BBQ Boneless Pork Ribs

first off i’m a REALLY big fan of boneless ribs, more meat baby, but you have to be carefull or you’ll dry them out. place ribs/chicken in a large tupperware container, pour beer over it until it’s covered  then add some apple cider vinegar (you need JUUUUST enough to be able to smell the vinegar….add more or less as to taste). crush 5-6-7 cloves of garlic and dump them in. then add 2-3 TBS liquid crab boil (optional). let it sit in the fridge for 1-2 days.i season my meat (wokka wokka) with: stubbs bbq seasoning, old bay, and mccormicks buffalo chicken powder (comes in a packet in the seasoning section of your market). but feel free to use whatever powder sesoning you like. season meat…this is key for the chicken: cook thigh’s SKIN SIDE DOWN first. then flip it over. the fat from the skin will keep the chicken juicy. same thing applies to breasts.

i crank up on half of the grill to about 400 degrees. lightly oil the grill, and place the meat down, i check it every 15 minutes or so, when it’s ready to be flipped, flip it over, rinse repeat. always be sure to keep the thickest pieces of the meat on the warmer side of the grill so it cook more evenly. the smaller pices will burn on the hotter side. as for cooking time, i can’t tell you. use a meat thermometer and remove chicken the temp is right. i typically cook 10 ribs, and 10-15 pieces of chicken. NEVER apply sauce until you’re about to pull the meat off, the sugar in BBQ  saucewill burn (MAJOR ROOKIE ERROR). and…..i ALWAYS put my sauce on the side.

my personal choice for BBQ sauce is “Stubb’s spicy”. you really won’t need sauce, the meat will have a VERY distinctive flavor and can stand alone with out sauce. SOMETIMES, i smoke the meat. i soak mesquite chips in water for a few hours, then place it in a small aluminium box made especially for smoking.  place the wood chips on the “fire” side of the grill and let magic ensue. if any of you reading this try it out, please let me know what you think. shared this recipe with some of the guys on wackbag and it was a hit.

you can also cook in an oven at 250 degrees for about 6 hours.

my secret weapon.


Austin, Texas' own. i actually add hot sauce to it. but..i'm weird like that.

i prefer dry ribs, then dip them in the sauce. if you want to sauce our ribs, add it during the last 10 minutes of cooking.

i prefer dry ribs, then dip them in the sauce. if you want to sauce your ribs, add it during the last 10 minutes of cooking.

The Ring

back in 2007 my Maw-Maw (dad’s mom) gave me her engagement ring. i was really “meh” about it. it’s a nice ring, it really is. but since i’ve got my eyes WIDE open as to the danger’s i face with marriage and my unwillingness to place myself at the guillotine known as the family court system, i won’t be getting married.

i’m selling the ring.

had a jeweler tell me she’d give me $1000 for the ring. i have all the paper work from when the ring was bought. it was purchased for $7700, but i’ll only get $1000 for it. that right there tells me the sham that is “the engagement ring”. when i first came in to the military one of my LPO’s told me about how he bought and engagement ring for $1200. he broke off the engagement and tried to sell the ring to a pawn shop who offered him $250 for it.

even though i was still pretty naive, that really was an eyeopener for me. i never really considered marriage. i was still too green to jump into something like that. i saw a few people that got married during my 3 months of corpsman training in san diego who were already getting divorced so i was pretty leery of the whole matter. i never understood why so many military couples get married because on of them was being reassigned. basically, they get married because they didn’t want to break up.

i might have been green but i wasn’t THAT fucking stupid.

well 2 of the junior guys in my department have serious girlfriends. i asked one of them if he’d be interested in buying it. first thing he asked was, “is it rectangular?” i told him no and he immediately backpedaled with, “yeah, no, she’s pretty specific that it has to be rectangular.” i looked at him blankly and said-

“dude, within 3-4 years of getting married she’s gonna dump you.”

even though i HIGHLY DOUBT i’ll ever be getting married, that i have no desire to get married, i can tell you this; she’ll get whatever damned ring i pick out. if she doesn’t like it, she can go piss up a flagpole. maybe i’m just an asshole for assuming it was about the willingness to commit. the ring is just a symbol and she should actually feel privileged and (dare i say it) honored that i’m proposing to her.

just the fact that so many women feel that entitled as to DEMAND what kind of ring a man gives her is pretty jaw-dropping. although, anyone that’s taken the red-pill shouldn’t be surprised by this. i actually felt bad for the kid in a way. he’s a nice guy. but unfortunately he’s a complete blue pill zombie. sadly, he’s gonna have his ass handed to him.

not i said Dan. not i.

