White Collar Brawlers

a few days ago the subject of fighting came up in the ‘Sphere. Doc mentioned it as well on his twitter and in a post.

well, i’ve been hooked on this new show on the esquire channel. it’s an interesting premise: 2 men who’ve never been in a physical fight train for 6 weeks with a professional boxing trainer and settle their differences in the ring.

i was watching it with my boy Diaz, who’s a pretty big dude and i know he’ll swing. well, at work Diaz usually has his head phones on and watches movies on vodly. well, i watching the show and out of nowhere i heard, “damn he ain’t even trying.” while one guy was training.

so there we were, 2 guys watching a show about fighting. during this particular episode, one guy was a type A individual. he talked the talk, was the office bad-ass: a stereo-typical paper tiger. the other guy guy was a total beta, and it was obvious.

but i give it to the guy, he put his whole self into the training. the other dude didn’t really take the training that seriously. and the trainer commented on it a few times. when they finally got into the ring the beta guy was WAAAAAAAY out of his element. but he did manage to get in a few shots.

he lost the fight, but he gained something MUCH more profound.

he had gained a level of self respect he never thought he’d have in his life. both guys did. i’ve always been VERY wary of men who’ve never been in a physical altercation. it’s a part of manhood.i’m not saying it’s the solution to all your issues, but a man needs to have his lip/nose busted at least once.

if you get a chance, you should check it out. now get out there and learn to fight. fucking pussy. lol.

below is the fight i mentioned above.

stay up.

11 Comments on “White Collar Brawlers”

  1. MMA says:

    I couldn’t agree with this more.

    I’ve trained and I’ve fought. I’ve also studied a lot of tape on the topic along the way.

    I think it comes down to two things.

    Know how to strike and be relentless when you do.

    Close the distance, get the opponent down on the ground, and keep striking until they submit (or are dead). This is why Brazillian ju Jitsu has been such a dominate technique in UFC, particularly in the early bouts. Not one knew how to handle it, and by UFC 4 the serious contenders had added ground fighting to their skill set.

    There is a hell of a lot of truth in that cliche line from Fight Club. How much do you really know about yourself until you’ve been in a fight.

  2. earl says:

    “Stop looking for blood dammit and keep punching.”


  3. Chris says:

    Great Canadian show along the same topic just aired: “Cubicle to the Cage”. The episodes are here: https://www.youtube.com/user/hamiltonontkeith

  4. earl says:

    Honestly…I think more men would make the beta to alpha switch much easier through physical fighting over pick up artistry and having sex with ladies.

    Does Roosh look like a fighter to you?

  5. Burkendah says:

    I have never been in a physical confrontation before. Aside from the playing rugby and football in high school. Does this mean I am not trustworthy?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      that’s pretty passive aggressive, but i’ll bite.

      i don’t know you. but you have to understand the mentality behind it, there’s no explaining it. where i come from it’s very common for boys to fight. and the “trustworthy” part doesan’t make you a bad person, but you gain something when you fight that’s essential to manhood. but don’t worry, a man never being in a fight is pretty common in our current western society.

  6. Random Angeleno says:

    Been there, done that, black eyes, bloody noses, nasty contusions, a few stitches here and there. But the childhood bullies usually left me alone when they figured out how nasty I was in getting back at them. Since reaching adulthood, there’s something about men and respecting each other’s physicality that’s part of getting in each other’s faces then backing off without throwing punches. There’s that line, most of us know where it is. Something girls don’t get.

    I’ve boxed a couple of times, holy crap, that may have been the most exhausting 3 minutes of my life every time I did it. Hence I have huge respect to the guys who do this for 12 or 15 rounds.

  7. dannyfrom504 says:

    when Ray popped my chin, i NEVER wanted to experience that again. lol.

    On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 7:05 PM, dannyfrom504

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