The Ring

back in 2007 my Maw-Maw (dad’s mom) gave me her engagement ring. i was really “meh” about it. it’s a nice ring, it really is. but since i’ve got my eyes WIDE open as to the danger’s i face with marriage and my unwillingness to place myself at the guillotine known as the family court system, i won’t be getting married.

i’m selling the ring.

had a jeweler tell me she’d give me $1000 for the ring. i have all the paper work from when the ring was bought. it was purchased for $7700, but i’ll only get $1000 for it. that right there tells me the sham that is “the engagement ring”. when i first came in to the military one of my LPO’s told me about how he bought and engagement ring for $1200. he broke off the engagement and tried to sell the ring to a pawn shop who offered him $250 for it.

even though i was still pretty naive, that really was an eyeopener for me. i never really considered marriage. i was still too green to jump into something like that. i saw a few people that got married during my 3 months of corpsman training in san diego who were already getting divorced so i was pretty leery of the whole matter. i never understood why so many military couples get married because on of them was being reassigned. basically, they get married because they didn’t want to break up.

i might have been green but i wasn’t THAT fucking stupid.

well 2 of the junior guys in my department have serious girlfriends. i asked one of them if he’d be interested in buying it. first thing he asked was, “is it rectangular?” i told him no and he immediately backpedaled with, “yeah, no, she’s pretty specific that it has to be rectangular.” i looked at him blankly and said-

“dude, within 3-4 years of getting married she’s gonna dump you.”

even though i HIGHLY DOUBT i’ll ever be getting married, that i have no desire to get married, i can tell you this; she’ll get whatever damned ring i pick out. if she doesn’t like it, she can go piss up a flagpole. maybe i’m just an asshole for assuming it was about the willingness to commit. the ring is just a symbol and she should actually feel privileged and (dare i say it) honored that i’m proposing to her.

just the fact that so many women feel that entitled as to DEMAND what kind of ring a man gives her is pretty jaw-dropping. although, anyone that’s taken the red-pill shouldn’t be surprised by this. i actually felt bad for the kid in a way. he’s a nice guy. but unfortunately he’s a complete blue pill zombie. sadly, he’s gonna have his ass handed to him.

not i said Dan. not i.

My grandmother's ring (dad's side). I'm gonna hock it and buy a ticket to Brazil. lol.

My grandmother’s ring (dad’s side). I’m gonna hock it and buy a ticket to Brazil. lol.

stay up.

37 Comments on “The Ring”

  1. Spawny Get says:

    Does it have to be rectangular to match her manjaw?

    Just curious.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Actually, she’s Asian. And quite cute. But, kid’s in for a rude awakening. And girl will make him more of a lap dog then he already is.

      • Captain Crunk says:

        My Marine buddy dated an Asian and she was batshit crazy. She always cried to him how lonely she was and telling him fake storiesbso he would help her financially. She even told him her grandma died (only one still alive) but one day he saw a recent picture of her and her grandma who was still alive and kicking.

        He couldn’t stand the drama so he finally broke up with her. While he was deployed she harassed him calling his unit or whatever say she was going to kill herself. All bad.

        He later found out while he was away she was partying all the time while telling him she was lonely and was always waiting at home for him.

        Korean gal for what its worth

  2. Spawny Get says:

    Dude needs to wake up and listen to his Unca Danny. Does he think that you’re joking? It’s not like the stats on military divorce are hard to find. I gather that just after the ten years are up is the sweet spot for the bennies.

  3. Spacetraveller says:


    I just had to laugh!

    True confession: I don’t have an engagement ring.

    When I say my husband is ‘alpha’, I really mean it!!!

    How did he propose?

    He had come to visit me in my flat. He lived in a town 6 hours away, so it was special when he came to visit. It was Suday and we had just come home from the late morning Mass. I was cooking lunch as usual.
    He was sprawled on the sofa in the living room ostensibly watching TV, but I noticed he was eyeing me up more than usual (my flat was ‘open plan’ so he could see me from the living room). Then he suddenly came into the kitchen, put his hand on my bottom and said ‘You would look great pregnant. I think you could make a great mother. Let’s get married’.

    That was it.
    I swear, those were his exact words.
    No going down on one knee, no elaborate helicopter stunt, no violins playing, no romantic view from some mountain, no ring. Not even a bag of skittles. πŸ™‚

    My family and friends are still angry with him about that to this day. But I find it absolutely hilarious and to me, this was the best proposal ever. But the rest of the world would politely disagree, I’m sure.

    To everyone else, I am not ‘normal’, and neither is he.


    • dannyfrom504 says:

      That’s the best proposal story ever. I’d LOVE to meet hubster. Sounds like a guy I could have a pint with.

    • Spacetraveller says:

      Oh you and he would get on famously. (Especially as you speak Italian). πŸ˜›
      I have to admit, your philosophies on life are very similar …

      And I always used to smile at your ‘pregnant’ line. I thought to myself, ‘where have I heard that before?’ LOL.

