Guys, Meet Erin

well, you’ve probably already heard about this as i saw it on the morning news.

i haven’t visited any of the “lady” sites that are very openly sexist (against men) and rather misandrist, so i decided to wade the waters and see what i could find. and it only took one site and the first thing they had linked. it was written by a woman named kiri. after reading her bio, i learned her bf of ten years came out of the closet, and had been cheating on her with other men.

i’ve had some bad pussy, but never any so bad that i considered converting to man ass.

it was a piece praising a 23 year old woman that went on dates with men as a means to get expensive dinners. they even coined a catchy “you go girl” catchphrase: “date-n-dash”. OOOH how clever, a play on dine-n-dash- you know ditching the check after a meal. i’m not going to link the site, so i figured i’d quote it and chime in (empahsis mine).

“If you’ve got a hankering for pricey meals in five-star restaurants but you’re on a Taco Bell budget, there’s still a few ways you can get yourself a fancy dish. Become a food critic. Dine-n-dash. Orrrr get some dude to take you out on a date. Of the three, I’d say the third is the most palatable (hey, not everyone can be a food critic) so she openly advocates this. And yet 23-year-old aspiring actress Erin Wotherspoon (who, thanks to Reese Witherspoon, will not need to change her name for her acting career) is catching all kinds of flack for admitting in the Daily Mail that she dates guys just to get them to buy her an expensive meal. “I’ve decided to become a serial dater to fulfill my restaurant hit list,” she gleefully admits. a wanna be actress and “serial dater”, such lofty aspirations

Erin, who is blonde, blue-eyed, and attractive, knows she’s at a point in her life where all manner of male — from ones her age to younger to older to much, much older; to single to married; to heterosexual to bisexual to probably even some homosexuals — will TAKE HER OUT AND PAY FOR EVERYTHING. i believe we have a term for such guys

Erin, enjoy it while you can, girl. And she is. She says:

Men should feel honored by this open invitation to date me. and why’s that? you aren’t DATING or looking to “date” these men, you just want to use them

To that end, Erin is signed up on several dating sites looking for her next “meal ticket”:

Exploiting men for meals is tough. I have to put up with a lot of bad conversation and to be honest for awhile there I didn’t think I was up for the challenge. Yes, I had some good food but was it really worth my time? Keeping up with all the silly text messages, feigning interest in things I don’t care about and trying to figure out who the f*** is who. yeah, dishonesty is pretty draining isn’t it.

Well, I agree, Erin. A meal, no matter how extravagant, usually isn’t worth the yawn-inducing conversation — not to mention the relentless stalking for a second date. Which is why I never pulled this crap. and what happened to your bf od 10 years….welcome to the wall darlin’

However, if Erin wants to do it, I have no problem with it. Does it make guys less likely to want to pay for the next girl? Maybe. But probably not if the next girl is also 23, blonde, and cute. Guys are dumb that way. THIS, and when you hear women bitch and maon about there being “no good men” to date, remind them of women like erin and kiri

I actually admire that Erin has the vajay of steel to go on a date with a guy, suggest the most expensive restaurant in town, sit there looking at him blankly when the check comes (or excuse herself to go to the little girls’ room with expert timing), and not once offer to help pay. I’ve never been good at this game — I’m the idiot who whips out her purse the second the waiter approaches and I’m all, “Why don’t I –” and the guy is all, “Sure, great. Cool. Thanks!” i think a nerve has been touched

I don’t feel bad for these guys being used for meals because most of them are dating Erin for one reason — they find her attractive and probably hope to get her in bed seriously, i can’t believe this women is THIS clueless about men and relationships. men are visual, if we like what we see, you have ATTRACTION. Many of them are no doubt much older than her and should be dating women their own age. But they prefer to play the fool. So let them play the fool with the empty wallet. really, the fact is, younger women are typically atrracted to older men. damn, the wall REALLY fucked this woman up

Erin claims she has already been banned from one dating site because of her date-dine-n-dash reputation. But that is ridic. No one bans guys who f*ck-n-dash.” because we’re not lying about wanting to fuck

there you have it guys. can’t make this up. so not only is this “young woman” outwardly being decpetive and acting on ulterior motives, the author goes on and applauds her for the ruse. then they woonder why wen don’t “man up” up the SMP. well, Kiri, let me tell you something. women like YOU are the reason men opt out of dating, or “run game”.

