ITLR- Do Not Fuck With Us

during my talk with Aurini we got into discussing the Sphere. i stated that one of the things about the ABC drama that i thought was most interesting was that most of us know each other. or, at least in a sense, we’re never more than one blogger away from speaking to another writer. so for them to try and paint us out as fringe is stupid. most of us know each other IRL.

but, there’s also some division. God know’s i’ve had disagreements with more than one blogger. and it’s absolute truth that there’s more than one writer that probably REALLY dislikes me, that won’t speak to me- and that’s fine. but, as i told Aurini, the great thing about this corner of the net is that (by and large) we do support the cause. as i told him-

“i’m more about the message than the individual.”

and i mean that. i told him that we really need to have more solidarity in the community; since ultimately the MSM will exploit our divisiveness. i think what the MSM will ultimate realize (and i think it’s apparent we’ll hear from them again) is that we aren’t fringe. we aren’t chest thumping “chain her up in the kitchen” men. we adore women. we LOVE the women in our lives.

but we also see the attack on our gender. and all we’re doing is opening the eyes of men that are waking up to the fact that they’re in hostile waters. whether a man is more interested in PUA, MRA or MGTOW is up to them. there are many voices offering a different perspective on issues that have been ignored or glossed over.

there is a storm coming. and i really hope we can put our differences aside and remember WHY we’re doing this. as an open blogger, i’m more at risk than most of you. and to the feminist lurkers- please realize: ABC got OWNED. don’t fuck with us.

stay up.

41 Comments on “ITLR- Do Not Fuck With Us”

  1. Spawny Get says:

    Consider me signed up.

    I’ve happily / interestedly read your stuff for years under various names, your direct interests are not mine, but I’m with you.

    Not interested about arguing over the colour of our uniforms while the enemy is trying to overrun our trenches.

  2. MMA says:

    I may have a daily setback, but I (need to) remember that every day, my value as a man increases.

    I may well end up in that self-built trailer in Texas, a few parcels over from Danny. But my shit will be squared away and my honor intact.

  3. Spacetraveller says:

    Amen, Brother Danny, Amen.

    We are here in solidarity because we all realise that certain sections of society are being trampled under (
    We see this is unjust, and we do our best to correct the issue or adjust to the situation as best we can.

    But we stand united to face the onslaught together until the problem has been cleared.
    From whichever angle we arrive at the problem from.

    Consider me ‘in’ Maestro.
    I will NEVER see the family laws as right or just as they stand, even though I am a woman, and they are supposed to ‘benefit’ me.
    ‘Benefit’? How exactly?

    No answer required, for I don’t want to know.

    When the storm passes, you and I, Brother Danny, will still be standing. Along with all who also stand up for what is right.

    I may not agree with ALL that the Manosphere stands for, but I certainly recognise that it is better than the mainstream when it comes to the SMP issues going on…

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      And you my Dear are the very women I praise and admire. That gives me hope about the state of women.

      Our red-pill women don’t get enough praise. I forgot to mention you ladies in the post. Notice how feminist site NEVER mention the female Sphere bloggers.

      It shows just how disingenuous their vitriol is.

    • Spacetraveller says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Danny, but I daresay we don’t look for praise.
      It is disgusting what is happening to many men and the poison that is leaking into society.
      How can we ask for praise just for preferring what is good and right, and speaking out against what is evil?

      But thank you anyway. It is appreciated.
      Kisses to Brody 🙂

    • TempestTcup says:


      “We are here in solidarity because we all realise that certain sections of society are being trampled under (”

      I’m manosphere/red pill/anti-feminist because I love my husband and I want what’s best for him. Team Woman is Anti Male by definition.

      “Notice how feminist site NEVER mention the female Sphere bloggers. ”

      We go against their agenda. It’s like how they rarely mention certain characteristics of the “teens” that “randomly” mass attack “polar bears”.

    • Spacetraveller says:


      “Team Woman is Anti Male by definition.”

      Interesting! But I wonder, is this a natural phenomenon or is it a learned response by women who have been repeatedly burned by men?

      Surely it cannot be a natural instinct in women, to hate men. Given that (in a primordial way), women ‘s survival rests on men. So what I am saying is that, if Team Woman is anti-male, it must be a cultural thing and not part of female nature.

      Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

    • What is more praiseworthy than a disinterest in being praised?

    • TempestTcup says:


      But I wonder, is this a natural phenomenon or is it a learned response by women who have been repeatedly burned by men?

      I think that if women are repeatedly burned by men (pump & dump?) it might be because they have a covert contract with the guy where if they have sex with him he will be their boyfriend. The guy has no clue about it and might not go along with it anyway. So, it ends up being the guy’s fault for not keeping up his end of the contract he didn’t sign. To get over the hurt of the P&D, the women decide that they didn’t want him anyway; they were just using HIM for sex. Yeah! Big Strong Powerful Woman!!!! Fuck all men!!!

      Wow, did I just psychoanalyze the slut mindset? LOL!

  4. MMA says:


    We go antelope and elk hunting in he fall as well.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’d LOVE to bag an elk. too bad i don’t have a 30-06 or bigger. i’m assuming i’d need a .308 to bigger.

      but dropping it with a bow would be SOOOOOOO much more epic. now i have incentive to bring the bow to range more the i have been. i’m such a slacker.

    • The Navy Corpsman says:

      You can use a .270 to bag an elk, but you better be damned good with bullet placement, as well as use a well-expanding bullet. I knew a guy that hunted with a .257 Roberts cartridge, but he had naturally better than perfect vision. 500 yard shots for him, were as normal as 150 yards for me.

