The Old Man

short post tonight since i got home late and i’m fucking pissed at my job. the OR can suck a dick. sorry, that had to come out.

i recently posted about how Anthony (of Opie and Anthony) had a break up with his GF. i was there listening in as it went down. i was even familiar with his ex as she was a regular on wackbag. now, i was a KNOWN fixture of wackbag at the time. want proof- go to the site and look up “stillbornstew”. that’s me.

i’m good friends with most of the moderators of the site, and let me tell you- baggers are fucking twisted (and i like that). i’m a follower of and am being followed by baggers on twitter. we good? ok.

ant’s old, his chick was WAY younger. and he currently has a gf in her early 20’s. yes, he’s rich and a radio celebrity, but his success proves that looks mean shit to women. and his looks are NOT one of his strong suits.

don’t believe me, just throw “anthony cumia” into google and search the images. well, mel forgot one of the golden rules in the manosphere- “there will always be another woman”. she landed a big fish, and she didn’t appreciate him. now ant’s got a NEW 20 year oldish girl.

as Patrice said, “women don’t want to win, they want a winner.”

stay up.

2 Comments on “The Old Man”

  1. Feminist Whisperer says:

    As a man of a certain age….yes!

  2. I approve of this message.

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