Emotional Rape

Patrice O’neal changed my entire outlook on women and relationships. well last night one his HBO specials came on from 2005. and while it’s classic Patrice genius, he touches on something i found interesting in this area of men being sexual predators and women being perpetual victims

in the special Patrice touched on a very interesting subject. he referenced mike tyson’s obvious innocence when he was convicted of rape. then he posits that women “emotionally rape” men because they aren’t built to handle rejection. so he states they resort to emotional rape, by forcing us to have emotions they already have. what’s emotional rape? her asking-

“you miss me?”

if you say no, she kills the pussy. so you’re forced to say yes, when men really don’t express themselves like that. but you say yes so you don’t kill the pussy, then you end up wanting to cry in the bath tub because you’ve admitted something you don’t really mean but you’ve said and now she thinks you like her like that.

admit it, you’ve been there. you’ve agreed to things a woman brings up simply to keep access to sex DESPITE your not really agreeing with her sentiment. and sadly it happens all too often and woman are WAY too comfortable doing this. and YES…..i’m guilty of falling for this too.

if you want to see the whole routine, here it is. around the 16 minute mark is where it gets good. and the 22:00 mark deals with “emotional rape”

stay up.

OH, the official dannyfrom504 christmas card (NSFW) is available. it’s the same as last years, but if i get a new one, i’ll happily send it. just ask for it in the comment sec ion of the posts i run up until the 25th. ho-ho-ho mother fucker.

16 Comments on “Emotional Rape”

  1. William Rex says:

    Patrice is the man, RIP. I’ve been listening recently to the old Black Phillip radio show he did. Great stuff.

  2. Spawny Get says:

    So it’s the same card of you wearing the cute little elf outfit again? Cool!

  3. Spawny Get says:

    Enjoyed listening to your session with Aurini, nice tone of guys shooting the shot whilst passing on the attitudes men need nowadays. Cheers

  4. earl says:

    Al Bundy line…

    “you miss me?”

    “With every bullet so far.”

  5. Mister E says:

    It’s all a power struggle…every bit of it. It’s how women attempt to control someone or a situation. They are masters when it comes to emotions and know how to use them to get their own way. Women know (think, if your red-pill) they have the power of the pussy and they will use it to get anything they want, anytime they want. The weapons guys need to kill these uprisings; negging, outcome independence, attitude of a man with greater vision, etc. Kill the hamster, get your life back.

  6. Marshallaw says:

    Reported recently in British media that Tyson can’t enter the country because of his previous rape conviction….. how a false rape accusation can effect your travel plans years after????

  7. aneroidocean says:

    Emotional rape. Interesting. I’d say that men feel emotion for longer periods of time. They have higher levels of commitment. Women’s emotions are strong, but more often fleeting.

  8. aneroidocean says:

    Oh, and I’d absolutely love another christmas card if you end up with a new one.

  9. xsplat says:

    I get the “did you miss me” question often from a relatively new girl. She’ll also ask me if I love her! I never answer either question, or if I do it’s with a terse and stern “don’t ask me that”.

    I don’t see a need to break up entirely with misbehaving girls. It’s more a matter of training them and investing in them to the degree that they are helpful.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      agreed Sir. Thanks for chiming in.

      patrice had a bit where he said it was his job to train a new girlfriend to be HIS girlfriend.

      On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 12:52 AM, dannyfrom504

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