Never Break Character

back when i was stationed in new orleans i wrote a screenplay for my boy Jody, who was in film school at UNO. he actually filmed it. i took a non-speaking role in the 30 minute film. i kind of had a gun put to my head to do it. i HATE being photographed. me and Mary had a funny talk about her hubby’s never smiling in pics (just like me).

i learned the term “breaking character” from him during filming. i also learned that being a screen writer is mad sexy to theater chicks. especially MILITARY guys who write screenplays. lol. breaking character is basically staying in character until the director yells “cut”.

well, i also think it’s great advice to guys running game. once you open a set, if you start to get resistance from girl, stay in red-pill mind set. don’t back pedal. in essence, stay in character. if you back pedal it’s supplication and ceding the frame to her. this is bad form.

example. SURE.

i was at my local strip club nursing a beer and answering comments on the site. i had a hard 7 walk past me and gave me an up and down gaze. no biggie. i winked at her and went back to my phone. next thing i know i’m feeling a presence close to me; i look up and it’s her. i smile and we start doing the dance. name, age- i make her guess, what i do for a living, then she makes a move i’ve never had a stripper pull.

she asks me if i’m married or have kids. THAT i’ve heard before, but then she asked me WHY i wasn’t, “i mean, you’re a good looking guy and all.” aaaaah, stripper game- stroke my ego. *smh* don’t recall exactly the comment but i ended up making a joke about getting her pregnant and she of course she laughed. i asked her if her tits were real and she admitted they weren’t. i felt her up and she lowered her bikini so i could pinch her nipples.

it was all going well, and when i mentioned our needing to “hang out” she agreed. i handed her my phone and told her to give me her number. she looked at me and said, “slow down, let’s get to know each other first.” AAAAAH, shit test shall we. ok. i laughed and told her she was being presumptuous and that i hadn’t determined if i even wanted to bang her or not, that she could still blow it with me.

i still had my phone out and i while she was talking i said, “you know you wanna hang out.” and i again handed her my phone. this time she punched her number in and it was done.

once you cross the boundary and move to number close, either walk or keep the frame and go down guns blazing. no shame in it, we all get shot down. but NEVER back down or down shift. i kept the frame (and pulled off a hail Mary) and still landed her number despite resistance on her part.

This why I advise being honest and staying true to your convictions/morals/beliefs as it pertains to red pill knowledge. own it and have faith in it.

i’ll keep you posted on girl, and YES….she does know i blog. lol.

another shameless Vivalamanosphere tease.

cuteness. adorability. Brody has it. this is what i get to have curl up next to me on the daily.

cuteness. adorability. Brody has it. this is what i get to have curl up next to me on the daily.

also…..BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!

stay up.

Kill the host

it really surprised me how the “mimimalism” posts took off. well, there’s been a recent developement in my venturing into the world of less- mom and my Tia Josie came down and picked up her spinny chair, my last large persian rug, wall art, and some end tables. my house is now damn near empty. sometime after mardi gras i’ll be doing the paper work to transfer the house to my parents. no realtor, no stupid inspection fees and closing costs.

sign, sign, pay trasnfer fee, and done.

i guess at some point mom and T will kick some fundage my way, but i’m not really worried about it. already spoken with Delgado and it looks like i start summer session. i found out they need X-ray tech’s at my old hospital, and i think i have a place lined up while i go to school.

i MIGHT work 2, maybe 3 days a week. 5 hour shifts. but i really don’t need to work.

i’ll be making close to $4000 a month retirement/disability and i’ll draw E5 BAH while i go to school. in case you didn’t know, you can EASILY live off that in southern Louisiana; especially considering how i’ll be living. i have ZERO plans on contributing to a (by and large) nation of lazy fucks that want a hand out.

just like Cappy suggests, i plan on starving the host. and might even sign up for some “handouts” as well if i qualify. i’m not advocating what i’m doing to anyone else, each man’s path is his own. but i do know this is the right thing for me.

i’m not suggesting you give all your shit away and move into a travel trailer and start a micro farm; that’s a tad extreme. but i can say there is a certain feeling of liberation in doing so. the people i gave my shit to needed it. i could have asked for money, but i found a greater sense of humanity in just letting it go. i’m looking forward to this new journey. i’ll do my best to share what i learn with you. and while packing shit i learned- DAMN do i have a shit load of ammo. lol. and remember, Mardi Gras is approaching. you coming? all the keel kids are gonna be there. hope to see you.

this song always makes me think of Unka Mitch and Keoni, especially when he utter’s the “run rabbit run” line. i KNOW these 2 have said this to countless sheeple. lol.

stay up.

oh- some of you might have noticed a certain rift going on regarding me. let it go. shit’s beneath me. don’t email me asking details, don’t offer me your support, don’t shit talk other people, don’t tweet about it. just leave it be.

and since Jack is such a sucker for it, i’ll post this.

better than a GF anyway. when i'm done with a girl, i get to spend quality time with my Brody.

better than a GF anyday. when i’m done with a girl, i get to spend quality time with my Brody.

