Merry Christmas From Dannyfrom504

i have a christmas card for my site. i’d be more than happy to send you one. simply comment in this post that you’d like one (NSFW) and i’ll send it to you via the email addy you give to comment. if you’ve been following for a while, it’s the same card i sent last year. BUT….

i’m working on getting a new card. the work schedule makes it a tad difficult, but i’m dedicated to my readers and i will work tirelessly to get you old school readers a new card.

you deserve it for wasting your life reading my horse-shit. lol.

stay up.

27 Comments on “Merry Christmas From Dannyfrom504”

  1. Greg says:

    Card Please.

  2. Daryl says:

    Card For Me Too. Thanks.

  3. Acme Rocket says:

    I always appreciate a good NSFW picture. Please, send one my way.

  4. If I comment about my Hawks spanking your flyers can I still request a card?

  5. RojoC says:

    Aww yeah, its this time of the year again. One to go please.

  6. Bill says:

    Fire One, please. I think you sent me one last year, but…

  7. v.rebel says:

    Hi danny, please send me one i’d like to see my gf’s face when she receive it!

  8. Chester says:

    Send me some NSFW Christmas cheer. Thank you good sir.

  9. Feminist Whisperer says:

    Of course I want one and it had better not be dancing candle fags!!!!! Stoya doing some reading always works for me

  10. Feminist Whisperer says:

    I had NO idea you were a Nigerian Oil Prince wanting to sell me viagra….

  11. russe says:

    fuck christmas.

    (hit me)

  12. Ol'BlueEyes says:

    Card over here, please. And may your hemorrhoids shrink without surgery.

  13. Faust says:

    Fuck man, is it that time of the year already?
    Seems like just yesterday I got the last one. I’ll take it anyway, can never have too many NSFW pics.

  14. This the season…. hit me

  15. solemnsentinel says:

    Merry Christmas man, thanks for all the knowledge. I’ll take a card please.

  16. Anonynerd says:

    I could use a Christmas card, if it’s no too late.

  17. RadRave says:

    This better be good enough to make up for all the scented candle posts.

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