ITLR- Further into the Pussification of the American Male

OUT ladies. GET OUT. i need to talk to the guys.

unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the NFL controversy in miami. icognito has been placed on indefinite suspension, martin is (probably) suing everyone he can and still playing victim. there’s been some stir about this in the sphere. i too was surprised.

surprised it took this long for something like this to happen.

i’ve long complained about how “soft” the nfl was getting. hell, if you simply mess up tom brady’s hair you’ll get 15 and an automatic first down. you get a flag for ANYTHING now. and it really takes away from the intensity of the game. if i were looking at a +$25,000 fine, i’d second guess really laying into a guy. ultimately it takes away a game that was designed to be, well…..brutal.

so martin quit the nfl. THE.N.F.L. as i’m sure anyone who watches knows you just don’t walk into playing in the nfl. you have to get into a decent college program, then play well enough to catch an nfl team’s eye. hell, there’s well known player that used to blog (Kane, looking at you) who played college football. while i’ve never played college or nfl ball, i have played football, and talking shit/busting balls is a big part of the game.

more than part of a game, it’s part of being a MAN.

what REALLY go to me were the commentary leading to, “well, it reflects back to kids being bullied and the inherent bully culture in the US.” KIDS. KIDS are being used as a tangential argument against a GROWN.MAN’S.ACTIONS. whatthefuck ever. i have a question guys, would YOU want martin on YOUR team now?

here, as an active duty male in the military, if you show any signs of being bothered when guys are busting on you, it just gets worse. you get an insult hurled at you, you swing back at them (with an insuly, not your fist dummy. lol). but, there’s been a slow demasculinization of the military, now it’s becoming more and more obvious. all the mandatory sexual assault “stand-down’s”, the overly PC mentality, the “more tolerant and inclusive” atmosphere. i honestly can’t wait to be done with this orginazation.

well, when i came in there was a little ceremony, it’s call “tacking on”. what that is is when you make the next paygrade, guys of that paygrade and above would line up and punch the shit out of your right arm (the arm that your rank is sewn). while it sounds pretty barbaric (and it can be), it’s actually a compliment.

i had just made E4. i was stationed in sicily. went out back to check off my ambulance and out of nowhere i was picked up (fuck you matt) and carried back into the ER. there were about 8-9 guys lined up to give me my medicine. with each punch, i looked at the guy and said, “is that it? fucking pussy.” my arm hurt for 2-3 days after.

you NEVER tack on someone you don’t know or don’t like. so i was proud i got tacked.

well, there’s another “tradition” unique to the navy- “crossing the line”. when a ship crosses the eqautor, they have a day long “ceremony”. and it’s fucking disgusting. well, now it’s been tamed and is a shadow of what it used to be. participation is completely voluntary. but still, the neavy felt the need to make it more “inclusive” and less “demeaning” hell, even the chief’s “initiation” is a joke compared to how it used to be. if i made E7, i wouldn’t even participate. then i wouldn’t be a “chief”, i’d be an “E7”- which is supposed to be a slight within the community.

at my first command, i ended up in EMS. after i completed my check in, my crew chief told me i needed a tour of the weapons stain. i was placed in full c-spine precautions, strapped to the top of the ambulance and driven around the dusty backroads. then i was placed leaning against the fence close to the gate to enter the base with a sign taped to me that said, “boot EMT”. i had countless cars honk at me. then, i was taken back to the annex, hung upside down on the spine board and had a 14 gauge IV started in my hand. and 14 gauge is HUGE, and the hand is the most painful place to have an IV.

i didn’t complain, and i never ratted. and the guys treated me like a member of the tribe.

the navy’s word for these events: hazing. hazing has been prohibited for the past 15 years or so. but what feminists and uber beta’s fail to realize is that these “traditions” serve a purpose. it builds character, morale and unity. the guys “hazing” you have been through it, and once you’re “in”, you’ll be busting on the new guys.

a large part of hazing and being initiated is two-fold. one- it builds “unit cohesion”, two- it’s a rite of passage. if you don’t approve or like the initiation, the culture- fine.

avoid it.

we now live in a society where the majority has to make sacrifices and changes for the few. and you can see that on a multitude of platforms. it’s been going on for a long time (mostly unnoticed or in silence). well now, it doesn’t even try yo hide it’s agenda. i feel bad for the guys that have 8-9 more years left until retirement (they do to), and i feel even WORSE for the guys coming in.

so, no….martin going out like such a pussy doesn’t surprise me in the least. i’ve been watching this going on a while now. and big surprise, the dulfish lost tonight againt a winless bucs. there was a good amount of talk about icognito (a team leader) not being there to rally the guys. and SEVERAL players have came to his defense. he was even called “the alpha male” of the team. sad. just sad. again, if shit hit’s the fane ladies, will there be anyone there to protect you? if not, send a thank you note to the feminists. but i shan’t sink into bitterness because hey….

at least i still have hockey. GO FLYERS!!!!

stay up.

28 Comments on “ITLR- Further into the Pussification of the American Male”

  1. earl says:

    When I was a kid and teenager…I was as skinny as a beanpole so I was a target for bullying (insults and being pushed around) because I was one of the weaker of the bunch. Now I’ll admit it offended me…but I had two options, sulk in misery about it or go to the gym and build some muscle. After 13 years of consistant liftting nobody pushes me around anymore.

    So for me along with rite of passage and cohesion…it was also the fuel for my motivation.

  2. at least i still have hockey. GO FLYERS!!!!

