Pillow Talk

when we last spoke i was telling you how i violated a man’s daughter (she HATES that i call it that). so, she had read my site and was a tad befuddled, but at the same time she admitted that she knew there was something about that was “way too confidant”.

she was actually really cool about letting me write about this. as i explained what i had done to get her nakie she just shook her head and said she felt like she should be mad for me manipulting her into doing this. i laughed and pointed out the fact that she manipulates men on a daily basis, whether she realizes it or not. she thought about it for a moment then i added, “didn’t dude just make you my tenders for nothing.”

“whether you asked or not, you got what she wanted. just like i got what i wanted.” lol.

i explained to her how the SMP works now, how she’s basically in the driver’s seat and that (by and large) she determines who, what, where, and when sex goes down. how most guys are really clueless when it comes women, that woman are actually pretty easy to understand, and how most guys kiss women’s asses (especially if she’s attractive).

then i asked her if she has any brothers or male cousins (she has an older brother), and i asked if he hunted (he does). i asked, “do you think a man just walks into a forest, sees a deer, picks it up and just carries it back to the truck? HELL NO. he has to know how to find where the deer are most likely to be, and how to attract a deer within shooting range. gee doesn’t that almost sound a little like the dating world. if i want a woman, i need to where to find one, then how to lure one back into my filthy mitts. essentially, i shot your vagina.”

she laughed, “i never thought of it like that, but it kinda makes sense.”

i told her, “a lot of guys pigeon hole game by thinking it’s simply about getting laid. but the reality is- game is about being the type of guy other people enjoy being around. i’m not trying to get guys laid, i actually want guys to be better men.”

she said, “if you weren’t leaving in march, i’d spoil you rotten to get you to be my bf.” i told her, “no you wouldn’t, your sorry ass would probably fake a pregnancy. honestly, what went wrong in your life where you let my old ugly ass fuck you?” she laughed and slapped my arm.

then we got into my lack of furniture.

“so, why did you get rid of all your stuff Danny.” i explained that i was retiring from the navy soon, and that i’ll be living out a trailer trailer on my cousins property in southern louisiana, and that i’m buying a few acres for a hunting camp. when she asked about me ever getting married i told her essentially i was a MGTOW’r. that marriage for men is a bad idea and that i didn’t want to risk what could happen if i got divorced.

now, this girl is 20. i explained that i adore women, but i just couldn’t take the risk involved with marriage. she didn’t seem convinced so i gave her the “box of grenades” analogy. fortunately, she had a male in her family had gone through a nasty divorce. then i pointed out the lampooning of men in the MSM.

then she asked if i wanted kids. i quickly replied, “uh, no.” she seemed geinulely confused and asked me why. i told her i just didn’t want a kid. they require a LOT of time and effort, and i was happy with the companioship i get from Brody (she LOVES Brody btw). but after the conversation had run it’s course she said it seemed like somewhat of waste, that i seemed like a great guy and that i’d probably make a good dad. *aw*. and since she knows i’m leaving in march she’s really has no reason to seek a relationship, so basically i’ll be a peice of meat for the next few months. she’s USING this sailor.

you really have to give it up to southern women, most of them are pretty red-pill from the jump, and they LOVE dominant men. she ended up staying about an hour after i made a mess on her tummy and back (she said she’s on birth control, but NO). she had school the next day so she needed to get some sleep. which is cool, cause i didn’t have to tell her to hit the bricks (i KNOW i’mma get a text about that line).

but i think the funniest thing that night was her on top of me, looking to the right and saying, “never did this with a shotgun 2 feet away before.” i told her, “there’s really only one gun you need to worry about right now.”

study hard in school punkin, see you when i see you.

stay up.

my bathroom. thats the tub she went swimming in.

my bathroom. thats the tub she went swimming in.

my stand-up shower.

my stand-up shower.

14 Comments on “Pillow Talk”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    perfect. well said
    . I’m working on a nerdy sporty chick. best combination. can’t wait to “take her down”

  2. earl says:

    More than anything…it is the litany of questions and shit tests that are important to learn from.

    Look how quickly she was trying to change you…trying to make you stay, become a father, wondering why you don’t have a lot of stuff, looking at other guns.

    • Feminist Whisperer says:

      Saw that too – checking for congruency – and the more Danny stays in frame, the more attractive he is to her.

      FWIW – Danny, you would make a great father.

