Dating’s Dead, Hanging Out is In

been putting off writing this since it entails a TON of dialogue. so i decided i’ll only add the necessary dialogue. k. but i figured this was apropos since it’s HUMP DAY.

about a month ago i landed a waitress’ number at my local. i made it a point to mention taking her on a date. i texted, no response. texted her again, she replied about 20 minutes later that she wasn’t working, but she was “busy”.

i deleted her number.

well, 2 weeks ago after work i stopped off at La Nopolera for some dinner. i had a book of poetry from Becquer so i brought it with me. i’m a big fan of carrying a book with me when i go to a restaurant, coffee shop or any place i’m going to be sitting and passing the time. the exception being my local or a strip club. and poetry is perfect because you can read and stop quickly when interrupted. and, well….most women LOVE poetry.

the hostess asked me if i had a seating preference and i answered with, “cute waitress section” and smiled. the hostess laughed and brought me to my table. i perused the menu and decided on the carne asada plate.

my waitress (Krissy) showed up and took my drink order. i ordered sweet tea and she asked me what i was reading. i told her it was some poetry by Becquer and she said she’d never heard of him. i explained he was a poet from southern spain that wrote some of the best romantic poetry i’d ever heard. then i asked her if she read.

she replied that the only things she reads now are her textbooks for college. turns out she’s going to be an RN. the conversation easily segued into me mentioning i worked in the medical field as well. after 2 minutes of small talk she left to get my drink.

she brought me my tea and since there really weren’t many people there she asked me about the book. girl was cute. soft 7. small, about 110 lbs, came across as a relatively feminine and sweet girl, and she’s 20. when she said she never read much poetry i told her a little about the poet and his relatively sad life. she asked if she could hear on of his poems and i searched one of his most famous.

“What is poetry? you ask, while fixing
your blue pupil on mine.
What is poetry! And you are asking me?
Poetry… is you.”

it’s a pretty crude translation, but she really seemed to like it. i told her it was more beautiful in spanish. and i read the actual poem.

“¿Qué es poesía?, dices mientras clavas
en mi pupila tu pupila azul.
¡Qué es poesía! ¿Y tú me lo preguntas?
Poesía… eres tú.”

THIS got her. she said it really was more beautiful in spanish. i negged her with, “aren’t you supposed to be taking my order.” and smiled slyly at her. she smiled, broke eye contact, and asked me what i wanted. i gave her my order and she left.

i continued to read and eventually she brought me my food. we made a little small talk then she left to let me eat. she checked on my one or two more times and i eventually asked for the check. before she could leave i told her, “but it’s not looking good for your tip.” she smiled and asked what she had done. i told her-

“you really aren’t wearing enough flair. sorry”

she laughed and said Nop really doesn’t do the “flair” thing. i told her it didn’t matter and the customer is always right. again, i smiled after i told her that. she laughed and i used my usual “you have a really cute laugh, your dude’s lucky”.

she replied that with work and school she didn’t have time for a boyfriend. i looked at her for a few seconds, grabbed my phone with the keypad open, handed it to her and said, “cool, we need to hang out some time.” she took my phone and punched in her number. i paid my bill (i left $4 on a $12 tab).

i texted her 2 times over the following week. the first i opened with “please tell me the flair issue is resolved.” she responded back with telling me to let her know when i planned on coming back and she’d be wearing more. i didn’t respond.

the next text was a quick, “what is your cute ass doing atm?” she responded with “studying”. i told her pretty soon she was gonna need some “RnR”. she agree and i didn’t respond back. 2 days later i texted her around 9pm. she works the 5-close shift because of school. just so happened she was at work. when i texted her, she replied she was closing and it was busy.

i replied with, “cool, here’s my address, bring me some chicken tenders. i’ll pay you when you get here.” now, i live less than 10 minutes from her work. i employed the bringing me food tactic to prevent her from flaking. just like the handing a girl your phone when you want her number, most women will go along with a solid frame. without her bringing me food, her hamster might have made her flake.