My grandmother's ring (dad's side). I'm gonna hock it and buy a ticket to Brazil. lol.

My grandmother’s ring (dad’s side). I’m gonna hock it and buy a ticket to Brazil. lol.

stay up.

Thanksgiving for the Bachelor

in hindsight, i should have posted this monday or tuesday.

i usually request to work for holiday so the married staff can spend time with their families. this thanksgiving, i am off, but i go back to work friday night. i’ll be cooking my usual single man turkey day meal: butterball turkey roast with cajun injector seasoning, garlic smashed tater red hots, Paw-Paws stuffing recipe with andouille and ham, and pumpkin cheese cake.

the butter ball part is great as it’s a large hunk of meat, and it’s easy to carve. let’s do ‘dis.

take your turkey and remove from the packet, reserve the gravy pack. take your injector marinade and inject a liberal amount into the turkey. inject half way through the bird and slowly inject the marinade. it has a net so hold off on seasoning the external portion of the roast. cook according to the instructions on the package. during the last 15 minutes, remove the net and apply any external seasoning. i go with mccormick buffalo chicken seasoning (it it’s those small packages, put it into a parm chefs shaker), poultry seasoning, garlic powder, and tony’s. but feel free to use what you think would taste best.

the day before, you’ll want to make the dressing. if it sits for a day it really allows the flavor’s to blend. i’ll be cooking mine wednesday night. you’ll need:

1 french bread style loaf (you’ll want to buy this 4-5 days before cooking. you want it stale
2 cups trinity (mixture of onion, celery, bell pepper)
4 cloves garlic
1 link andouille. quartered
1 package (about 7oz chopped ham). i’ll be cubing a large ham steak
1 cup chicken stock
2 16oz. can of beer (yes you’re reading this right)
2 TBS each: tony’s, cayenne, thyme.

cook the trinity in 4 TBS olive oil until translucent over med heat. add the chopped sausage and ham, once browned (about 5-7 minutes) add the bread. you’ll want to prep the bread by breaking it and crushing into small chunks and bread crumbs. add the chicken stock and beer. start with half the beer and slowly work in more until it has a think consistency, but not MUSH. once at desired consistency drop the heat to low and cover. stir every 15 minutes for one hour. Turn off heat, but keep it on the stove. let sit for 30-45 minutes. remove from heat and place in fridge. if you cook it the day of, just let it sit until ready too serve.

corn bread, andouille and ham steak dressing.

corn bread, andouille and ham steak dressing.

for the potatoes, i boil about 10 mini-red potato’s in crab boil water (1 cup powdered crab boil , 1 bag pre-mix boil, juice of one lemon, and 1/4 cup kosher salt). this is simply my take on copeland’s recipe. every time i make it it get’s rave reviews.

i bought the small portion of pumpkin pie cheesecake and whipped cream. deserts are not my thing.

i hope all of you enjoy your holiday and enjoy your time with family and friends. i’ll be noshing on the above and watching some football and pounding beers . pics will follow as soon as i can. so keep checking the site as i will update as i take dishes off the grill.

i'll smash the taters with the garlic cloves. DELISH!!

i’ll smash the taters with the garlic cloves. DELISH!!

almost done. i deglazed after this was taken. MMMMMMM, gravy

almost done. i deglazed after this was taken. MMMMMMM, gravy

happy Thanksgiving all; blessing to you and yours.

stay up.