    • surrenderednewbea says:

      I respectfully disagree that everything she said was a shit test…saying so makes you sound bitter and loses effectiveness which is important in bringing about change. I will agree that saying she would try to spoil him so that he would be her boyfriend was a shit test…but I would say that asking why there is no furniture was curiosity…if she had then told him he needed to go buy some that would be one thing, but I would find it odd if she didn’t ask about the fact that he doesn’t have a bed. She’s twenty…she hasn’t seen enough of the world to understand that not everyone wants marriage and kids…maybe that was a shit test, maybe not.
      Maybe it’s because I am a “Southern” woman, but sometimes I wonder what women ya’ll hang out with that makes you question every little question she asks.

    • earl says:

      Checking to see if danny boy doesn’t want furniture…of if he is too poor to afford it.

    • surrenderednewbea says:

      I can see that Earl…I still think it would have been odd had she not asked. Maybe my definition of shit test is different…I am still new to this way of thinking, or maybe it is because I have been with my husband almost as long as this girl has been alive. But can we not ask any questions without it being considered a shit test? I am not trying to be difficult, in case this is misconstrued, but am truly trying to understand.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      you have to remember, she’s NEVER heard of anything regarding red-pill or MGTOW. once i explained it, she left it alone. as far as “changing me”, i didn’t see it that way. i hear that ALL.THE.TIME.

      at any rate, regardless of what she wants, all that matter is what i’m going to do. and in march, i’m gone.

    • earl says:

      That’s what a strong frame will do. You don’t even see it as them trying to change you. You are the one who determines what your life will be…and that’s why questions or statements don’t even leave a mark with you.

      Now compare than with your run of the mill blue pill man. Who is in control of their life? My guess is after the whiff of the poon blue pill man would stay where he is, buy a bunch of stuff, and have her controlling what he does. Then she leaves him for a guy like you.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        i think what a lot of you need to realize is this has been the story of my life for YEARS. i’m active duty, every 2-3 years i pick up and move. i’ve never understood the thought process behind the guys that porpose to a woman because they don’t want to break up.

        and that happens A LOT.

        this isn’t the first time i’ve had a transfer pending and was involved with someone. but in this case i’m not even really involved. for all know i could text her to hang out only to find out she’s dating someone and it wouldn’t be a good idea.

        honestly, in my mind, i’m already in louisiana.

        On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 11:05 AM, dannyfrom504

    • earl says:

      and I believe that is what most men need today…A certain mindset that won’t be tossed out when a woman or some other obstacle comes in. Find your own louisana.

  3. Lord Highbrow says:

    Hey Danny, if you haven’t listened to them before, check out Midnight Oil. Top notch Aussie rock n roll. I reckon you’ll dig ’em mate. I suggest Diesel and Dust as a jump off point.

  4. Seraph says:

    If there is one single most important takeaway I have from Game in general, one thing to distill it down, it is…

    “That’s what a strong frame will do. You don’t even see it as them trying to change you. You are the one who determines what your life will be…and that’s why questions or statements don’t even leave a mark with you.”

    Danny made me realize that after YEARS of reading reading other blogs. There is all sorts of useful, good information out there, but that is the core.

    I had struggled with the concept of frame before, but it makes a lot more sense now.

    “Now compare than with your run of the mill blue pill man. Who is in control of their life? My guess is after the whiff of the poon blue pill man would stay where he is, buy a bunch of stuff, and have her controlling what he does.”

    I was that guy, for so many years, painfully so. Even now, as I navigate the married world with Red Pill comprehension, I realize how ingrained that behavior is, how deeply it goes. It is so bad, I am literally struggling with figuring out what I want to do at times, so out of touch I am with my true self. For someone who has not been there, it sounds bizarre, I know. It seems strange to me now.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      and honestly, girl was cool about it. i keep telling guys the cruz of a soft harem is HONESTY, if you tell her or she knows up front there isn’t going to be a relationship, she’ll go along with it. if i see her 2 more times, i’d be seriously surprised.

      dry spells, sure, i get them often. but when it’s time to eat, it’s like a feast- a little of this, a little of that, OOOH look what we have here. and it’s satisfying. since i’ve gotten into my late 30, i still love women, i still LOVE gunning them down, but i also have other priorities. women are WAAAAAAAY in the back of my mind.

      when a woman knows you don’t have an agenda to fuck her (and women ALWAYS smell a beta with an agenda), they toy with them. when i interact with a woman, she’s in MY world. either i’ll pounce or i won’t. it’ll be her actions that determine where i take her.

      On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 2:00 PM, dannyfrom504

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