Social Media Game

if you’d like to learn how to use game in a practical manner. it can help by simply using twitter or facebook. i offer you an assignment. go to my twitter account, check out who i’m following. most of them are female porn stars. say what you want, but the way i see it, if they’re going to take the time to post pics of themselves naked, i’m going to take the time to check them out.

but, the true gem of following them is watching how the guys following them treat them. i’m talking complete white knight omega douchery. i get the worst douche chills reading some of their tweets to these girls.

and get this; some of these girls link their amazon “wish lists” so guys can buy them shit. seriously. i can’t make this shit up. i read some of the replies to these girls tweets and i cringe.

however, you can learn how NOT to treat women by watching other guys and doing the opposite. read it, internalize it, and apply.

same with Facebook. long before i nuked my account, i was fb friends with the girl who was in playboy. cool girl, she really was. well, like most women, she’d frequently post pictures of herself.

with each new picture, the white-knights would line up and shower her with compliments. and she’d NEVER reply back. never. well one day she posted a picture and within 5 minutes she had close to 10 compliments. ALL.GUYS. i decided to have a little fun and posted the following comment.

“track suit. really? c’mon girl, you’re better than this.”

within 5 minutes she commented back, “HEY!!! it was chilly that night.” i didn’t reframe. i replied about 10 minutes later with, “whatever you gotta tell yourself baby.” well, not surprisingly, the white knights commented how crazy i was and reassured her how beautiful she is. do you think she replied to those guys?


i’d post a picture of her, but i KNOW she wouldn’t approve. so, i’ll text her pic to LaidNYC and Trouble.Maker. they’ll verify how slamming the girl is.

hell i even came onto a female reader/blogger back when i first started blogging. she’s a cutie that goes to UCLA, she even said she’d drop by and comment. OOOOOOOH. i brangs the drama and fun. she’s a good egg.

stay up.

17 Comments on “Social Media Game”

  1. earl says:

    You are so hot, cute, and oh so purty…will you marry me.

    Repeat that line X 100.

  2. Confirmed. She’s a bombshell. Great smile and amazing legs.

    Sadly, the only pic I received was fully clothed.

  3. I’m still heartbroken you don’t have Facebook, you heartbreaker.

  4. Double confirmed. She’s horny, too.

  5. laidnyc says:

    Yes. I got the pic. She is as hot as claimed.

  6. resrieg says:

    As the UCLA blogger mentioned by Danny, I can definitely attest to the effectiveness of his methods. Showering a girl you hardly know with compliments will do wonders for her ego, but will also severely lower your chances with her. Danny was complimentary, but also forward and funny, which just made him come across as confident.

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