Where Have all the Good Women Gone?

any one that hasn’t been living under a rock for the past decade has read at least one article asking, “where have all the good men gone?” you’ve probably heard DOZENS of women uttering the same comment. i know i have. well, i was over at SSM’s reading a great post she recently did.

which leads to me asking myself how many women her post this applied to, yet no one (especially men) seems to asking where have all the good women gone? well by and large, it’s not in our nature to complain. we adapt. some guys GTOW, some guys (though a smaller number) become PUA’s, some guys just give up completely (fueling the video game culture). sometimes the only winning move is not to play (WARGAMES REFERENCE FTW!!!!!).

but really, how many of the women that fit into the dynamic SSM posted about would declare themselves as “strong independent women”. then let’s take a look back at this guy and the beating he took from white-knights on what i’m assuming is a mostly male oriented site. hell, there was even this article.

and do you recall some of the articles damning the man that ran during the aurora shooting and not protecting his “strong and independent” woman and family (yet women belong in combat). but to be fair, the same site applauded the men that died protecting their families. wait what? am i reading that right? so NOTHING changes for men in this time of “eqaulity, we’re still EXPECTED to “man up” in times of crisis and danger, but GOD.FORBID i expect feminimity or ANYTHING that could be contrued as “typical female roles”.

the comments in the links provided are the gold though.

but seriously, all this leads me to ask a serious question-

where have all the good WOMEN gone?

it’s a fair question. women have been wondering where the “good men” are for over a decade. well, i’ll tell you ladies where all the “good men” are: they in relationship, or are already married. and if you’re over 25-26 and asking this; they’re out there, they just aren’t interested in you (especially if you have kids). guys, it’s time to start holding women accountable for the fractured SMP and countering “where have all the good men gone” with “i dunno, i’m wondering where all the good women are.”

since the whole fat shaming week went down. i was thinking maybe we could run a “where have all the good women gone” meme. if you run a blog, write a post about some of the WONDERFUL encounters you’ve had with women; be it dating or typical, everyday interaction interaction.

[ed- i just realized that THIS should be linked here as well.]

stay up.

28 Comments on “Where Have all the Good Women Gone?”

  1. Cali High School says:

    Great post. Women who declare to be “strong” and “Independent” only to contradict themselves by playing the victim reinforces my personal belief that modern women don’t know what they truely want. A “Where Have All The Good Men Gone?” week sounds like a great idea and a must.

  2. sunshinemary says:

    Great article and thanks for the link-back; I hope more women – who really need to hear this kind of thing from single men – will read it. I think I’ll include this in my next weekly linkage.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks Sis. yer the bestest.

      i’m guessing the women who NEED to hear it from single men will still hamsterbate it in a manner that faults men. as far as i’m concerend they can go by another cat and listen to the sound of the cobwebs forming in their wombs.

  3. Tin Man says:

    Hey D-Man – love the war games reference, I think that becomes a blog post title at sometime in the future. And I think the article idea is a good one – will put something up this week – just to support the idea.

  4. Aurini says:

    The plethora of articles questioning his manhood for dodging a fly ball – the hell? How was he supposed to react in time to dodge the bloody thing AND protect his woman?

    Nothing but feminist gossip, trying to ruin a relationship.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      but surprisingly he had a few dudes.

      my favorite was the guy that fled the scene of the shooting. after more than 10 years of feminists doing their damnest to squash out male aggression and turning him into a woman with testicle, they got what they deserved. dude thought of himself. he went into fight or flight.

      but NOW, he’s a coward. sorry ladies, chivalry’s dead, and YOU killed it. eventually the gov’t won’t be the primary protectors of women, and most guys will be cowed beta’s incapable of protecting themselves much less others.

      talk to the other and ask about doing a “WHATGWG” week.

  5. jg1 says:

    They have joined the marine infantry and kicking butt…they have no time for trivial feminine things(sarc)

  6. M3 says:

    You beat me to the punch dude, i have a post in the works similar to this. Keep an eye out for it, i’ll definitely be linking back to this for ref.

