year, but then I found something I could get super excited and passionate about and also, I keep hearing about PC bullshit and powerpoints and dumb crap time and time again.

  3. Senior Beta says:

    Completely agree with you about the effect the sea has on one. I was on a carrier. But also in the Pacific. Would be on the bridge in downtime watching it churn by. Quite a feeling.

  4. earl says:

    Well I have put a roof over my head, food on the table, am doing the job I wanted to do since I was 7, and still go after things I’m passionate about. So in one sense I get what you are saying there.

    I guess the weakness I had while going through all of that was putting too much stock in women. They decided to kill the only real value they had…and have given many men freedom.

  5. Mister E says:

    Dare I say it but the world system in which we live seems to have killed the very passions that we should all enjoy pursuing. Folks, you have just became prisoners without being sent into a prison. How’s that for a life? It’s never a good thing to look down the road of life and not be able to see opportunities that would bring our passions to life.

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