      Most people that I dare tell this story are visibly horrified . Some feel sorry for me. Someone actually suggested that I make up an alternative story (‘say he took you to a fancy restaurant in Geneva or something!’)

      They just cannot understand that I am operating on the level of ‘at least he proposed at all!’

      And to be honest, after my initial shock, (1. for the fact that he had proposed at all – I really was not expecting it, at least not at that time, and 2. for the way he did it) I actually thought, ‘this is kinda sweet!’
      And funny…

      My Mum however won’t let it go. Even during the wedding, she took him aside and asked (in front of me): ‘how could you propose to my daughter like that?’
      His response was priceless.
      He just looked at her like she had two heads for the longest, then without a word, took her hand and led her to the dance floor and spun her around, and everyone looking on was saying, ‘awwww, how lovely that the groom is dancing with his mother-in-law’, and she was absolutely fuming at him underneath all the smiles.
      It was hilarious. πŸ™‚

      You INTJs are a law onto yourselves. πŸ™‚

  4. Jzb says:

    Rio de Janeiro!

  5. earl says:

    I’d buy a ruby…since diamonds are a sham. I always thought rubies were cool looking stones. I figure if I’m spending money on something like that I want to at least like it too.

  6. Stingray says:

    It’s a rock. That’s it. Just a rock. Good grief. I was a pretty stupid girl when Hubby proposed, but I was smart enough to realize that part of it.

  7. Will S. says:

    Diamond engagement rings are a scam, indeed. And not even an ancient tradition.

  8. Tin Man says:

    The RING is one of those “discussions” that if you lose, it’s the first step to being the Great American Beta Husband. Actually, when I got married, I was pretty much large and in charge – we went to the store, she looked at about 50 rings, and I picked out which one I was willing to buy. Told her, I’d upgrade it on our 10 year anniversary. Years later (after our 10 year anniversary) when the whole thing was going south, I remember the day when she brought that up – almost running towards me, with this look in her eyes of pure anger, holding out her ring finger towards me – basically saying I never loved her, because I didn’t buy her the ring she wanted. But by that time, I was too large (and fat and lazy) and not in charge at all. I just sat there and took it. Oh well, at least I started off on the right foot.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Ok. Like I said; it’s not a discussion IF I take that route. She bitches about it- cool.

      I’ll find a new woman. No shortage of them.

    • Tin Man says:

      A new woman (preferably women) has not been found, YET, but the that is is gone. BUT, she is still a financial obligation and she is still the mother of kids (can’t change that).

  9. Richard Cranium says:

    Once years ago some girl I was kinda getting serious with brought up the topic of rings. I said cool what are you getting me? She said huh? I said ya we’re all equal now if I spend 5 grand on you then you have to spend 5 grand on me. An old camaro would be perfect. Otherwise it’s not fair.

    Needless to say neither a ring or a car was purchased lol!

  10. TempestTcup says:

    That is a pretty ring, but I’m not really into diamonds. My favorite ring is a large turquoise ring from the southwest. I didn’t have an engagement ring mainly because we had already lived together for 10 years and I thought that it was stupid to blow a few grand on a sparkly bauble when we could use the money to go on a nice vacation or something fun. Like you are going to do πŸ™‚

  11. MissMarie says:

    The sheer gall still mystifies me. It’s such a waste of money! I like the simple vintage rings, personally, but if Farmer were ever to propose you can be damn sure whatever ring he bought would be perfect, whether it was ‘to my taste’ or not.

  12. Mrs. KTC says:

    Wow! What a perfect proposal – I absolutley love this story! My husband was smart and skipped the whole diamond hype and got me a ruby. I loved it because its the ring he picked out for me. A few weeks ago though, while I was cleaning, the rock popped out of the prongs and I lost it. My husband teases me terribly about it, “If thats how you treat the things I buy you than good luck getting aything else from me!” and so my engagment ring sits in my jewelry box with a missing stone that may or may not be replaced. Afterall its just a rock.

  13. Sean says:

    Take it to a jeweller and melt it down into something you’d want. Then you can have the family heirloom and something that’s Danny.

  14. Charlotte says:

    My husband didn’t buy me a ring. He took me to the jewelry store, gave me a budget, and told me to pick one out myself. That way, he only had to spend a few hundred bucks and he could be sure it was one I actually liked.

  15. ASF says:

    Most of the loss in value comes from the diamonds. There is no re-sale market for diamonds. Considering that they are so durable, isn’t that surprising? It’s not an accident. DeBeers has long made sure that people do not sell diamonds: it’s forever, remember?

    Check this article out if you haven’t read it before (it’s from 1982):

  16. RojoC says:

    It amazes what people will pay for these stupid rings with stupid rocks on them. Danny, brother, may you get a good price for it so you can have a good trip.

  17. Matt says:

    Buy her a ring? Hell no, I’m old fashioned, I want her to come with a dowry!

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