ITLR- Female Entitlement

i’m lazy. Patrice will fill in. here he discusses female entitlement. the background is talking about Ant’s break up with his longtime girlfriend (things got awkaward on wackbag after the split since she was well known on the Bag). when Patrice learned Ant gave his gf a key to his palatial estate, he went ballistic. and Ant’s house is SICK. despite that she STILL fucking nagged him.

finding Patrice REALLY had an effect on how i viewed relationships. it was the begining of my red-pill journey. i think sundays will be Patrice day here. young cats and men new to the red-pill could learn A.LOT. from patrice.

this story resonated with me A.LOT. when i was in japan, i was dating a girl who was basically living with me. now i had a NICE place in japan, and she lived on the ship. and female berthing is putrid. bitch was living in the lap of E4 luxury and NEVER appreciated the fact. she saw my electic bill one month (i think it was an oct bill) that was Y140,000 (almost $150). she looked at me surprised and asked if it were always that much. i told her it was when she was staying with me.

again, confused look. i said, “princess can’t piss in an unheated bathroom. she looked at me and winced.

i’ll explain. one time she went to the bathroom (i used to only heat half the house, the kitchen/bathroom area was closed off- you know, SAVE money) and she literally ran back into the living room, slammed the wall door, and jumped under her blanket. i sighed, bit the bullet, and started heating the whole upstairs. see, she was OBLIVIOUS to what it cost to have a girl stay with you. and i NEVER asked her for ANYTHING.

maybe now you can see why this is something i can relate too. AND she was hoping i would propose. by the time i left japan, i didn’t even want to have sex with her, and i really felt more friendship for her.

i know what you’re thinking: “but Danny, why didn’t you break up with her?”

she was on her second chance. dumping her again would have CRUSHED her. i was transferring in a month, i decided to be a nice guy and ride it out. see….i’m SUCH a asshole misogynist manosphere dick, right.

so ladies (and i know you’re reading this), appreciate you man. THANK HIM on ocassion. if he’s a quality dude and you don’t he WILL drop you. especially if he’s a man with options.

stay up

7 Comments on “ITLR- Female Entitlement”

  1. sway says:

    Patrice got me into the pill also. RIP.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Yeah. I posted about his passing. I don’t know of anybody mentioning Patrice before I did. RoK did a post about him after they started their site

      He’s a wellspring of game knowledge.

  2. Sploosh says:

    Patrice is the patron saint of the manosphere. Most everything we spit about game was already said by dude.


    • dannyfrom504 says:

      like i said- he was gateway to game back in 2004. he completely changed my attitude towards women. as far as i know, i was the first ‘sphere blogger to reference him.

  3. Seraph says:

    I have combed YouTube for his stuff since you mentioned him. The guy was SAVVY, dude, and not just about chicks. He went off about the politically correct double-standards in Hollywood on one A&O episode that was spot on. You could sometimes hear the stunned silence coming from Opie and Anthony when he completely broke something down, sans bullshit.

    Sorry he’s gone.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the sad thing was that everyone knew his health was awful. when he died i almost broke down, and i’ve never even met him. the article his ex wrote after he died was amazing. when he was alive, he used to talk shit about her, but she STILL had only love for him.

      that’s game x10000000

  4. […] recently posted about how Anthony (of Opie and Anthony) had a break up with his GF. i was there listening in as it went down. i was […]

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