      Nowadays I just stick ’em with my boi d’ arc and a 125 grain broadhead.

  5. Emma the Emo says:

    Does it mean I have to be nice to people who are kind of stupid and malicious? (it’s not anyone you know, probably, so no one here has to think I’m talking about them). It seems wrong to tolerate those two things. One, because it’s wrong to rob people of consequences of their words (that means honest, firm feedback). Two, because if a lie goes uncorrected, it will go on.
    Of course, I would defend their right to say all those things, if they are ever attacked by anti-free speech morons and other dangerous evil people. No MSM will turn me against someone just because they were “mean”, or stupid, and make me cheer when they are arrested, put in danger through doxxing or similar. But until then, screw niceties where they are unearned. I tried that, but won’t continue.

  6. The Manosphere will likely re-form a loose organizational element to it. Regardless, nailing us down is like nailing down smoke. We’re simply too diffuse and mostly anonymous.

  7. I’m picturing Danny as a mini Tyler Durden

  8. earl says:

    A big thing that separates men from women is…men can disagree with each other about things but still have mutual respect for one another. You even see it sometimes after fist fights

    Women disagree with one another on something, hold grudges, and never talk to each other again.

    We don’t want to be like that.

    • thebastardson says:

      For sure. In fair fights you see the respect much more. “I’m not going to stab you over this, but I’m going to show you where I stand by showing you how hard I can hit.”

      You rarely see a fight where someone just wants to win. Even the loser often walks away with his head held high.

    • Tin Man says:

      Hell Earl – we can have fist fights, kick the crap out of each other and then, decide it didn’t really matter and have a beer. Even girly men can do that – it’s just a different mechanism within us. And most of us have such short memories about “being slighted” that even if we hold a grudge for a time, we sometimes can’t remember why.

    • earl says:

      Since we have a Fight Club trend.

  9. Greg says:

    I don’t watch TV. Could you tell me how ABC got owned?

  10. Greg says:

    I think I’m going to have to look that up online and watch it…

    • Greg says:

      “anti woman hate” right in the middle of the url. Kinda says everything one needs to know right there about their bias.

      That’s the thing that blows me away about the manosphere and about feminism in general. Feminists hate men. They also hate women. Because they hate themselves and project that out onto everyone and everything. Men (of the blue pill variety, which I think is most of us early on) are taught to think like that; Feminism is dominant in the schools and men grow up being taught hatred as a value and internalized hatred as normal.

      Then along comes the manosphere and its message (I think it’s the primary message, even if getting laid is the outward result and the conversation)… the manosphere’s message is love. Which is backwards from everything we’ve been taught since we were kids. Men are bad and hate and destroy; women are good and love and nurture. But that message doesn’t hold up in the real world because Feminists hate everyone and everything. Red Pill Men (and Women) are now learning a different message: start with yourself. Learn who you are, good and bad, strengths and weaknesses, and build yourself into a better person. Not a person with a better front; a better person on the inside. Even if that just means being tolerant with yourself for doing it wrong. Because that’s where everything begins from.

      Feminists hate themselves and project that hatred out. The Manosphere teaches to show love to yourself and then project that love out.

      Isn’t this an old-world message? Love thy neighbor? It appears to work. We keep calling it game, but we could call it any number of things, including love-thy-enemy. Heck Danny made a fine point in that with being kind and respectful to old feminists. Say Ma’am: they lose.

      But it all starts with yourself, internally. Which is why we’ve been losing for decades. It’s time to stop listening to the message of feminist hatred and start listening to some old fashioned love.

    • Spawny Get says:


      A few weeks (iirc) of the show segment being binned had the hatchet faced bitch who interviewed Paul Elam checking into rehab. Maybe connected, maybe not. But he gave no shit about her cunty facial expressions and provocative tone throughout. Good for him, that’s what we need to do; stop giving a crap about what men hating women think about men.

      Until women care about men, we just need to mirror their attitude to us right back at them. It’s a cold world for women when men stop giving a shit about them. The sooner they snap out of this attitude the sooner the world will be for all humanity.

      And I am already damnsure that NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That), but a voting majority are.

  11. Tin Man says:

    I think the bigger question is…does the umbrella “Manosphere” need to have an agenda – I think the MRA guys do – but most of what is discussed really revolves around being a better Man – which is why the MS is this loose confederation – it’s not a movement, it’s just guys meeting and talking around a virtual campfire.

    I’m glad I found this corner of the web. When I first started reading the books and blogs, the statement that I used to describe myself was being a “Lion that convinced himself he was a mouse”. And it was only after reading up, getting some level of understanding, de-programming myself (still in progress), and really “wanting” to feel like a Man again, did it all start to click into place.

    There are lots of good blogs – with slightly different messages, presented in a variety of ways, that continue to make this both entertaining and enlightening. Huge thank you to more well known voices – it’s been a fun ride for the past year, and I expect it to continue to be fun.

    Live, Learn, Lead.

  12. Random Angeleno says:

    One of my big lessons at work:
    There was a co-worker in a different department who had a critical role working with us. We had real nasty arguments on the phone or in person every few months, yet a day or two later, we’d run into each other at the lunch truck and it was always “hey, how are ya? did ya catch the game last night?” and we might talk about the local sports teams or other topics as if we had never argued. Just good friends having a chat. In other words, it was never personal with us. A female co-worker who worked with both of us just never understood that dynamic, she ended up not being able to stand that guy or understand why I was still friendly with him. But I found very quickly I could never have that kind of fight with a female co-worker and expect her to move on past it.

  13. For some reason, this seems very appropriate.

    (It’s also the first time I’ve tried putting a youtube link in here, so… yeah. We’ll see if it works.)

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