Veteran’s Day

i’ll be sleeping all day then going to work, but i wanted to post something in regards to Veteran’s day. but, it’s not about me, as all i could think of was Paw-Paw (RIP). he saw action in Iwo Jima, he was a navy radioman (an old school rate, now it’s no longer RM, it’s IT- information technician). he did morse code, he handled message traffic coming in and leaving his boat.

when i got orders back staeside i told my mother that my leave time would be spent with Paw-Paw; that she shoudn’t expect to see me. and those times are GOLD to me. we watched tv, sitting in utter silence; then suddenly he’d break off into a story- family, Maw-Maw, the navy.

the navy stories always caught my attention. his demeanor changed when he talked navy. his sea stories were epic. i would hang on every word. hell, i could have told the same story to a shipmate. lol. the old salt could spin a wayward yarn about life at sea, then turn around and charm the cute girl that walked into the room. lol. old bastard.

my Abuelito.

so, on this day, i honor his memory, and will drink in his name when i get off work. i’m proud to know his blood courses through my veins. and i’m even more proud that he LOVED the fact that i became a sailor.

rest well Paw-Paw. you and Mama Cat are in Paradise. i’ll hold the family down until i join you.

Love you Paw-Paw. i’ll be watching The Longest Day at work.

the newly wed Sailor and his Cajun wife.

the newly wed Sailor and his Cajun wife.

my last visit with Paw-Paw before he passed. having a drink at Tropical Isle at 2 in the afternoon. fuck yeah.

my last visit with Paw-Paw before he passed. having a drink at Tropical Isle at 2 in the afternoon. fuck yeah.

9 Comments on “Veteran’s Day”

  1. laidnyc says:

    that’s a sharp looking couple

  2. Spacetraveller says:

    God rest ya Paw-paw!
    And all your fellow veterans…

    Wow, don’t they look lovely, these newly weds!!!

    You know Danny, this is the first year I haven’t had much exposure to stuff about Veterans Day.

    Because I am in a neutral country right now!

    I was telling everyone here yesterday that it was ‘Poppy Day’ back in the UK.

    They just looked at me like I had two heads, lol…

    • dannyfrom504 says:


      And thanks. When I was home last, I saw a friend who’s a medium. She immediately gasped and commented that Paw-Paw passed. Then said, “don’t worry, he’s quite happy.” All I could say was, “yeah, I know.”

    • Mister E says:

      Gosh, I can remember my dad bringing home some of those hand-made poppies that the vets were handing out years ago. Have not seen any of those in years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

      Danny, your Paw-Paw and Maw-Maw are a very good looking couple. May their legacy live on.

  3. Mister E says:

    You know what the saddest thing about being a veteran is? It is when the people you sacrificed for, the future generations, don’t even care anymore what was done on their behalf and they v̶o̶t̶e̶ ̶a̶w̶a̶y̶ throw away their freedoms so carelessly. Just think back to the vets who gave their lives for freedom and democracy during all the wars this country fought; War of Independence from England, Civil War, WWI, WWII, etc… When we vote, do we honor these men who gave their very lives for what they hoped would be a better country? Dare I say it but have we have become like those countries we fought against and won over? If so, then what did we really gain?

    Sorry for the rant there Danny, just wearing my heart on my sleeve. Some of the best men I’ve ever met have been vets from various campaigns. Something about the military experience that changes a person, hopefully for the better. It was a red-pill experience of sorts for me even though I didn’t realize all the changes that it made to my life until years later. Don’t know if you can say the same.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      let me tell you something. a lot of the kids coming in now are going to be taost if the shit hit’s the fan. remember, kids today are brought up to think they are the center of the universe. give them an order, a legit order and they look at you and ask, “why?”.

      5 more months. lol.

    • Mister E says:

      Scary, isn’t it? The world is not the same place is was even ten years ago. Hang in there man.

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