Nuking- The Black Gift

i was in japan, walking to the cab stand with my girlfriend. she was about 4-5 paces behind me texting a coworker. once off the pier you have to walk past a HORRIBLE pizza place. there’s a newspaper machine next to the entrance of the joint. i was straining to see the headline on the recent paper (it was about 15 feet away), and i suddenly heard a voice exlaim-

“you know that’s rude, right. staring?”

my focus shifted and i notice a girl standing by the door. the way my ateention focused to her must have made her realize i WASN’T staring at her. i looked at her for a few seconds, and i just fucking lost it.

“are you fucking kidding me? do you mean to tell me every swinging dick on your boat has kissed your ass to such an extent that you think EVERY guys gives a shit about you? JESUS GOD!!!!! you fucking girls are unfucking real!!!”

by this point my girlfriend had taken my arm and was was trying to pull me away. i verbally assaulted this girl for a good 2-3 minutes. the look on her face said it all. her head was lowered, she wouldn’t make eye-contact. i was a dick. i know.

but you have to remember, i’d been there almost 3 years. i had grown absolutely sickened by entitlement i’d seen from some scrub ass women. it had gotten to a point where, if you weren’t my gf, co-worker, or a patient i was treating- leave me alone. and, by that point, i was a changed man. i was salty.

if it didn’t enhance my life, i wasn’t part of my life.

i have a gift. i’m not proud of it, i never asked for it. but i have it. once i somewhat get to know a person, i can acertain they’re deepest dread of a nuerosis. the ex made a comment when we got home about my putting girl on blast. she asked me if i were going to say something to hurt her, what would it be? i told her we weren’t playing that game.

she insisted.

i told her NOTHING i said could be held against me. she was doing this of her own volition. i took a breathe and told her becoming an electrician wasn’t going to do shit to impress her father and make them closer. yeah. here’s the thing…

i knew damn near everything about this girl you could know. but she ALWAYS clammed up about dad, she got sheepish. well, i knew he was an electrician, the very occupation she chose when she joined the navy. doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. well, she was silent, then she left the room. she was crying.

it was never mentioned again.

since taking the red pill this gift has been a GREAT weapon. nuking a hamster as it spews pure vitriol for my “misogynistic thoughts” *rolls eyes* while i let her rant; only to simply sit and smirk makes them absolutely insane. when she’s done, i just smile and reply, “whatever you say sweetie.” and then ignore her.

drives them fucking nuts.

enjoy your weekend, i’ll be at home riding the klonapin train, drinking some beers and who knows, MAYBE i’ll go out for a spell. matter of fact, i now have a room-mate. a woman. i need to drag her ass out to my local so i can mess with some girls.

and speaking of japan, i want some motherfuckin’ .

AND. this post marks 1001 posts for the site. the way i see it- FUCK quality, i have QUANTITY!!!!!! lol. i really want to thank you guys for reading my dreck.

also, i’m starting to get “likes” from femlae sex blogs. ladies, there’s more to me than just looks, and this body of masculine perfection. i have feelings too. sometimes i just want to be held.

stay up.

25 Comments on “Nuking- The Black Gift”

  1. St Swithunus says:

    “sometimes i just want to be held”

    yeah, but the trouble comes when they find out what you want ‘held’…something that you seem to call your ‘black gift’ (as a white guy, that colour should worry you – see a doc, bro, stat)

    “are you fucking kidding me? do you mean to tell me every swinging dick on your boat has kissed your ass to such an extent that you think EVERY guys gives a shit about you? JESUS GOD!!!!! you fucking girls are unfucking real!!!”

    and that’s the modern tragedy, we have a society bringing up women to think this way, dress for it and twerk for the right man (because they have nothing else to offer)…fucked up.

  2. ARoss says:

    Are Japanese girls easy to game?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Well. If you step to them they’re pretty responsive. The herbivore’s have made it easier. I slept with my 19 yo neighbor a month after I moved into my house.

      I found them a tad annoying.

      But they LOVE being treated girly. They dig masculine guys.

  3. earl says:

    Heh. It’s like females are just trying to find ANY reason to poke the bear.

    They don’t like it when it finally growls.

  4. kaitlynkitten says:

    i’m starting to get “likes” from femlae sex blogs.

