My Interview with Aurini

i had the pleasure of being interviewed by “Stares at the World” host D. Aurini. we had a really long talk, and talking with Dave made me feel like i should be wearing a monocle whist extending my pinky and sipping tea.

yeah, he’s that fancy.

and i was again reminded of how much i hate my voice. someone please gut me like a fish and set me on fire.

since this is a relatively short post, i thought i’d take away another few minutes of your life that you can’t get back. with that in mind, it’s time for some…


i was pretty disappointed with francis fir. i think maybe it had sat out too long and the scent lost its potency. so i decided to roll with Redwood. it’s not bad, but i doesn’t make me feel particularly pretty. and that’s really all i need. someone hold me.

insert something witty….here.

insert something witty….here.

and now, our sponsor. discussing an issue i often cover on this site.

stay up FABULOUS!!!!!

and i’m still waiting for some more stories about you guys Fed-Ex’ing

[edit- with all kennedy stuff being mentioned, i thought i’d take a different approach.

16 Comments on “My Interview with Aurini”

  1. Stingray says:

    Excellent, excellent interview.

  2. Danny your voice doesn’t line up with your face at all. Love it.

  3. Loving the old school core you keep posting man. BTW… I’m going to listen to the whole interview. But shit… it’s damn long!

  4. beta_plus says:

    Why abandon medical completely? Definitely think welding is a great idea, but why give up medical? It would seem like a great one two revenue generating position to be in. Is there something about medical that I don’t know?

  5. beta_plus says:

    No one can sound like Aurini, but your recorded voice sounds pretty good – certainly better than mine. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  6. jg1 says:

    It was a good interview Danny. Even mid 40s guys like me learn a lot from dudes like you. I agree with you about the Californification of Texas. Looks like Texas is going the way of Colorado.The way things are headed, I would not step into Texas either. Keep up the good work.

  7. The Mistress says:

    Finally got around to listening to the entirety of this. That is probably the most amusing podcast I have heard of Aurini’s thus far.
    Love you, big brother!

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