Dude, She’s Dead

i spend a decent amount of time talking with and counseling straight killers, combat soldiers. PTSD is a dicey thing, those that have it can’t really discuss it with people who don’t have it. your best bet is to leave it be. they won’t open up to you.

well, i was talking with a kid that just got back from afghanistan. and he had just volunteered to go back. he had it. he had caught the blood lust. once a soldier has it, he’s gone. no motherly love, no amount of good pussy, no dollar amount can keep him from killing again. and this kid was ready for more blood.

i’ve seen enough death and human dismemberment to know the sickness. i’ve talked about it before and mentioned it here. then i read this.

i was talking with this kid, and he was volunteering to go back into the suck. he was telling me how he and most of the dudes in his squad wanted to go back. that they lost someone in their company, and wanted get back for the loss. i told him you always lose guys in the suck and you shouldn’t take it that hard. then he hit me with this-

the person they lost was a girl.

these boys, and i mean that, BOYS wanted back into the suck because they lost a girl. they had lost guys too, but didn’t feel the urge to go back and fight for their loss. but a girl got dropped and there they were; ready for more. it’s sad. seriously. and THIS is why i’ve argued that it isn’t a good idea to send women into combat roles.

all you ladies with sons; ask yourself- what would you say to your boy knowing he was broken up after having lost a female soldier, but the loss of a male soldier elicited a response of, “damn, go easy bro.” because i can tell you, after having spoken to hundreds of my brothers, i have no words of comfort for them.

this makes me quite glad that my operational time is done. if i lost a female down range, it wouldn’t phase me. i’m too dark and bloodied. but the new guys, they’re different. they’re still rosy eyed boys that see a white picket fence and a plot in suburbia. not me. i’ve been doing this too long. you fuck up in the field, and you pay. for me, if it’s a woman it just means it’s a lighter body to carry away.

maybe if more of the young, newbs coming in saw it as i did, they wouldn’t send women into the suck. another month and a half and i’ll be sitting in a welding class at delgado JC. and i can’t wait.

and don’t forget to get at me via twitter.

stay up.

Doctor Illusion and Evolution

Not much I can add. Doc covers it quite well. Especially after the bromigo bullshit. That shit was too funny. Take it away Doc. See you late February Brother.

Stay up.

More Dog Game: The Voice

after spending a little over a week back in NO, i noticed something intetresting- my stepfather and niece spent a lot of time playing with Brody. in case you haven’t been keeping score, Brody is very well trained. he has very specific commands for his basics: sit, down, stay, move, come.


Brody was fully trained by 7 months old. when i give Brody a command, it’s in a calm, assertive tone. it’s never angry and aggressive (unless he does something bad), but when i do get angry, he knows it and responds with a dropped head, giving me a sideways glance. he’s VERY easy to read.

my step father, who is quite an alpha and despite me telling him several times Brody’s commads, is still missing a crucial factor to pack leadership- tone of voice. when he gives Brody a command his voice is playful. this confuses Brody. he’ll often look over at me as if to say, “dude, what do i do?” in essence, Brody doesn’t see it as a command as much as he sees it as “human talk”. and YES, i talk to Brody all the time.

same thing with my room-mate. while he’s quite protcective of her, he’s made a LOT of regression in his “training”. i’ve had to have a crash course on Brody with emphasis on things she MUST enforce. granted, i’ll only be in my house for another 2-3 moonths, but she needs to learn how to be a better pack leader.

then take my brother in law Keith. Brody responds VERY WELL to Keith. but there’s nothing about Keith that Brody particularly likes more than another human. but it’s HOW Keith speaks to Brody that makes him an effective pack-leader. he’s direct, assertive, and calm.