    You’re welcome 😉 haha

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      lol. i’m wondering how i appeal to you girls. spill.

      • kaitlynkitten says:

        Well I can only speak for myself, but personally I read blogs like yours to get a better understanding of how men think and what they want… So I can work on making myself a more attractive, attentive, and better woman. As far as you in particular, I enjoy reading what you have to say. You’re descriptive, I get your humor, and the things you talk about are interesting. Maybe not as exciting of an answer as you may have hoped haha

  5. Athor Pel says:

    Saw the same thing in the Air Force. Seemed like many of them wouldn’t even look you in the eye. They barely acknowledged your existence.

    Guy I worked with managed to score anyway. He was just that way. He upgraded to a 17 year old officer’s daughter when we got to Korea. An energizer bunny that guy.

    Most of the guys I knew got Korean bar girls of one kind or another. Some married guys purposely got orders to Korea just for that purpose. Short tour, no dependents for enlisted, wife can’t come unless he pays for it. Nice little sex vacation on Uncle Sam’s dime.

    Part of what you’re describing as far as being able to see a person’s deepest fear is just paying attention to what women tell you. I’m a guessing. At least it’s that way with me.

    For me, they tell me things I’ve generally not wanted to know. All sought validation of one kind or another if they stayed with me long enough. They can’t seem to help it. It’s like they needed absolution. Absolution that I couldn’t give because I wasn’t married to them.

    They’d tell me the most fucked up crap about something they did in the past and I’d just stare at them, mute. My mind asking, “Why did she tell me that when I obviously don’t give a shit?” or “Damn, she’s trashy And a slut.” Then I’d change the subject and make a mental note to not make any more plans with her.

  6. laidnyc says:

    What you guys don’t know about Danny is that his mom was a blogger and he only writes this blog to impress her.

    Seriously though, great gift to have. We’ll call it Dark Cold Reading. Sort of Sherlock Holmes meets seduction. I like it.

  7. Hamilton says:

    Good story, I have the same gift. Mostly I keep it to myself but in college I used it like a machine gun. It didn’t help that some of my friends had a deep admiration for my gift and encouraged me to level women with my words. I waited tables for a few years and if there was a female waiter in the bathroom crying the managers all knew she must have pissed me off. Problem for management was I didn’t curse the women out, I would just level them with a comment that wouldn’t sound that harmful to an outsider like a manager. No repercussions. And then 2 weeks later I’d end up banging the chick I had crying.
    I played college basketball at a big engineering school. So not a lot of girls. Somewhat similar to the military, a 4 thought she was a 6-7 on campus. Those girls were excellent targets. They wanted me and thought they had a chance when I would haul off and level them.

  8. Richard Cranium says:

    I too am quite fond of nuking hamsters I almost get a sick joy in it. Sometimes though you need to pick your battles.

    Slight back story many upper Midwest girls seem to think that being loud and crass is somehow an attractive quality (hint: it isn’t). Soon after I joined my band one of the hangers-on (used to date one of the former members) thought she was gonna get in my face and be cunty and she got put in her place. Wasn’t even an effort really.

    Got a call from our manager the next day asking what happened. I said that I wasn’t trying to cause trouble but 1. I’m not about to let some washed up groupie that I really don’t even know get in my face and 2. where I come from you are considered weak if you back down from an affront like that. I also have zero tolerance for loud mouthy broads who think they know everything.

    I was told in no uncertain terms that I was to avoid her at all costs “or else” and follow the strict guidelines that we have to be “nice” to everyone regardless of how shitty they are to us.

    I figured it wasn’t worth losing my gig over some dumb cunt’s yapping pie-hole so I just pretend like she isn’t there when she comes to the gigs. Plus sometimes I just don’t feel like being “nice” all the time. We all know where being “nice” gets us right?

  9. Quantity has a quality of it’s own – Joseph Stalin

    You’re in good company Danny 😉

  10. Matt says:

    Dude, you have quality, Scalzi has quantity…

  11. Matt says:

    Former President of the Science Fiction Writers of American who has an ongoing feud with Vox Day. He’s a typical liberal rabbit, who is doing a very good job of promotiing himself with mostly pointless blog posts. You generally have quality things to say. Generally.

  12. Sir_Chancealot says:

    What’s that old Russian saying? “Quantity has a quality all it’s own.”

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