Local Game

i ended up at my local for a pint and some people were in my seat. i ended up at the other end of the bar and noticed the following-

2 40’ish latin guys, 2-3 open seats, youngish couple, open seat, chatty women (mid-20’s), guy (same age). at that point the bar makes a corner and has 5 more seats. where there were- 2 guys (early 50’s), same age women sitting between guys. they’re regulars, but i don’t know them.

ALL the guys were plastering the young woman with attention and compliments. and girls was in full on “attention me” mode. at one point, she was showing off a picture of what i think was her grandmother. then she showed them a necklace grams had given her. i filed that nugget of info, and got back to watching the footbal game.

at one point, one of the 50ish guys walked up to girl, tried to talk to her, and spilled his drink in the process. smooth, REAL smooth. he was done, not that he had a chance anyway. the guy sitting next to girl didn’t really do much outside of talk to her some. and the older guys with a woman their age kept feeding her ego.


eventually the 2 latin guys left and i moved to thier spot as it was directly in front of the TV with the game. as per usually, i’m nursing my beer, checking the site, repsonding to emails, and texting friends/a woman. out of NO WHERE i hear, “who yah rooting for?” it was the 20 something chick. i looked at her, then back at the tv and said, “neither. just watching.”

what happened over the next 15-20 minutes was her randomly asking me questions. which i poiltely answered while watching the game. then she asked about my necklace. i was wearing my “Virgen de Guadalupe” pendant. had it for years. well, i decied to fuck with her.

“it was my Paw-Paw’s”.

she breathed in deeply, “OMG, I’M WEARING MY GRANDMA’S NECKLACE. LOVE HER.”

now, this was a calculated lie to get this EXACT response. i know you’re probably expecting to hear how i number closed her and all types of game-goodness. but no. the take away here is i was getting attention from her without GIVING her any attention. tbh, i had ZERO interest in talking to her.

i wasn’t trying to be a dick, and honestly, i didn’t speak to her in a rude tone. i was just more interested in my own affairs. besides, she had AAAAAAAAALL the attention she needed from the others. i lied about the pendant to feign having something in common.

and she took the bait. so, how does the story end?

she left. but when she passed me, she asked me my name and when i told her she said it was nice meeting me. anyone wanna guess what her name is?

no fucking clue. didn’t ask.

stay up.

and….if you haven’t been paying attention Badger is posting again. read his shit, he’s the evil genius of the Sphere. and, he’s one of the guys responsible for me blogging.

5 Comments on “Local Game”

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Lol I can visualize the guy spilling the drink in the process of trying to chat up that girl. I guess he gets a B + for effort?

  2. Seraph says:

    “I can visualize the guy spilling the drink in the process of trying to chat up that girl.”

    Did that once.

    You watch any attraction going on wink off like a friggin’ lightbulb.

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