Talking ’bout the Y

one of my teeny guilty pleasures has been reading “girls being girls” late at night at work. it’s a great big estrogen fest. one of the conversations was about the girls’ preference for facial hair.

well, i decided to discuss with the fellah’s their preferences for a woman’s hair. but i’m talking the hair “down there.” lol. let’s discuss a few examples.

the triangle. aaaah yes. can’t beat the classics. this one is personally my favorite. for me, i need to have some hair down there.

the landing strip. not too much, but there’s JUUUUUUST enough. i knew a girl that called it “clitler”. haha.

wood floor. this one seems popular with younger women (late teens) and my guess is because it’s such an exhibitionist thing. it screams for attention. personally, looks like a dead baby bird. besides, pubic and pit hair produce pheromones, you know “sex chemical”.

designs. you know any sort of novelty trim. sure sign of a slut. she WANTS to show that shit off. that or she’s just experimenting.

70’s porn star. run. if she’s not even willing to keep it trim down there, her life is in the shitter. hell, even a meth head chick is gonna keep her money maker looking good.

so, if you’ve played the panty game with her, you should have an idea of what kind of woman you’re dealing with. so once you’ve found out what color panties she’s wearing. ask her if she shaves. this is a “yes” for most women. usually, you’ll be dealing with “triangle” or the “landing strip”. if she’s rocking a “wood floor”, tell her you don’t believe it, then tell her to prove it.

if you’re in a public place and she’s blushing and giggling. tell her to prove it when you’re someplace private. in my experience, that’s usually been once we get in the car. lol.

have fun, and happy hunting.

stay up.

26 Comments on “Talking ’bout the Y”

  1. Greg says:

    My experience with the “wood floor” has been that they’re easy but not that much fun. Almost desparate to get laid. The triangle is my fave for sure. You missed one though: the low-rider. Clean up top and trimmed down below. For girls who like wearing very low cut jeans and whatnot.

    I talked a gf into this way back to avoid stubble-burn on entry. I’ve seen a few others as it appears to be fast and easy maintenance.

  2. Aurini says:

    Give me the wood floor anyday.

  3. Variety’s the spice of life. So long as I’m not getting lost in the jungle, I’m good. Had a woman once explain to me the benefit to her of shaving it bare, and I have to admit, she had a point.

    By then, of course, so did I.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      let me be specific. hair above the upper crusable of the clit (I AM THE CLIT COMMANDER!!! sorry) is fine. i don’t like it along the outter vestigases of the taco.

    • This came across the feeds this morning, a very silly discussion of the issue from The Stir.

    • …aaaaand word from that other outpost of cutting-edge modern anthropology, The Frisky. Oddly, the article is mostly making fun of the fact that anyone cares enough to make a big deal of it. Odd because you’d think they’d be the ones guilty of giving a rip – uh, waxing eloquent – erm, spreading the… well damn, this is hard to do without puns. I figured The Frisky would have Cosmo-level reporting on the subject, but instead they seem mostly amused.

      Word is, just over 1/2 of respondents said they didn’t do a dang thing about hedge-trimming (to the relief of crabs everywhere). While that may not have mattered much in days past, when dude was happy to have scored at all, in the era of Sex And The City, a man’s opinion actually makes a difference, at least in the long run. So we’ll see. What gets rewarded gets repeated, and vice versa.

  4. Mister E says:

    Hackin’ up a hairball = mood killer

    You forgot the Rapunzel, so long it’s braided. Ever been to Germany? You will appreciate a girl that aggressively trims.

  5. The merkin is biding its time for a comeback

  6. sunshinemary says:

    What, no love for the Vajazzle?

    OK, sorry, I seem to have stumbled into the wrong locker room here, I’ll take my leave now. 🙂

  7. Richard Cranium says:

    Never understood the obsession with the hardwood floors I always thought a little bush was sexy. My boy is 44 and was banging a 24 year old and he asked her to grow some bush out he said he felt slightly pedo with her bald eagle situation.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i will literally call her vagina “the jon bonet ramsey” if she shaves it bare. she wants to go pedo, bring it full throttle perv pedo. that’ll make her put some hair on that bitch.

    • Richard Cranium says:

      Forgot to add that when I first got with my ex (Asian in her 40’s) I was pleased at the nicely trimmed bush she was sporting. She said you like it? I said mmm hmm and ate it like it was the Last Supper.

  8. RojoC says:

    I view a little hair down there the way I view putting a sprig of parsley or other garnish on the side of the plate for presentation. It looks better that way. Being in my early 20s, I’m probably against the grain (no pun intended) for my like of bush. Most my age probably like the bare floor.

    I also love how with some ladies, the color of the hair down there matches their hair color. It’s a natural beautiful thing.

  9. Emma says:

    The hair down there doesn’t necessarily match a lady’s hair colour … it matches eyebrow colour (often time they are all the same).

  10. aneroidocean says:

    I like sliding around on clean wood floors although I don’t mind if it’s not completely cleaned up, that is what I prefer. I of course return the favor to at least trim it and smooth balls from time to time. then again many guys think it’s weird that I Buzz my armpits (you stay fresher longer and deoderant lasts longer too) but what the Fuck ever.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “I like sliding around on clean wood floors although I don’t mind if it’s not completely cleaned up.”

      fucking rookie.

      i read an article where a porn director said he actually preferred more female pubic hair IRL since he saw wood floor all the time at work. i’d LOVE to have that problem.

      maybe our resident porn star will chime in with some insight.

      On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 6:32 AM, dannyfrom504

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