    Great post mate!

  7. Stingray says:

    This makes me want to open a Twitter account. Given the success of Fat Shaming week, I think this is a brilliant idea.

  8. Richard Cranium says:

    Been saying this for years even way before all the recent red pill and ‘sphere developments.

    I’d say the percentage of actual girls worth having is maybe 5%. Between all the “strong independent don’t need a man” and the “I love losers that beat me and steal from me” types they’re rare.

    Trouble is you can’t find one in the wild because someone figured out real quick she’s a 5%er and put her on lockdown. Ever meet an awesome chick and go wow wish she wasn’t married? Yup she’s a 5%er that got locked down. As opposed to the literally millions of “good men” that go unnoticed because they’re not rich or hot or famous.

  9. Mister E says:

    The good women are supposed to be in the kitchen fixing us men some sandwiches so that we can march on to our next mission, whatever that may be.

  10. MissMarie says:

    I’m a strong independent woman – I tell girls they’re idiots regularly 😛 In all seriousness, I am a farm girl and can use the tools and throw hay bales, but nowhere near as well as the men and I admit it. Girls are bitches nowadays.

  11. earl says:

    Where have they gone…they were left in the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s.

    Although I saw some pics of my grandmother when she grew up back then…some were a bit naughty, but at least they were discrete. Plus they all had to work…not to earn a feminist merit badge…but because they had no choice. Their dad would spank them if they didn’t do chores.

  12. […] Kind of makes you want to write a national column asking “Where Have All the Good Women Gone?” […]

  13. patriarchal landmine says:

    where have all the good women gone?

    I no longer care.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      how did you end up on my site?

    • Like a G-6 says:

      Yea I don’t care either. M.G. TOW is in the house!

      There is something to be said about being one of the bottom 30% of men in the SM for so long, taking the fight right out of you. All my buds were OK to good lady slayers and they mostly sucked at math and wouldn’t dare touch a compiler/interpreter, whereas I slayed equations and programming tasks like I was a homeless starving man and they were sticks of butter, yet I am as perplexed with women as my bros were at the sight of an irrational number!

      At least bachelorhood is cheap, the pr0ns plentiful, and VR sex maybe just a decade away!

  14. None of them are good, but you probably mean traditional.
    “Good” women, “traditional” women aren’t born, they’re made. By us.

    So when we lay down our leadership, it becomes a movie trailer for the society we have now:
    Medusa: Rise of the Gorgons.

  15. Seraph says:

    First, wouldn’t you have to ask the women to define “a good man”? That’s a nebulous term really when used in that context. Good how? Good morally? Good in the sack? Good with women (alpha)?

    Define “good” ladies.

    But then, as you have pointed out, Danny, you can ask a woman to list the 10 most important qualities to her, and then examine her choices in mate and find how little of those qualifications she puts into practice.

    So, when she claims to be looking for a “good man”, does she REALLY understand what’s she’s looking for? Would she admit to herself if she did?

    For all the claims some women make, particularly feminists, that men objectify women, I think the opposite may be true. Some women don’t seem to want a human being for a partner, for a automation that will engage in absolutely no masculine traits that are annoying generally, but will suddenly turn into a Herculean hero on call, ready and able to slay dragons…and then get back to mowing the lawn when done.

    So, yes, perhaps some women want a guy who will fight to defend her, laying down his life if necessary, because that is “what goes do”, but they DON’T want to hear that phrase whenever it comes to a guy doing something in his own self-interest.

  16. Seraph says:


    “Some women don’t seem to want a human being for a partner, but instead are looking for a automation that will engage in absolutely no masculine traits that are annoying generally, but will suddenly turn into a Herculean hero on call…”

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  19. The Navy Corpsman says:

    More importantly, what makes these women believe that they deserve a good man?

    The Navy Corpsman

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