there’s a lot to be taken from this advice since it also effects women, as your tone of voice is very important to them. sometimes it’s not so much what you say as it is HOW you say it. i try not to speak in an angry or menacing tone. i go for calm, assertive, direct. of course i do have my goofy side which also has an effect on women, as it tends to put them at ease. and every damn woman out there knows a man’s “bedroom voice”. the bedroom voice is the tingle nuclear option.

from the time they are babies, women begin assessing and taking clues from the manner in which people talk. they are surgical in interpreting body language and gauging verbal cues. it’s their bread and butter. i never known a man that could outdo a woman’s ability to decipher subtle cues in everyday speech. it’s just not that important of a skill to men. women have always been the keepers of all things domestic. men hunted and protected, we didn’t need to develope that certain skill.

i’d highly recommend every man take a few public speaking courses or a course in stand up or acting. most people have a fear of public speaking and the only way to get over it is to tackle it head-on. i was fortunate enough to have taught many different medical subjects at various points in my career and have had several students (officer and enlisted) tell me how surprised they were at how good an instructor i was. they’re used to the silly, joke slinging HM me. the “instructor” me is much more serious and professional.

so don’t just work on WHAT you say, since often how you say it is just as important.

stay up.



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Book Review: Bachelor Pad Economics

it looks like Cappy has a new book called “Bachelor Pad Economics”, which will be released today. i was forwarded an advanced copy to review. short write up here, so let’s get to it.

if you haven’t read Enjoy the Decline then shame on you. but, the new book is a much more in depth read along the same lines as ETD. it’s around 500 pages, but it’s still a relatively quick read. Aaron writes in a manner that is quite easy to absorb so i easily went through 132 pages in less then an hour. and that was while at work and watching some TV.

TBH, the book isn’t really geard towards me. it’s more of the high school senior to early 20’s guy. Aaron gives some VERY solid advice that i know would be invaluable to a league of young men who really are hungry for some male advice to navigate the troubling waters ahead. and Aaron covers it all: education, employment, family (your own family), happiness, economics, starting a family.

it’s advice i was fortunate enough to receive from my Paw-Paw, that i’ve had commenters tell me they WISH they had. do yourself a favor, invest in YOURSELF. you only get one chance at this life so you might as well make the most of it. you know how much worthless shit you waste $10-15 on; well for less than $10 you can go to Cappy’s site and download a copy to your kindle after clicking on his amazon app. say it again-

“invest in yourself.”

stay up.

So, How Long You Been Single?

quick post tonight. i just got in from NO and i’m tired as fuck.

i’ve written before about how i find out a woman’s relationship status early on by telling her to tell her dude he’s lucky to have landed her. usually it’s said after complimenting her smile or laugh. if i find out she doesn’t have a dude, i always say the same thing-

“really, how long you been single?”

the term “single” is a naughty word on planet single girl. when women want to be catty, they use the forbidden word- SINGLE.

most of the guys i see talking to women will ask why they don’t have a boyfriend. this seems innocent enough, but it’s back hand supplication/pedestalization. maybe she doesn’t have a dude because she’s got the personality of a rabid bear. maybe she’s boring, maybe she’s a really cool girl that ended up with the wrong guy. whatever the issue, you ain’t responsible for it.

your job is to screen her for suitability as a partner (if that’s what you’re looking for).

when you ask her how long she’s been single it’s a neg. she probably doesn’t mind being single, but when she hears the word…..eesh. she’s heard it from her mom, female relatives and friends, and gets bombarded by the MSM magazines about “finding Mr. Right”.

when she tells you she’s single, simply hand her your phone with the keypad out and suggest the 2 of you hang out. i’ve RARELY had a girl turn me down.

happy hunting.

and it’s been a while so it’s time for….


baby Sis came through like gangbusters with this little discovery. there’s a company called “diamond candle” and they have an interesting spin on the scented candle biz, and it’s TOTES CRAY CRAY!!!!! every candle has a ring inside it. the rings are worth: $10, $50, $100, $1000, and $5000. Mom’s ring has to be a $50 ring and it’s sick.

Mom's ring. adorbz AMIRITE!!!!

Mom’s ring. adorbz AMIRITE!!!!

the candle smells great and i can’t wait to see what kind of ring i get. OOOOOOH, i hope Blaine thinks it makes me look pretty. i now have a new go to present for female friends. my yankee candle and woodwick cost about $20, the diamond candle costs $25. just google “diamond candle” and see for yourself.

cinnamon pinecone. FAAAABULOUS!!!!!

cinnamon pinecone. FAAAABULOUS!!!!!

stay up.