A Tale of Two Men

there’s a guy i know. here take a look at him.


not a bad looking cat right. i know him VERY well. he’s a younger dude, and he does pretty well for a guy his age. i’ve seen a few of the women he’s closed and i can honestly say they’re all solid 8’s. but kid’s still got a lot to learn. he really hasn’t internalized game/red pill. he still goes into beta-slides and will occasionally white-knight. YET, i think most guys would love to have his success rate.

but, he’s in his early 20’s. he’s in the time of his life when a man needs to take his lumps in the SMP. i have no doubt that once it’s internalized he’ll be a ninja. and, i’ve seen women open him casually. too bad most of the time he doesn’t realize he’s been opened. a woman MIGHT be willing to give subtle “come talk to me boy” extended glances and smiles. but….ultimately they’re only going to go so far. eventually you need to realize what she doing, sack up, and go say hello.

And we all know this handsome devil.

not a handsome man

not a handsome man

you’ve read the site, you know i do pretty well with women DESPITE how i look. i’m MUCH better with women than that kid in the top picture. i recognize IOI’s within seconds, i escalate playfully, and i number close 8 out of the 10 women i open (i only get women’s numbers who are single). so remember this.


even at almost 40 years old, with my looks (as evidenced by the picture of me at the top of the post), i do MUCH better than i did when i was 20. lol. that was taken one month before i went to boot camp, almost 20 years ago. and with that, take it away clint-

so forget oreo’s eat 504 cookies I’M BAD!!!!!

stay up.

ITLR: More about the Y

i was watching a show a while back. it was called “sexy baby”. it showed 3 women: one a porn star, one a 12 yo girl, and one a 22 yo teacher in NC. the 22 yo is the one that interested me. now, i covered this before after viewing the show, but decided there was a part 2 to my “Y” post. and it involves “labiaplasty”. i’ll link it when i get home; wordpress here has AIDS.

i had a girl in my xray class who had the procedure done. i was stupified (oooh 50 cent word) at her decision. i mean, it’s her body. but there’s got to be some SERIOUS underlying self esteem/body image issues to get this done. unless you ARE a porn star, i doubt there are going to be too many people seeing your lady biscuit.

and if enough people have done box construction on your vagina to warrant the surgery; well, that’s what you get for riding the carousel and having your place gunned down in your prime years of the SMV. now, i don’t remember the partner count of the 22 year old teacher, but i think she became self conscious when her bf comapred her place to a porn pussy.

what a dick.

now, i enjoy my porn. i do. but if i have access to some box, that’s my primary outlet. and i can easily go 4-5 times a day. so ladies, if you wanna play on planet Danny you better be limber and have an appetite. or at least be willing to “let me in there” when i want. it’s not about you, it’s about feeding the beast. withholding sex from me is a bad idea. had one gf do it, i left the bedroom, found some porn, cranked up the volume and arced one out. i went back to bed (it was early morning) and said-

“i just had the most amazing orgasm ever. and you had NOTHING to do with it.” then fell right asleep. she tried it again when we were both awake, and i took her home. she called me the next day and apoligized. she came over, and i got a blow job. Danny FTW.

personally i LOVE the way a natural vagina looks. honestly, i like a meaty vag. like, i mean i want it to look like a chimps mouth. so what if one side is a bit longer than the other side. one bewb is bigger than the other, do you hear us guys complaining? it’s a beautiful thing you have down there. don’t mess with. all you need is routine maintence.

BUT, if you’re super self conscious- FINE. take a picture of you lady bit and email it to me via my “contact” page and you’ll get an EXPERT evaluation.

since this is a realtively post, i thought i’d link a pic of Brody doing what Brody does best: sleep.

[ed- I’m getting clicks from INTJ forum, but you can’t view what they’ve linked unless you’re a member. I’d appreciate if someone from the site would let me know what post they’ve linked. courtesy counts guys.]