    Poor Danny, they’re not looking too good this year. I can’t even listen to sports radio when the topic comes up because of how big of pussies and politically correct all the Sports Journalists are. One of the points I heard before I could turn it off was “Hazing is bad! Even the military doesn’t allow it!”

  3. Raul says:

    I’m of two minds on the racial thing, that’s a touchy subject and Incognito should’ve at least had enough good god damn sense to not leave that on a voicemail even if Martin took it in jest.

    But what really chaps my ass are the “threats” made to Martin’s family. As if anybody including Martin really believe Incognito was about to head over to kill his family and literally shit in his mouth. Or even better the other dude that threatened to bang his sister. I don’t think I have a single close male friend who’s mother I haven’t made threats to defile and despite being on the other end many a times I’m certain that my mother’s never banged any of my friends. Everybody knows the only rule is she’s got to still be alive for Christ sakes.

  4. Fred Flange, Commissioner, MFL (the mothafuckin football league) says:

    Two thoughts. The first I’m stealing from laidnyc, the other is mine. First: Martin should have used Incognito’s screaming at him, agreed and amplified, then zing back. As in playing back one of the threatening phone messages to his squad, then cooing: “gee I think he likes me! Should I buy him flowers for our warm n fuzzy tickle fight night out?” Might make Incognito madder at first, but the mockery back would tame him, otherwise he’d be the one who’d look like the pussy sorehead.

    Second: hazing of Martin or not, there are indicators Incognito may have a screw loose, which bears watching. See the cell phone video of him shirtless screaming at anything that moved in a bar? Looks more than a little psycho there. All he has to do is thump the wrong guy and he’s (1) suspended (2) arrested (3) fined (4) sued, with the team taking the black eye. Worse if it’s a gal or some old guy punter who gets in his way.

  5. We had a similar tradition in my unit regarding promotion. More than a few of us had to pull our newly pinned ranks from our collarbones (at least it felt that way). Also as a tanker, there was your first railhead. After loading our beasts on train cars, we’d board the lone passanger car and set in for the ride. A few minutes in the “railhead wrestlemania” began. Body slams, choke outs, general tests of strength all around. If it just happened to be your first ever railhead, you were singled out for the special treatment. Mine happened to be getting snatched up by 6 guys and hung from my feet while getting the Kevin Bacon treatment ala Animal House with a bit of 2×4, after which I proudly signed alongside the many other names. Of course my first wash rack consisted of me getting hosed across the lot, but by then I was a full flegded member of the company/disfunctional family that was my unit.
    Kinda miss those bastards sometimes…

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      exactly. some of the absolutely insane/possible illegal/and utterly dangerous crap we did during down town was some of the most fun i’ve ever had while being in. you end up with stories that civilians just could never fathom. but we start drooling in laughter.

      not good time- GREAT times.

      every play kill football? lol.

    • Unfortunately no… But whatever sport we played, got damn near klingon in intensity. Battle cries and concussions for everybody. Hell. It wasn’t even a game till someone got knocked out. That pretty much turned it up to 11.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        kill football is great. brutal, but great. if you have the ball, the entire squad has to take it from you. the longer you’re able to hold on to the ball, the badder you are.

  6. ARoss says:

    the funniest part of the pussification of football is this: Crying because he wasn’t drafted early enough.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      good. he doesn’t deserve to play.

      ever notice it’s mostly 4-5 round picks that become the beasts. know why, those kids a re fucking hungry. they have something to prove. 1-2 rounds are pampered douches that think they DESERVE to play.

    • ARoss says:

      Our only bright spot in the Tampa game was a 7th rounder Rishard Mathews from Nevada.

  7. ARoss says:

    The Dolphins/bucs game was harder for me to watch than the 1-15 season in 07. I’ve been watching the Dolphins since I was 5 months old.

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    • russeh says:

      Sadly, rites of initiation are on their way out, increasingly punished in the military. I’m glad I made rank when I did, as “hazing” was an important part of being in a combat unit. Getting my stripes, and most of all my combat badge, pinned on me by peers and leaders were among the proudest moments of my life. I had to get through an NCO “gauntlet” to reach my platoon sergeant, just to have him smack me around, shake my hand and pin my shit on. I got kicked so hard in the stomach I had to crawl out. My buddies liked me, so they chose to avoid my face and balls. That’s love right there. It sucks getting metal pounded into your pec till the pins snap off, but at the end of the day, you get to turn to the biggest guy in the platoon and tell him
      “Your boyfriend was right, you hit like a bitch”.

      It’s sad, because I think this slide toward soft has been going on a long time. There is a saying about how Salty old NCOs constantly state that their respective branch of the military is getting soft, and they’ve been saying that since there has been a military. This time, though, I think they are right. Outliers notwithstanding, compared to those who came before us (myself included), the 2004-2013 crop of cherries were corn-syrup sweet. It is primarily an effect of state-enforced pussification in the schools. We came of age in a comfortable, heated aquarium, only to find out the real world is cold and unforgiving as hell. No-one is there to give you a warm blanket when you’ve got the sniffles. If you can’t hack it, you will fucking die. Everyone in your tribe wants to see you hack it. It is love shown by your brothers. It’s why we train, and it’s why we test each other’s mettle. One of the last traditionally masculine segments of our increasingly anemic society is being castrated from within.

      Rome is burning, and soon there will be no-one left who knows how to put out a fire.

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  10. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Ah I remember being a pollywog. However, I do not remember the next port of call. At all.

    I liked Bill Gates point that, “This in no way resembles real life when you get there.”

    Hazing? We called it “knowing who to trust with your life.”

    The Navy Corpsman

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