ITLR: Advice to Danny Just Before he Joined the Navy

as i approach the end of a 20 year career, i reflect back to what i’ve learned and what i’d tell Danny then, what Danny now knows. as we all know, i posted that i joined the navy at 20 years young. i didn’t like college (boy did i slam dunk it on that decision), and i had a good paying- but dead end job. i really wanted to do something where travel was a given.

i joind the navy.

so the first thing i’d tell young me- is to figure out where you THINK you want to go with your life. i had 2-3 jobs i wanted to do within the navy, and they NEEDED to be profitable in the civilian sector. i ended up in medical. so Danny, college is a joke unless your going into the STEM field, and your dyslexic ass ain’t passing college algebra. do yourself a favor and go to trade school. you’ll save a ton of money and have a marketable job.

the second- let life happen. don’t get so focused on “what you’re going to do with your life” that life passes you by. believe it or not; 20 years passed in a fucking blink. you will not become what are are going to be overnight. it takes time. who you will become is the culmination of your desire, your decisions, tenacity, and how you handle adversity. this leads us to-

your decisions have consequences. don’t gloat over every victory, and most certainly don’t wallow in your failures. the ability to get up after you fall is crucial. and never complain when things don’t go your way, that’s what women do. your job is to be a stone for those you love in times of crisis. multiply that by 1000 if you have a woman in your life. that being said-

women. you’ve been girl crazy all your life. you fall in love every 10 minutes; so first off, do not get married until you enter your 30’s. in your 20’s, get all that ramdom fucking out of your system. as a man, this is crucial. WHY? because evetually, you won’t define/value a woman based on the fact that she can get you off. guess what stupid- “SO WHAT!!!!!??” pussy is not that big a deal.

and PLEASE, do NOT get a woman pregnant during this time of your life. having a child will end your life and any plans you may have had. you will become a beast of burden for the next 18 years. i’m not going to tell you to never get married, just realize today women (finacially, and legally) can destroy your life. half of marriages fail, and the family court system has no problem butt fucking you for whatever money you have. that said, i advise you to wait unitl you’re in your 30’s to get married because thats the point in a man’s life where he’s most capable of giving a woman what they need in their men: physical and emotional maturity, and finacial stability. second, you’ll have easier access to the type of women you want now: young and beautiful MUCH easier than in your 20’s. dating in your 20’s sucks, but as you get older, you’ll have more and better options. and let’s face it kid, you’re ok with women, but you have a LOT to learn.

so focus on being the best you you can be. pursue things you have a real interest in. learn to do things that are going to be fulling to you, make your life richer and more interesting. earn your scars. party, have a good time. set yourself up so you have a comfortable life when you get older. no need to buy a ton of crap. save your money and use it to DO things you enjoy, not buy some worthless junk- TRUST ME on this one bud.

OH. you’re going to have you ass handed to you by a girl around 26. it will be the most devastaing heartache you’ll experience up to that point. this will suck wet donkey balls, but it’ll be essential to your growth. a man cannot love a woman fully until he has had his heart devastated by one. the way i see it, once you know that pain, you won’t want a woman you love to experience that. only a man without a soul would WANT a woman to experience that. you’re going to meet a girl in japan that will hope you propose. you are going to hurt her, but you’ll do it in a polite, gentlemanly manner.

realize this. as long as you have: food on your plate, a roof over your head, a job, and those that love you close; you have a pretty good life. you’re blessed. don’t get caught up on all the bullshit going on around you. food, roof, loved ones= a blessed life.

now, sit down Danny. you’re going to see some absolute horrors over the next 10 years or so. these are things you will never be able to unsee. but realize the lesson in what you’ll experience: one of the truest tragedies is losing someone and them not knowing deep down how much they mean to you. it will cause a slow decay. make sure everyone you hold dear realizes how much they mean too you. and never take them for granted. you have an amazing family, spend as much time with them as you can (especially Paw-Paw and Maw-Maw).

if you listen to what i’m telling you, you’ll have a pretty decent life. keep you eyes open, becuase american society is growing more and more caustic towards men. women are being encouraged to become more and more masculine. and men are being told they need to be more and more sensitive. don’t buy into that horseshit. women always have and always will appreciate a masculine man. if you run across one that doesn’t avoid her like unprotected sex in thailand.

lastly, don’t let what i told you in the last paragraph discourage you. an easy life is not a life worth living. learn self-relaince, hope for the best, and always prepare for the worst. gat as much out of the navy as you can and get out, it’s become far too hostile towards men, and standards are dropping VERY fast. pick a rate where you can get a good job on the outside and get the hell out.

good luck kid. it’s rough out there. but try and have a good time as well. also, give this a glance over once in a while.

oh, and go to this guy’s site and grab a copy of his book “Enjoy the Decline”. he has a LOT of useful info in that book.

stay up.

9 Comments on “ITLR: Advice to Danny Just Before he Joined the Navy”

  1. Uncle Elmer says:

    You forgot : “don’t drop your soap in the shower”.

  2. Tin Man says:

    My advice to my younger self would be to “always stay true to yourself, always be willing to say NO, always keep your goals and happiness first – and always take what your wife says with a grain of salt – because she’s a tsunami of emotions, always stay within your frame, and never enter hers”.

    For the married Men out there – never forget, your wife (and kids) will always be looking to for leadership. If you don’t know (how to get past something) you have to act like it. Getting tired and deciding to let someone else deal with it — is not an option.

    An always Lead From The Front.

  3. Uncle Elmer says:

    Danny, are you telling me that Navy men get private shower facilities? In the Army we had to crowd into group stalls that were built in Granpa’s day.

    What I said was the advice a friend of mine got from his dad when he announced he had joined the Army.

  4. […] so focus on being the best you you can be. pursue things you have a real interest in. learn to do th… […]

  5. It would have been useful to have advice like that before I joined the Navy. I only did six years and have been out since ’98. But it was a great springboard into my civilian career.

  6. Matt says:

    Port is left, starboard is right….

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