i gave her a REASON to come to my house.

around 11:45 my doorbell rang. lol. i let her in and of course she had my chicken tenders like a good girl. i asked her how much they were and she told me she didn’t pay for them, one of the kitchen white-knites made her an order. she walked in the house (i have an open floor plan 3 bedroom/2 bath house) and she commented on my not having a sofa. i said, “yeah i gave it away.” she asked why and i told her it was a long story. then she made note of the AK-47, .22 pistol, and .9 milli vanilli sitting on the floor. i told her that that was a few of the MANY firearms in the house. fortunately she’s a southern girl so it didn’t really phase her. lol.

i asked her if she were thirsty and that i had water, tea, juice, and coconut milk (i told you, i live with an asian chick). she asked for wine. i told her, “i’m not really down with contributing to the delinquency of a minor”. she laughed and replied with, “i doubt that’s going to be the worst thing that happens here tonight.” GOOD GIRL. i looked at her oddly and said, “what the hell are you talking about, i was about to fire up the xbox so we could play call of duty”. i rolled my eyes after i said it. lol.

i told her the front part of the house was basically my room-mates so we didn’t go down there, then brought her to my room and she paused and asked why i didn’t have a bed.

“i gave it, my night stands and dresser away.”

she asked why and i again told her, “long story.” i showed her the my bathroom and she lit up. “now THIS is what i’m talking about.” i then informed her she needed to EARN the privilege of using my tub. she smiled, tilted her head slightly and asked, “oh do i?” this was the moment. i looked her in the eyes, hooked a finger into the front of her jeans, kept eye contact and pulled her towards me slowly.

we kissed for about 2 minutes and i told her, “let’s go get your wine.”

i poured her half a glass and i sat at my spot in the living room by my coffee table. she sat next to me DESPITE the fact that i have a very comfy round chair that spins and is loaded with pillows. we made small talk for a minute and she asked about the blanket we were sitting on; how it looked old. i told her-

“yeah, i think i got it when i was 6-7.”

she gushed, “this is from when you were a BOY, AAAAAAW, that’s so cute.” and her sentiment was genuine. of course brody was licking her leg (he does that to EVERYONE, he’s such an attention whore), and she made a comment to him about her getting “doggy kisses”. i added, “yeah, at least someone’s getting some action around here.” she looked at me, put down her wine, and leaned into me.

we stared kissing and soon enough we were getting handsy. then her shirt/bra came off. then my shirt. then i took her hand and walked her to my room (sans) brody. when we were done, she bathed in the tub, and i showered. when i got out she asked me to sit in front of her in the tub so she could bathe me (DAMN what a good girl). then i told her i needed to have my “front cleaned”. lol. i left the tub and she asked me if i’d bring her her wine (the tub has a rack that allows for a book, and a thing to holds a wine glass by the stem).

i brought her her glass and went into the living room to watch tv. i started answering comments on the site. when she was done in the tub, she came out and sat next to me and asked what i was doing. i told her i was answering comments from my website. she asked me what the site was.

oh boy. here we go.

i told her i host a web site that teaches guys how to understand and attract women. she looked at me, mouth agape and said, “shut the fuck up Danny.” i left the site “dashboard” and went to the homepage. her eyes widened. i kid you not she read for almost 30 minutes. then she asked if i were going to write about “her”. i told her i wanted to and if i did i’d change her name and where she worked. i told her to text me after she reads it, she knows it’s going up tonight and i can’t wait to hear what she has to say about it.

in just over a week, i went from a number close to a +1. now, i fully admit, a large part of “Danny game” is reactionary. my responses are ad-lib and based largely on what she gives me to work with. but for the most part i’m sure you can see what i did land this young lady. humor and negs make up a BIG part of how i interact with women. class dismissed. lol.

stand by for tomorrow post about the conversation we had AFTER she’d read it.

the bed. i decided to go more luxury and bought a $30 sleeping bag to put on top my pallet.

the bed. i decided to go more luxury and bought a $30 sleeping bag to put on top my pallet.

stay up.

