My First Time, My Last Time

i was 14, she was 13 and quite cute (braces FTW). she wanted to lose her virginity and chose my best friend. he went to her place to do the deed, but didn’t have a condom so she didn’t do him it. so, being the possessor of a vagina, she decided to get back at him by letting ME take her virginity. her bestie lived on the corner about 4 houses up from mine. she rode my bus home and sat next to me. i think i even caught some stink-finger.

i digress.

so, we all get off the bus and she heads off with bestie after reminiding me to come over once i’d dropped off my things. i was actually about to head out to skate with friends when she called me and insited i come over. i got to girls house and she let me in and brought me up to besties room. we started making out, she took off my shirt and then removed hers.

AW SNAP!!!!! this just got real.

we sloppily made out, and got to disrobing. when we were finally nakie she asked if i had “brought something”. sure did. i fumble through my pant pockets on the floor and came up with my key to her treasure. the condom. but not just any condom. an old school trojan latex condom. key word-


well, well, well, there was a bit of a “logistical problem” at first as i tried to jam 14 years of raw teenage lust into her with essentially a balloon around my 8th grade hog. eventually, we ditched it (the condom) and tried again.


i can only imagine what a heroin addict feels the first time he shoots up, but i felt the something i can only describe in my world as the closest thing to it. of course, girl was KILLING IT by repeating, “don’t cum inside me Danny.” every 15 seconds. finally after let’s be honest 2 minutes a few minutes i had made a nice mess from her belly up to her cheek. obviously, i was swinging for the fences my first time at bat.

then came the awkward part. girl went to the bathroom to clean up, and i (looking like a hyena gnawed my junk) got dressed and split. i don’t know why, it must be hard-wired in male DNA, “after you dump, RUN!!!!” i guess when it’s just sex, after it’s over…..what is there to discuss. lol. if she’s a gf, then you can ridicule her jiggliness, or have her make a sammich, whatever. (j/k…maybe). lol.

we didn’t really talk much after that. i was just a blip on her radar, she used me. *snif*. i should point out that this is about the time (88-89) where BOTH parents were usually working, so i had 2-3 hours of “playtime” with many guy’s daughters (frequently i might add). and as i’ve pointed out before, these weren’t “party girl sluts”, they were your average “girl next door”. soon i learned what “stop by after school” REALLY meant. lol.

after that “first taste”, i was wearing my dick on my forehead. it went from a appendage used to urinate into the Rawhead Rex of suburban vagina. lol.

now…..TAKING a girls virginity after i had lost mine. PLENTY of those stories. but i don’t consider any of the junior high and high school misadventures worth talking about. so i’ll tell you the LAST girl’s virginity i took.

i was 20, stationed in charleston (i’d just gotten there), and out with friends at a place called “the treehouse”. i saw this slamming indian chick, and after a few minutes deduced she was there alone. i approached. and for the record, this was the last cold-club-approach i’ve done. we made small talk and i got her number.

a week later we went out and ended back at my barracks room after a movie. we were fooling around and she was getting handsy. she asked if she could look at my dick. never…i have NEVER had a woman ask me meekish and clinicly to see what i was working with. i let her “take it out” and she stared at it like she was high. we talked and….

she was a virgin. her parents were VERY tradional and boys were a no-no. and….she had a libido that was BURSTING at the seams. she always wanted to “play” (that’s what she called it). to her “playing involved everything but oral (on me) and penetration. finally, i told her she needed to just let me in there. well, she had seen the male orgasm on me before when i’d TF her (she had a GREAT rack btw).

once she decided to play in the big leagues, i had to take it easy on her. once i was all the way in, it was a pretty slow process. hell, i didn’t even finish. but after that initail squish, she was insatiable. she wasnted to fuck ALL.THE.TIME. she even got on birth control because she didn’t like how condoms felt. eventually, i got sent to cuba and 2 weeks before i was set to head back to charleston, i got a letter from her telling me she had started fucking seeing another guy. lol.

but it was cool. the entire barracks knew i had been banging her, so i usually had first dibs when a new girl checked into the barracks. “dude, Danny brings home some smoking hot women.” i got extra points because they were civilian girls. barracks girls are notoriously easy. you gotta love referral pussy.

and there you have it. you can thank for this entry. never really considered posting about losing my virginity before. head over to his site, and tell us your story. i ESPECIALLY want to hear the females stories.

stay up.

24 Comments on “My First Time, My Last Time”

  1. Why ESPECIALLY the females stories? lol

  2. Emma the Emo says:

    Lol, great story Danny 🙂

    “she always wanted to “play” (that’s what she called it)”
    Nice girls who want you are too embarassed to call it anything else. When I wanted to make my interests known to my first, I asked if he wanted to be “friends” with me. It was obvious it wasn’t a request for friendship.

  3. asf says:

    ” i don’t know why, it must be hard-wired in male DNA, “after you dump, RUN!!!!” ”

    Bro this is so true. If you ever look at monkeys doing it (admit it, you look at it all the time), they just hurry up and bang it out super fast, then high-tail it out of there. It’s definitely in our DNA. Cuddling is a social construct man.

  4. earl says:

    “she wasnted to fuck ALL.THE.TIME.”

    You broke the seal.

  5. Frank says:

    Jiggliness HAHAHAHAHA I’m gonna steal that and claim it as mine

    Then I’ll be single hahaha

  6. […] Dannyfrom504 with an afterschool special “girl was KILLING IT by repeating, “don’t cum inside me Danny.” every 15 seconds” […]

  7. “On average, girls are losing their virginity at 15 years of age.” I lost mine at 15 as well, I actually ended up dating the guy for 3 years after that though. “14 percent of teens who are having sex say they’re doing it at school.” When I was in high school people were “doin it” (lol) all over. The most famous place was the “colorgaurd closet” where the colorgaurd and band kept equipment when they weren’t using it. For some reason there was a freakin couch in there AND it locked from the inside (???) lol. They were also doing it in cars in the parking lot, in the bathrooms/lockerrooms, under the bleachers, all kinds of places. I’m actually surprised at the amount of teens who aren’t protecting themselves because myself, and the girls I went to school with all got birth control at the health department, and used condoms…..well I actually stopped using condoms after I was with that guy for a year since we’d both been tested and I was on BC, but eh well. “24 percent of teens with STDs say they still have unprotected sex. One in five girls says she wants to be a teen mom.” WHOA that just kinda pisses me off “About 50 percent acknowledge that they’ve hit someone.” Doesn’t surprise me, fights happen all the time in highschool, I only ever poured a coke on a girls head, didn’t ever hit anyone…till I got out of highschool and that only happened once. “One out of three teens has tried drugs.” Not surprised at all, I had, and pretty much everyone I knew had as well.

  8. Nice and funny story, like it!

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