Yer Such a Dick

i LOVE when a woman says this to me. while it sounds like she’s angry, the truth of the matter is, she’s not. oh, she’s a little perturbed, but it’s not because you’re giving her a hard time. “yer such a dick” is the hamster running because you’re not supplicating and or, just being honest when she was hoping you’d “be nice”.

i’ve been called a dick for not noticing a woman’s lost weight. or she’s asking me to do something that she KNOWS is “boyfriend duty”; and trust me, a woman know’s when she’s asking you to do something that is a bit too much.

many times when teasing a woman, she’ll call you a dick. lol. i get this one ALL.THE.TIME. and it’s usually accompanied by punch to my shoulder. i’ll laugh and tell how cute she is when she gets mad. “c’mon punkin, pop that bottom lip out for me.”

they smile.

just think back to junior high and popping a girls bra. they only get angry when they aren’t getting tingles. but when a girl is digging you acts mad, deep down, she LOVES your attention. if she ever says this to you, and you can’t think of something to say- just wink and smile.

sometimes less is more.

on another front, been working with my boy and he finally nailed THIS.

stay up.

31 Comments on “Yer Such a Dick”

  1. mothersmurfer says:

    gud booooyyyy!

  2. Maeve says:

    He’s so freakin’ cute! How do you stand it?

  3. Martel says:

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with your post (awesome dog, though), but it looks like you’re getting out just in time:

  4. Doktor Bill says:

    Nice Vid, you dick! Cute pup! I liked the Go bag in the background & the AK on the floor..

  5. Edwin Calais says:

    I had a friend who used to deadpan reply to “You’re such a dick” with, “Well, 90% of me is.”

    It usually got a laugh – if not from her, at least from everyone else.

    Another good one I heard a guy say once, when his girlfriend tried to make fun of his penis size in front of friends: “Even a whale feels small in the ocean.” She didn’t really know how to respond to that, but everyone else did.

  6. Tin Man says:

    OK, I got one for you….back in the day (before I knew the truth and was living the low life of the true American Beta-Husband)…What does it mean when you wife calls you a pussy. Is it the hamster, or is just the same old shaming technique (or worse). Good thing about it, she is now my (x)wife.

    All I can say, that from a personal standpoint, today I would take pride in being called a dick – before, it probably would have bothered me and I would have wondered how I could be like that to such a wonderful woman and the mother of my children. (today I know better).

    Just curious about your thoughts (and those of the other Men that visit and comment).

  7. Austin says:

    Is that an AK on the floor, lol? I guess it could be a 10/22 also.

    My dog loves doing that trick. She’ll sit there all day drooling until I tell her to flick that treat into her mouth.

  8. earl says:

    Heh…I was called this yesterday. Had the same reaction you said.

    In fact whenever a woman “insults” me…I take it as a compliment. If she starts praising me, then I’m thinking trouble is coming.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      lol. of course she did.

      “i just don’t understand women.” they’re EASY to understand.

    • Richard Cranium says:

      Same here when I get called a jerk/asshole/dick I just smile and say thanks. Getting that response when you don’t feed her hamster is a sign you’re doing something right. Like this:

      “heyyyy can you do “insert thing she wants you to buy/fix/get for her” pleaseeee?”


      :bats eyes: “Awww c’mon pretty pleaseeee”

      “Umm no”

      “You’re such a jerk!

      :Sly grin: “Thanks. Thanks for that compliment” :walks away:

  9. dannyfrom504 says:

    should have added THIS….

  10. Sean says:

    First time I’ve heard you speak, Danny. Loo-see-anna comes through on the accent loud and clear.

    Just smile like a Cheshire Cat when called a dick. You’re doing something right.

  11. nobuddy says:

    (Couldn’t find one with a dog – apologies to Brody)

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