Pesto Cream Sauce

Tracy’s must love pasta because she’s always posting pasta sauces. or maybe I like the sauces more since i always link them. i think this will be the last installment of linking the Little Sis. but this is her most recent post.

this dish screams for some shrimp or a sliced grilled chicken breast for some protein.

as her swan song, i’ll also include her recipce for panko breaded chicken . i like this because it’s a great foundation for a few dishes. cover with mariara, top with mozzarella cheese, then it put under the broiler for 7-10 minutes and you have chicken parm.

it can also double as chicken (it’s usually made with pork cutlet). for more recipes, her site is listed in my “blog ho” roll.

i’m actually VERY surprised baby sis became the cook she is. this girl was the most finicky eat on the planet. mom always had a tupperware bowl of elbow macaroni with kraft squeeze margarin. or as tracy called them “butter noodles”.

next week i’ll be taking the helm with the food porn. to be continued…

stay up.

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