31 Comments on “Dating’s Dead, Hanging Out is In”

  1. RojoC says:

    I appreciate your stories like these as they are informative and helpful. That being said, I also won’t copy it play by play either. I understand that shit isn’t one size fits all.

  2. earl says:

    Yeah learning to improvise in all situations is very fundamental. Sometimes all frame control is choosing how you react to a situation.

    I mean that combined with having a flimsy excuse to get her alone is all you really need.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i think a lot of guys need to take a public speaking course. for most of my time in the navy, i was an instructor of a few classes. it made me very comfortable talking to people.

  3. Mister E says:

    It was all Brody. All that leg-lickin’ gave her a want to take a bath. She just had to earn some tub-time. Brody +1.

  4. She sounds like a complete sweetheart.

    The rack with glass holder is brilliant. May have to look that up.

    Been enjoying some Goethe lately, in a bi-lingual format that works really well for my sketchy German skills as I did with Neruda and Spanish. Poems being creatures of sound, they really do sound better in their original, and translating a poem properly is almost writing it again. Having the original on one side and the English on the other is a nice way to deal with it. I should give Becquer a go.

  5. aneroidocean says:

    Que linda. I love that the simple response you give goes unquestioned, obvious that your frame is very strong when it comes to your own decision making regarding your life and how you choose to live, despite it being wholly unconventional.

  6. Feminist Whisperer says:

    Beautiful – and she sounds like a great girl.

    BTW – may I suggest some Willam Carlos William?

  7. Ashley says:

    I wonder what she thinks about you calling her a 7.

    • Feminist Whisperer says:

      Most 7s and above are accurate with their self-assessments – most 6s and down are not

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      she’s really chill. i didn’t really ask her how she felt about it. beauty is subjective. she’s a pretty girl, thats for sure. but it’s my job as a guy to keep her ego in check. too many guys fawn over a woman’s physical attributes, that leads to pedestalization.

      you’ll have to read tonight post for more.

      On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 2:36 PM, dannyfrom504

  8. davidvs says:

    may I suggest those memory foam mattress covers sold at Costco? from what you wrote earlier, I expect you’d like it more than a mattress, as well as better than on blankets. can roll up easy for any DIY move. our kids love them as mattress alternatives.

  9. Stingray says:

    i looked her in the eyes, hooked a finger into the front of her jeans, kept eye contact and pulled her towards me slowly.

    Ooooo. This is good. The only thing better is, once trust is established, doing this firmly and quickly right into the man’s . . . errr. . . chest.

    She sounds like a sweet girl, I sure hope she took things at least decently after reading your site. It’s a lot to take in for the uninitiated. Especially for women.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Actually she said it was pretty surreal reading it, but she will have no part in commenting.

      She said reading the site and some of the things she read, if she didn’t know me, she’d think I were a pretentious asshole. But that knowing me she reads it and she just laughs.

      I can be a very charming bastard when I want to be. I mean I was making jokes during sex.

      Who does that? Lol.

    • Stingray says:

      if she didn’t know me, she’d think I were a pretentious asshole.

      Yep. This is why I get such a huge laugh at women who come to the male sites and say, “well, I would never sleep with you, you big jerk!” (of course, after they threaten to cut off your testicles). If these women were to ever meet any of you all in real life, well, we know what would happen if you gentlemen decided you want to.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Lol. Got a text from her where she told one of her coworkers about the site, let her read the post. Her friend said, ” what a douche bag. This has to be made up.”

        Then she told her it was about her, that she had slept with me. Lol. Her friend really didn’t believe it.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      later i’m posting the talk we had after the sex went down.

  10. stevie tellatruth says:

    I’m more impressed with the fact you let us see that first girl flaked out on you. Most bloggers in the m’sphere act like that never happens to them.

  11. Phoenix says:

    Yep, who needs furniture to fuck anyway. LOL

  12. […] well, i already told that story. you might want to try some Neruda or Lorca for spanish poetry. i’m also a fan of Rainer […]

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