A Tale of Two Men

there’s a guy i know. here take a look at him.


not a bad looking cat right. i know him VERY well. he’s a younger dude, and he does pretty well for a guy his age. i’ve seen a few of the women he’s closed and i can honestly say they’re all solid 8’s. but kid’s still got a lot to learn. he really hasn’t internalized game/red pill. he still goes into beta-slides and will occasionally white-knight. YET, i think most guys would love to have his success rate.

but, he’s in his early 20’s. he’s in the time of his life when a man needs to take his lumps in the SMP. i have no doubt that once it’s internalized he’ll be a ninja. and, i’ve seen women open him casually. too bad most of the time he doesn’t realize he’s been opened. a woman MIGHT be willing to give subtle “come talk to me boy” extended glances and smiles. but….ultimately they’re only going to go so far. eventually you need to realize what she doing, sack up, and go say hello.

And we all know this handsome devil.

not a handsome man

not a handsome man

you’ve read the site, you know i do pretty well with women DESPITE how i look. i’m MUCH better with women than that kid in the top picture. i recognize IOI’s within seconds, i escalate playfully, and i number close 8 out of the 10 women i open (i only get women’s numbers who are single). so remember this.


even at almost 40 years old, with my looks (as evidenced by the picture of me at the top of the post), i do MUCH better than i did when i was 20. lol. that was taken one month before i went to boot camp, almost 20 years ago. and with that, take it away clint-

so forget oreo’s eat 504 cookies I’M BAD!!!!!

stay up.

26 Comments on “A Tale of Two Men”

  1. Mister E says:

    If only wisdom would come sooner in our lives. Dare I say it, wisdom is discovered where folly has abound. Some learn quicker than others, some lessons are harder to learn, and then, some never learn.

  2. M3 says:

    OMG what happened? Like leaving a wax sculpture near an open flame!


    It’s amazing what a night and day transformation just a little red pill wisdom and some game can do to a guy’s SMV and ability to interact with women. It breeds confidence, which is ultimately what makes the ladies swoon and croon.

    Someone should secretly go out and purchase a couple hundred copies of Rollo’s new book and seed the libraries of high schools so that guy’s start learning this as soon as they begin navigating the SMP. We simply can’t leave it in the hands of th current feminized authorities and browbeat beta male fathers to teach their sons how to ‘sack up’ as it were.

    Do people even use libraries anymore? Have i just shown my age?

  3. andyw says:

    Your dead right about patrice. The guy saved my marriage even from the grave. His wisdom is not only for single guys painting the town red, its for ALL men in general. His black philip show preached about carrying yourself strong and putting yourself first. When done with conviction & rightousness those around you will reap the benifits as well. I wish he would have wrote a book.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “When a woman knows you’ll righteously leave, she’ll righteously stay.”

      That was the most profound thing I had ever heard from him. It’s simple and it’s game dogma.

    • Tin Man says:

      I guess someone could write a book based upon the concepts/precepts of his stuff – sorta like “the wisdom of patrice oneil” type of thing – or Game Theory based upon the wisdom of … that type of thing. Don’t know what the copyright gods would thing about that – but it could be done.

  4. Tin Man says:

    I’m only saying this half jokingly….I understand the first guy, cause that is (was) me – I have a picture that was taken about 20 years ago, shows a very happy guy, slim, bearded (before there was more salt than pepper in the ol beard). He did pretty well, for a complete betatized male and journeyman white knight.

    BUT…I didn’t and still don’t recognize IOIs very well. My (x)wife used to say things like “that girl was flirting with you” or “thanks for flirting in front of me” — or some such shit. I just thought they were being nice and I was just being nice back – I really am/was clueless about this area of “seduction” — too bad we can’t hang out and you could school me. It would be fun I’m sure to watch you in action.

    I’m getting better at the whole opening thing – but really, I think I’ve got a gene missing or something about the whole recognition thing.

  5. Aurini says:

    Game is nothing but a right-wing conspiracy!

  6. ARoss says:

    I really can’t thank you Danny, M3, Aurini and Aaron enough. I’ve learned how to be more balanced emotionally and not be eager to show off my beta qualifications when it comes to interacting with women. Hell the only thing that makes me mad anymore is the Dolphins. Also I found out how awesome southern food is had Jambalaya yesterday and Gumbo today my god I can only imagine how the authentic versions of those dishes taste.

  7. ARoss says:

    whatcha got cookin?

  8. ARoss says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm food porn

  9. Random Angeleno says:

    What are the best resources for learning about IOI’s?
    I know a few more obvious ones that I’ve picked up on, but some signals are more subtle than others and I’m probably missing those too often.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the understanding of body language comes into play here. eye contact is a big one. a lingering smile is the next. if you get those 2, proceed. you may get shut out, but that’s ok. you made a move. you +10

      On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 1:18 AM, dannyfrom504

  10. Richard Cranium says:

    I’d certainly like to think I’m a better man and more aware at 46 than the beta nice guy I was at 23. Hasn’t been an easy journey and I still deal with some of the angry bitterness from mistakes in the past.

    One big lesson leaned is that taking the “red pill” applies to life in general not just dating. You see the world for how it really is rather than the lie you’ve been told to believe. That’s why the Matrix is such a strong analogy and so relevant in the discussions in the ‘spere.

    It’s like a dose of medicine when you’re really sick. Bitter to swallow at first but in the long run it makes you better.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “One big lesson leaned is that taking the “red pill” applies to life in general not just dating.”

      yes. you my friend have seen the light. good on you.

      On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 8:55 AM, dannyfrom504

    • Tin Man says:

      I live with two struggles….

      1. Those moments of “anger and bitterness” — I try not to stay in those moments too much anymore, but about a year or so ago, they were there almost all the time. And I was angry for about 5 years there (at my wife, my kids, my work, my life in general) – but mostly because I was trying to live in this crazy world with with a bad set of rules and expectations.

      2. Beta-slippage — slipping back into behaviors that I know don’t work, but is expected from those around me – almost like a recovering addict that has fucked up all his life, and those in his life still expect him to be “that” person, so he slips back into, more to relieve the pressure of doing something different.

      It’s a tough, bitter pill to swallow. But hey, no one said it was going to be easy.

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