The Manosphere Mardi Gras Meet Up of Mass Destruction

i had to wait to post this because i was waiting for my paper work to clear. well today my div-o told me my house hunting/job hunting TAD has been approved. from 15FEB-06MAR i will be in New Orleans. Mardi Gras is March 4th.

well, the gangs getting together again for mardi gras as Uncle Mitch, Doc Illusion and Mistress, Tempest and Hubster, and yours truly are going in for round 2 in the big easy.

and you’re invited.

it’s going to be hard to get a hotel, i know, i THINK Mitch has accommodations but i’m not sure what he has planned. most likely if you get a hotel you’re ONLY going to find one in kenner and it’ll be pretty close to the airport. but that’s ok.

i live in kenner. when you fly in, you land in my fair part of the city. that just means if you find a place to crash i can pick you up. if you fly in, i WILL take you along for the festivities.

now, i’d recommend coming in the weekend of the 4th. thats when all the biggest and best parades go down. my baby sis lives with her boyfriend uptown along the parade route, so we’ll be watching the parades from close to her house. she’s actually looking forward to hosting parade parties. you’ll have a great view, booze, food, and a BATHROOM. that right there is mardi luxury.

this isn’t about going out sarging. it’s about going out and having a good time with some fun people. BUT, if you’re a PUA in training and you REALLY want- i’ll set you loose and squire you around tulane university. you know tulane, where i closed 2 in 1 night when i was stationed there.

but we’ll also head into the quarter, and if i get a chance, i’ll introduce you to the tribe. the new orleans boys. my bros in the local skateboard community. if you can cop a room, shoot me an email, when you get into the city, let me know, and text me your number.

this community has been very kind to me, and i feel i need to repay you all for it. this MMGMUOMD is my gift to you for all you guys’ support and readership. i’m even considering having a shirt made for this one. lol. and trust me, we had a fucking BLAST in vegas even though most of us had never been there.

well, i fucking OWN new orleans. lol. you’ll have a backstage pass that most tourists NEVER have.

stay up.

Mardi Gras: TITS!!!! or GTFO

Mardi Gras: TITS!!!! or GTFO

[edit- see also: this]

33 Comments on “The Manosphere Mardi Gras Meet Up of Mass Destruction”

  1. TempestTcup says:

    We are in!

    balls deep 🙂

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      just spoke with Mitch. he’s gonna post about it too. he’s got accommodations “floating”.

      i’m getting us shirts. the back will have our links and the tag will be, “MMMMOMD, if you remember it, you weren’t there”

      and mom said she can’t wait to see you guys again.

  2. aneroidocean says:

    holy crap. I’m gonna seeif I can swing this

  3. Matt Forney says:

    I’m in. Transportation is going to be tough to fit into my existing schedule—either I take a big financial hit on a flight or end up daisy-chaining train/bus rides together like an idiot—but I’m in. Fuck, I’ll hitchhike all the way from New York if I have to. I missed the Vegas meetup, I’m not missing this.

  4. Xpat Player says:

    Mind if I tag along? I’m going to be in NO for a bit of time.

  5. surrenderednewbea says:

    I am having a lovely reminiscent moment remembering a time pre-kids that Levi and I went to New Orleans:) I got some awesome beads:) 3 for 1 Rum and Cokes are dangerous, but boy was that fun! Have a blast!

  6. I’ve confirmed 3 rooms 8 miles from Bourbon Street for Thursday through Wednesday. Six nights, 3 rooms, all have 2 Queens and if we get there soon enough, all will be smoking rooms. That’s all I can do, if there’s anything else let me know.

  7. Doktor Bill says:

    Cannot wait! This should be more epic than the meet up of Doom. And T-shirts? Perfect. Even if you quit, leave the archives up-my nephew needs this info(single mom) as do many others. Luff you dude(no homo) well, not much.

  8. Goddammit. I don’t have break then!

  9. They’re in balls deep (ROFL), but I’m in neck deep – here, not in N’awlins. Dammit. I gotta break free faster, since it gets like cold molasses before you finally fight through.

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  11. […] always nice to meet the people associated with the community and i look forward to the upcoming MMGMOMD and i think meeting Lucky should be a nice sample of the hedonism to come when we all meet up […]

  12. Tin Man says:

    OK – what are the hard dates for the festivities (other than obviously Tuesday night)? There might be a couple of good stories to come of it – and we all need good stories.

  13. […] with you. and while packing shit i learned- DAMN do i have a shit load of ammo. lol. and remember, Mardi Gras is approaching. you coming? all the keel kids are gonna be there. hope to see […]

  14. […] February 27th to March 5th, the manosphere will be assembling in New Orleans to experience Mardi Gras in the only way we can: strippers, drug abuse and grievous bodily harm. […]

  15. 400 posts says:

    […] I’m here for you no matter who you are. About time you guys figured it out and join with me. Now get your respective asses to New Orleans. I pay for these things myself because I can and because it’s good for everyone who […]

  16. […] time to introspect on my past on what may be my future. i mean in 2 weeks i’ll be heading to New Orleans to go house hunting/job hunting for 20 days. when i get back i’ll have about 3 weeks of work […]

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