Nothing to see here, Move Along

and WHO says men aren’t being ridiculed by the MSM. i wanna punch this idiot

barnes and noble can go fuck themselves in the fucking ass with a rusty pipe. but wait, then there’s this gem.

i’m pretty certain that the gaming community is mostly comprised of MEN. so the last ad is just insulting. but hey, them girls are supposed to be telling us fellahs what to do. we couldn’t piss if they didn’t let us know where our dicks were.

it’d love to see a commercial where a man were telling a woman to “make me a sammich” or a woman was portrayed as a feeble, needy individual. i’m pretty sure there’d be blood in the streets. but poking fun at and lampooning men, that’s just a hoot.

stay up.

22 Comments on “Nothing to see here, Move Along”

  1. finndistan says:

    Funny how women only got interested into gaming after it was made “hip”, “cool” etc, to be nerdy.

    Very similar to for example skateboards. When I was a kid, it was only us. Then, it was made popular, now I see girls with beanies and skateboards walking around town.

    The same will happen with “anti-feminism” (in brackets, because the mainstream A-F is a scam), once it is made hip, women will claim to be anti-feminist, but of course, none will be against feminist policies…

  2. Marshallaw says:

    Last 5 minutes of the game and she comes in and changes channel? WTF….. no matter how hot she is she would get a slap on the ass and told to get ME a beer. If she didn’t go down on me after the match for another 5 minutes…. out the door of my cool apartment…. that lad needs to get a pair and have her sucking on them…..

  3. Hamilton says:

    Those are some tame examples, I’ve seen much more insulting stuff.

  4. Tin Man says:

    If I rewind to about 18 months ago, I would have never really noticed these types of commercial, or if I did, it would have been — isn’t that funny. In my mind, that’s how subliminal messaging works – it’s not hidden messages, it’s right there in front of us to see and recognize. This shit is so pervasive that it goes almost unnoticed by most people (both Men and women). And if someone does point it out saying “this is completely stupid and that guy is a complete pussy – and btw, why does it recognize her voice anyway, WTF and why does that guy have white furniture anyway, who decorated that place…”

    Commercials, TV Shows, Movies, Books, Music – it’s all programming us – we really do live in the Matrix – but it’s not the “machines and robots” that doing it to us. In the immortal words of Charlton Heston “It’s People”.

  5. Fred Flange, Commissioner, MFL (the mothafuckin football league) says:

    This meta-theme has been there for years, as we know. The mantra is always “well it’s women who buy everything so the ads of course have to flatter them.” And they are trying to sell women on becoming gamers because GRRL POWER, we’ll see about that. But lately the tough gal/dweeb guy bit’s gotten so reedonkulus I can’t help but wonder if there will soon be a backlash, and no I don’t mean the GoDaddy! SuperBowl ads. There’s a cable network ad where the woman slays the monsters and black nights destroying their various monitors and TV sets, while the guy simply pulls out another device to keep watching the show without blinking. They try to make it look like she’s “having fun” slaying the zombies, et al., but I could see even the most blooey blue-pillers seeing it and doing a Jack Benny… “now wait a minute…”

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      PC direct had a commercial that lampooned men and they got a ton of complaints. they pulled the ad and made the dad out to be the one who saves that day.

      therefore, to change the narrative, you gotta complain. but most guys have better shit to do.

  6. […] = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Originally Posted by zed Danny from 504 just linked this commercial. I didn't even listen to it, but the visuals put me off. Add xbox to the list of products I won't […]

  7. deti says:

    Pokling my head in the door. How’s things at Danny’s place?

    Hmmm. Things look pretty good.

    How’s things, Danny?

  8. hashmouth says:

    Remember the Klondike Bar commercial where the guy listens to the wife for 5 seconds and then gets ice cream. It was titled 5 seconds to glory and really pissed off a lot of wives/girlfriends/etc. Problem was it did point out reality for many guys. I knew some beta slobs at work who loved it but they really couldn’t put their finger on why. Not many commercials like that one out there. Just bunches of dumb ass husbands with wives 2 SR’s better than them. Come on…..

  9. RojoC says:

    I don’t really play videogames regularly any more,

    But shit, remember when all these rigs did was to only play games? Maybe it’s just me, but I like that simpler aspect. Different times, I guess.

    To quote a famous guy from around these parts, Enjoy the Decline. Just wait for Ms. Feminist to bitch about male privilege and rape culture once our first world bubble bursts.

  10. EEguy says:

    i think MS has a feeling that the xbox will fail with the gamers, so they try to hustle it to women

  11. Matt says:

    There’s a new Jack in the Box commercial that has a really dumb young lady in it. I’m waiting for the howls of outrage…

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