Talking ’bout the Y

one of my teeny guilty pleasures has been reading “girls being girls” late at night at work. it’s a great big estrogen fest. one of the conversations was about the girls’ preference for facial hair.

well, i decided to discuss with the fellah’s their preferences for a woman’s hair. but i’m talking the hair “down there.” lol. let’s discuss a few examples.

the triangle. aaaah yes. can’t beat the classics. this one is personally my favorite. for me, i need to have some hair down there.

the landing strip. not too much, but there’s JUUUUUUST enough. i knew a girl that called it “clitler”. haha.

wood floor. this one seems popular with younger women (late teens) and my guess is because it’s such an exhibitionist thing. it screams for attention. personally, looks like a dead baby bird. besides, pubic and pit hair produce pheromones, you know “sex chemical”.

designs. you know any sort of novelty trim. sure sign of a slut. she WANTS to show that shit off. that or she’s just experimenting.

70’s porn star. run. if she’s not even willing to keep it trim down there, her life is in the shitter. hell, even a meth head chick is gonna keep her money maker looking good.

so, if you’ve played the panty game with her, you should have an idea of what kind of woman you’re dealing with. so once you’ve found out what color panties she’s wearing. ask her if she shaves. this is a “yes” for most women. usually, you’ll be dealing with “triangle” or the “landing strip”. if she’s rocking a “wood floor”, tell her you don’t believe it, then tell her to prove it.

if you’re in a public place and she’s blushing and giggling. tell her to prove it when you’re someplace private. in my experience, that’s usually been once we get in the car. lol.

have fun, and happy hunting.

stay up.

People who’ve Died

one of my junior HM’s saw his first patient die. really fucked him up. he came to me and told me he needed to talk to me. he’s well aware of my past as a trauma junkie master. this was one of those moments where the silly side of me gets shown the door. this was serious, and he really need some ear.

it’s no secret that i’ve seen some pretty morbid shit. i’ve talked about it before. well, what i consider to be an important part of my job is mentoring and counseling the junior guys. i don’t have this wall of, “you below me, me high rank” aura. i talk to the guys like we’re in the field. i NEVER have to use rank to gain respect. i even go so far as to tell other E6’s is they have to throw around rank, they are ineffective leaders.

i was living in san diego. it was christmas morning. i was checking my myspace account (what, it was 2006) and learned a friend had killed herself. she had lost her grandmother during katrina and grandma had raised by her. mom ran off and dad was a dead beat, she moved out as soon as she could. i tried to find her in NO when i was stationed there but didn’t have any luck. found out that Christmas that she’d been living 5 minutes from my apartment in NO.

i had taken this girls virginity.

i always knew she was kind of troubled so i felt bad when i wasn’t able to find her. as i sat reading her obituary, i felt numb. i got dressed and left the house. i was driving all over san diego. the streets were dead and one of the radio stations was playing a pearl jam concert they did in san deezy. then this song came on.

i broke down crying. i was already shook at girls committing suicide, but i remembered my boy Ricky. he was like my brother. i had been in the navy for almost a year. i went home to texas and was visiting friends. Ricky was in san antonio working. he was going to be coming in for fourth of july. well, for whatever reason my dad decided we were going to leave for florida (he was moving there) early.

never saw Ricky.

i was sitting on my cousins roof watching fireworks and around midnight, i put my beer down, left the roof and went inside. my cousin came in and i told him i didn’t feel like partying anymore. the next day i heard from his cousin. her, Ricky, and 3 friends from school were in an accident. ricky died, he was the only death in VERY bad accident.

i remember us making plans about what we were going to do with our lives. how we were going to retire on a ranch outside san diego. i was gonna marry his cousin, he was going to marry my sister. we’d get old, drink beer and laugh about how fat our wives had gotten. i always looked at my life from his perspective- to not waste my life since his got cut short.

i told the junior HM that death is part of what we do. i told him about the 2 friends above. told him that he’ll need to learn to detach himself from work death. when it’s a patient’s time, it’s their time. but at the same time, not feel bad if he never learns the detachment. this job isn’t for everyone. but the take-away is to fully appreciate every moment you have on this planet. you never know when you’re times up.

he just nodded his head and thanked me. hopefully i was able to help the guy out.

the girl at the very right is Liz.

the girl at the very right is Liz.

aaaaaaw. i was a senior at the time. she was a freshman.

aaaaaaw. i was a senior at the time. she was a freshman.

i don’t have any pics of Ricky. i’ve lost a TON of pictures with all the moves i’ve had; so, sorry.

stay up.