women like erin prey on guys that might be legitately interested in her, use the poor dude, then bail. but then, these “duped” men watch alphas run game, not spend a dime (or spend VERY little coin), then end up plowing the chick after meeting and texting over the next couple of days (or hell, even ONS). the guys that get fucked over either learn game or just quit trying.

so… does this end up helping women feminists?

i’ve been knee deep in the SMP for YEARS. i’ve been the fucked over guy, AND the “fuck” guy. and my stance now is simple: if you want to fuck a bunch of women and opt out of relationships- have fun. just please realize eventually you’ll realize the real-estate value of pussy is FAR LESS than you placed on it in your youth. i’m months away from 40, and bagging a 20 year old is NOT off the table for me. hell, it’s EASIER for me now. want proof…..

my baby sis’s bf is only a couple years younger then me. game everyone.

stay up.

16 Comments on “Guys, Meet Erin”

  1. earl says:

    “You get to fuck…that’s free if you are smart.”

    I don’t think I’ve spent more than 10-20 bucks on a date in years.

  2. Tin Man says:

    I haven’t fully entered the dating game just yet – it didn’t feel right when I was separated (although the (x)wife had not problem with it) – and now that I’m fully divorced, it’s about time to start. One of the hardest programming routines I’ll have to get over is the “but I’ll break her heart” or “I’m playing with her emotions” or some other such bs that has been lodged in there at the deepest level.

    My goal is never date anyone with 10 years of my age an really move into the world of dating women within the 25 to 35 year old window (and since I’m 52, I guess that makes me one of the dirty old men that the women’s blogs like to talk about). But I’ve got a very good job, getting the body into fighting shape again and the (x)wife will be completely off the payroll in about 6 months.

    But no more expensive dinners – unless it’s either for me or as an reward for her – not to impress anymore. Thanks Danny for putting this up there – just continues to reenforce why I read these blogs and continue to learn about this stuff.

  3. earl says:

    I like your advice danny even though I’ll admit the brainwashing made it take longer to sink in…I wish I had more of this growing up too…but better late than never. Plus you are giving us younger bucks a head start.

    Taking the “don’t fuck up your own life” route in today’s society is considered blazing success. Add this awareness to it and that is a nearly unstoppable combo.

  4. tj says:


    I’m laughing at my own memories of that period in my dating life wherein I’d be suckered into take women out to expensive first dinner dates…..

    Oh yes I’ve been taken by a few Erins along the way.

    But you know what? Cheap tuition – as long as you realize wtf is going on.

    Thing is, there are times when I’m actually be okay with an Erin – as long as she is upfront about it. I like to dine out and I like eye/arm candy – as long as we’re both upfront about it beforehand – then its my decision.

  5. orion says:

    I dont quite get why she is cheered on.

    Sure, she gets hers, but in the process makes it highly unlikely that men will go the traditional dating route.

    Whats in it for the women cheering her on?

  6. Pablo Hernandez says:

    I took my ex out a few weeks after we broke up to a swanky restaurant. The fucking bitch had the cheek to tell me that I “didn’t take her out and cook for” her in three months! This after 6 years where she hardly put her hand in her pocket for dinner or drinks. Only a few short months before we broke up I spent €3,000 on a holiday, flights, best restaurants, cocktails, etc. Looking back at that night in the restaurant I should have just got up from the table and told her to get the bill. Never again. I hope she gets a lesson in simple fucking manners but then looking at her family I shouldn’t have expected anything more. Love truly is blind……cunt…..

  7. stevie tellatruth says:

    great post, but lets not forget: women start pulling this crap while in COLLEGE. I remember quite a few girls tell me how many times they got a “free lunch/dinner” from some clueless young buck who was just a little less broke than she was.

    I think I’ma send this post to my neph who’s away at Big Outta State U. He’s a smart kid but he still needs to learn.

  8. Ian S. Crawford says:

    You are in a personal race for yourself, you cant give up. You shouldn’t give up no matter what. Maintain course in the pursuit of your best life possible. Go out with a bang if it comes to it, but never stop striving never decelerate when reaching for the dream you have for life. The fear that you have run out of time or that you were just too thick to have seized your opportunities when they presented in the past, can be crippling. Trust me I know. But if you can maintain motivation for 4 days out of 7 (even if you are depressed and demotivated for the rest), you can make great strides and reverse bad fortunes.

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