Damn Straight

it’s Sunday, I don’t feel good, and I’m in no mood for writing. this was sitting in the draft’s so I thought I’d run with it. enjoy.

a Colorado Man, has the right idea.

I’d do the same thing. someone buy this guy a beer.

15 Comments on “Damn Straight”

  1. Tin Man says:

    Well, get to feeling better…sucks being sick.

    After reading the story, I thought….there will be lots of people trying to figure out what landfill it went to and digging around in through the trash.

  2. This is, of course, assuming he’s telling the truth and not just hiding these assets somewhere.

  3. darlingdoll says:

    Oh man, only in Colorado. I love this crazy state 😉 Feel better soon.

  4. Edwin Calais says:

    “Too bad he couldn’t get the cash, it would have been fun for him to hand it out inside one of those cash/gift card holders with his ex-wife’s picture on it.”

    The great thing about gold is it is 100% untraceable – no serial numbers, or if there are, melt it down and make them disappear (you will have to pay assay fees if you do this though – meh).

    There was a guy from Greece or Italy a while ago who got caught with a car-load full of gold, bringing it to Switzerland after his country put capital restrictions on transferring out of their currency. It’s a good idea. Too bad he got caught… but I’ll bet a lot of others don’t get caught.

    The best thing you could do with a stash of gold like that is take it into the back forty, bury it, and plant a tree on top of it. You will always know your gold is there if the tree is still there, the tree’s roots will make it hell for someone to just “dig” up (You will likely have to pay for some heavy equipment to remove the tree stump to get your gold back after a few years) and people won’t be running a metal finder over your gold if it is under a tree. A tree would make a pretty good natural safe.

    Leave a treasure map in your safety deposit for your heirs.

  5. Spacetraveller says:

    Bon rétablissement, Danny!

    The reason I don’t agree with what that man did (if he indeed did it) is…

    He wasted money.

    He could have given it to charity, to a friend, to someone in need, etc.

    Not cool to waste money!

    But I understand he was mad at the ex-wife. I get that part, and he probably went literally mad, as it was alluded to in the article.

    But it is still still wrong, Danny.
    There are people who are starving in this world…

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