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show me a man that understands how to raise a well-trained dog, and i’ll show you a guy that is quite good at understanding game and how to attract women.

it’s well documented here my relationship with my english staffordshire bull terrier- Brody. what many people don’t realize is when humans and canines bond, the dog naturally considers the human the pack leader, the alpha. it is critical to maintain a dog’s emotional well being by leading in a calm, assertive, dominant manner.

sound familiar?

i’ve written about it before. i’ve worked VERY hard to be a “good leader” for Brody, he deserves that. people are amazed at how well he listens, how well behaved he is, how “calm” he is compared to other dogs.

when a dog and human form a pack, and the human acts emotionally, indecisively, in a less than dominant manner; the dog will instinctively take control of the “pack”. i senses an ineffective “alpha” and will behave in a more dominant manner. this is where 99% of the problems humans face with dogs.

it’s not that the dog won’t listen, it’s just reacting to an ineffective pack leader. it’s VERY telling how most female dog owners have dogs that “don’t listen well”. millions of years of man domesticating dogs to make an ideal hunting companion cannot be argued.

well, there’s been a recent turn of events on Planet Danny- i have a female roommate. i’ve written about her before here. she’s a red pill woman. she will readily admit that in a healthy relationship, a man leads and a woman submits. this synchs naturally in her since she’s Asian.

VERY Asian.

but, despite her being red-pill minded, she is still a woman. i wouldn’t call her alpha per-se, or overly emotional. matter of fact, she can be a dick at time. almost de-void of emotion. but, dogs being dogs are able to exploit something the MUST.HAVE to follow an alpha.

consistent behavior.

this CANNOT be faked. you do it or you don’t. and when you don’t, dogs view you as a weak leader. when i first moved into my house i made a quick realization: when i would cook, Brody would follow me around and sometimes trip me up. the solution was simple- he’s not allowed in the kitchen. took me 2 days to teach him. i’ve lived in this house for over 3 years.

i got home from work one a little over 2 weeks ago, was watching tv when my rommie went into the kitchen when the unspeakable happened-

Brody followed her into the kitchen.

my eyes widened, and i let out a relatively loud, but firm, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING BOY????!!!!!” soon i saw a drooping head peer around a corner looking back at me. he KNEW what he had done. he KNEW he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen, and he KNEW my room-mate wouldn’t stop him. this show’d me that rookie needed to be school IMMEDIATELY in proper pack management.

it showed me that she lacked real leadership. well, in a house with a dog EVERY HUMAN MUST BE THE ALPHA. Brody does not exit the house until all humans leave, doesn’t enter the house until all humans do. and he must be TOLD he can enter/exit. he does not begin eating until i pour his food and let him know he’s allowed to eat. this and this where required reading for my sister when she told me she was getting a german shard. the second link is quite possible the best damn thing i’ve ever read in regards to male behavior. there is AMAZING game wisdom there.

damn near every red-pill woman i know that’s read it agreed with it whole heartedly. i post it a LOOOOONG time ago on my site. anyone here even considering getting a dog needs to read those 2 links. if you can internalize the second link, you will find you’re interactions with women 10000x’s better. remember what we learned last night.

“women don’t want to win, they want a winner.”

when dealing with women, i’m react the same with them as i do with Brody. i’m simply confidant, assertive, and calm. the results speak for themselves. i have an amazing, well behaved dogs. and if i run into a woman that butts heads with me in regards to my leadership, i see them as defective, and i they are voted off the island.

if you’ve spent anytime around this site, you’ll know i adore women, and i absolutely LOVE my dog. do yourself a favor and read the links i provided about dogs and pack behavior. you’ll have a better relationship with man’s best friend and you’ll be a better man to your woman; providing her with the calm, assertive, dominant man she craves.

i wonder what the red-pill Ladies over at Girls Being Girls think of this? hmmmmm. wonder if any of them will show up?

Brody. handsome devil ain't he. just like his poppa.

Brody. handsome devil ain’t he. just like his poppa.

stay up.

13 Comments on “More on Dog Game”

  1. Tin Man says:

    Agree – can’t remember who wrote the post (in fact it could have been you Danny) – but there was something about woman owning dogs. Basically saying that it perfectly illustrates the difference between Men and women.

    Personally, I’ve never had a dog that was my own – had two or three with the (x)wife, but as a single guy, I traveled too much to have one.

    Great stuff….

  2. MissMarie says:

    My mother spoils every dog we have; it’s maddening. She jibes me for being ‘mean’ and then bitches that the dog behaves for me and not her. Grrrrrr

  3. Doktor Bill says:

    Love Brody. Good looking Pup; Good Boy! Oh yeah, great post BTW

  4. Mina says:

    A lot of people mistake ‘being a leader’ to a dog with being overbearing and aggressive with it. They ought to practice first with horses; when you get it wrong with a 1200# animal you learn quickly that force doesn’t work nearly as well as firm leadership and setting personal space. Training animals is easy once you master those. Even our cat knows how to do some tricks. Cute pup – we have two big blocky-headed mutts too. They are the best but they do need good consistent handling.

  5. AKA says:

    Good CAll Danny. The “Establishing and Keeping Alpha Position” article was very relevant to keeping a woman happy. Substitute woman for dog below….

    #26 when you are around your dog avoid emotions such as fear, anxiety, harshness or nervousness. Your dog can sense these emotions and will see you as weak. This will escalate your problem as your dog feels an even stronger need to be your leader. Think Big and Powerful and be calm, assertive, and consistent. Talk less, using more body language. Picture yourself, in your own mind, as big, powerful and very sure of yourself. Pull your shoulders back and stand up straight. Your dog will feel this. This is your number one resource when it comes to communicating with your dog. Your dog will be happy and secure knowing he has a strong pack leader to care for him.

    #15. Any attention given to the dog, including petting, should be given when the human decides attention is to be given (absolutely no petting when the dog nudges or paws you or your hand. This would be letting the dog decide and reinforcing, in his mind, that he is higher on the scale than the human.)

    I also like to give my wife commands, or small chores to do for me. She likes feeling needed by the commander in chief.

    Danny, do you have any other routines like this that you like to use with your girl. Or any other rituals that reinforce your position as leader in the relationship?

  6. Stingray says:

    i’m simply confidant, assertive, and calm.

    Yep. And, heh heh, this will calm women just like it will dogs. It makes us all lovey and cuddly too and erm, other things. . . . ..

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