Daily Game

i’ve always been a huge fan of charming women i have no sexual interest in. this makes your interactions with women you’re attracted to more natural and you’re less likely to be nervous. so, maybe you’re asking yourself, “golly gee willickers Danny. what do you tell these women?”

well, that all depends. let take today. i stopped in for beer, pumpkin spice to make my mom’s bomb as all fuck baked apples (we’re getting a cold front tonight), and pad thai sauce (long story). the cashier asked me how i was doing? i didn’t even look at her as i fumbled for my card and replied-

“living the dream allison, living.THE.DREAM.”

the delivery is what sells it as i tell her this in the most unenthusiastic voice you could imagine. both girls smiled and the bagging girl laughed a little. as she announced the price i replied.

“yeeeeah $24.16. i love the number 16. it rarely gets the credit it deserves.”

again, both women are smiling from ear to ear. there was even a slight blushing and the girls were avoiding eye contact and had their heads tilted slightly. all signs of tingles. as i took my bags the bagger told me to have a good day. i responded-

“you have a BETTER day jessica.”

again, she was smiling uncontrollably.

some guys like to pigeon hole game as a means to simply get laid. i think that’s looking at it from a pretty narrow prism. to me, game is about presenting a personality that people are drawn to. being able to be a man that stands out to women. those girls WILL remember me. i didn’t say anything sexual, didn’t compliment them, didn’t AMOG- i was just being silly.

women LOVE silliness in guys.

the takeaway is that you get to practice game without fear of rejection since you aren’t really looking to impress the girl. you’re just having fun.

but i know, i know: what if you ARE interested in her. you do exactly what i describe above. when she smiles compliment her on her smile. if she laughs, compliment her laugh. make a comment how her dude is lucky to see that smile so often. if she admits to having a dude, just drop it. if she admits to not having a dude. well, you have several options. my go-to is-

“well well well, are we taking applications? i think there’s a position i could fill.” if she jumps right to the sexual with you’re using “position”, look at her and say, “uuum, you know. i was thinking i could temp as your dude until i discover if i want the position full-time. where’s your mind at yah freak?”

playful, slightly sexual, neg. all the bases are covered. as you’re saying this you should be handing her your phone to get her number.

to be honest, i have more than one response but i think this is the best one. if there are enough inquiries, i’ll post more responses to women. but this should be good enough to get you started. the more you do this, the quicker you kill approach anxiety.

stay up.

20 Comments on “Daily Game”

  1. earl says:

    How about examples of playing off something they are wearing? I often do this with earrings, necklaces…there was even a gal who works at the pub I frequent wearing a headband with a bow. I mean she just set that one up easy for me to knock it down.

  2. Daryl says:

    Good Stuff Danny

  3. Totally OT, but I had to make sure you saw this (ya ol’ salt): Bud pipes ashore I’m assuming my typing makes sense, because I’m having a little trouble seeing the screen just now…

  4. Fred Flange, Commissioner, MFL (the mothafuckin football league) says:

    This this this and this. When I mastered this rule some years back (without knowing I’d done it) vistas opened to me. Of course now I know why it’s so useful. Wasn’t it Roosh or maybe Private Man who said talk to 10 women a day, no matter who, just to get used to doing it without any intent at follow-through? Which builds the confidence you need to stop pedestalizing and start properly opening with outcome independence.

  5. Patrick says:


  6. Fred Flange, Commissioner, MFL (the mothafuckin football league) says:

    Yes it is fun – that’s how I learned it without knowing I was learning it. It got results, still does, and I’m not even thinking about it anymore when I do it now.

  7. anthropomorphicpersonnification says:

    Hey Danny, I have been reading your blog for a while now, but this is my first comment. You are one of my favorite Manosphere blogs. I would like to hear “more responses to women”.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      living the dream is my go-to.

      i also use, “you know, living that gangsta life. or trying to maintain my thug appeal. but i say it in a meekish voice.

      they’re pretty much canned phrases that i’ve been using so long that it’s internalized.

      a lot of it is ad-lib though based on what she says to me.

      i’ll compliment a girls dress then ask her, “so who shot those curtains for you?” she’ll slap my arm lightly.

      if she changes her hair (especially if she cuts it short) i’ll tell her, “good news is now you can qualify for AARP.”

      either i’ll neg her, or i’ll make a comment about myself that i KNOW she’s never heard before, or she doesn’t hear often. if she asks how you’re doing don’t just say “fine”. stand out. make yourself memorable.

  8. Seraph says:

    Here’s one I sometimes do for laughs. It’s more fun with elderly women.

    Almost all the cashiers in places now ask you for your phone number for some sort of marketing bullshit.

    When they ask for your number, look at them with an appropriate expression for one of the following responses:

    “Woah, easy! I hardly know you.”

    “I’m flattered, really, but I’m taken.”

    “Are you usually this forward?”

    You’ll usually get a double-take, then a laugh.

  9. Richard Cranium says:

    This is the shit I need to remember more. Just so used to the “old” routine of just going in a store, paying for my stuff, minimal to no interaction and leaving that I tend to forget. Plus I flirt about as well as I do brain surgery. lulz.

  10. Faust says:

    How do you bake an apple?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Core it. Leave the bottom in tact. Widen the cored hole slightly. Pack hole with butter and pumpkin spice. Bake at 325 until butter had melted. Remove and pack again. Bake until butter has melted. Remove from oven.

      Let sit for 10-15 minutes.


  11. JQ Public says:

    I practice my pick up/attraction schtick on all women, old, young, fat, ugly, beautiful. Doesn’t matter what they look like. Now that I have done it enough I no longer look like a spaz when I chat up a hotter girl that crosses my path.

  12. […] i’ve always been a huge fan of charming women i have no sexual interest in. this makes your interactions with women you’re attracted to more natural and you’re less likely to be nervous. so, maybe you’re asking yourself, “golly gee willickers Danny.  […]

  13. Tom H says:

    My favorite flirt is to surprise a cashier lady with a big freakin’ smile when I leave. It’s so funny when their tongues start twisting when they try to say good bye with their eyes all bright and their faces glowing. Tingles It’s hard for even older, experienced women to defend against subtle flirting like smiles. Stay positive.

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