After Two, she’s Through

sorry Mary, your post will be up tomorrow.

a friend of mine was excited about his new girlfriend. he’s 36, she’s 28. not a bad looking girl. i only recently found out about his new lady-friend. i was having a beer with him and he was telling me how they met, how he gets along with her daughter, how’s she’s got a great job, how she recently got divorced from her SECOND husband…..

shut the front door.

i stared at him for a moment and said, “she’s been divorced TWICE?”

he nodded and mentioned how she got married pretty young and she “grew apart” from her husband. i can let that one fly. she had her daughter with her first husband. the divorce was mutual, though there’s really no proving that. she decided to give it a another go when she was 24. lasted just over 3 years and she decided she wasn’t happy and divorced her second husband.

color me fucking surprised.

what ensued was a crash course over the current state of the SMP and i told him if he wanted to date her, fine. but i told him to pay VERY.CLOSE attention to how she speaks about her ex-husband and see if she’s collecting alimony. he immediately answered that she was. i asked him-

“well if she has such a great job, why does she need alimony from her ex-husband?”

he stared back blankly. i replied, “wow, seems like a woman can make a career out of getting married every couple of years.” then i explained to him how the family court system rountinely ass rapes men in divorce settlement and they will basically award her whatever the hell she asks for. i told him to find out if there was any abuse in her second marriage and if there was a legitamate reason that she divorced him. then i told him, “i’ll give you my next 2 pay-checks if there were any abuse or legitamte reason for her to divorce him.”

he looked perplexed and i advised him to date her if he wants, but he’d be a fucking moron to marry her. personally, i think women (barring abuse or a legitimate reason) she’d be held to a 2 marriage rule. she should be denied (especially if she’s collecting alimony) marriage after she’s divorced more than 2 men.

it would be nice if the family court system would show some fucking logic and quit awarding a woman multiple alimonies, and yes, i know a woman who was once collected alimont from 2 ex husbands simultaneously. she was a waitress at my local. before that she worked as a cashier at a winn-dixie. i think that should tell you the quality of woman we’re dealing with.

must be nice to be a woman. you get married, pop out a kid, dump hubby and collect child support (where dad has NO say in how/what it’s spent on) and alimony; then go out, and get married again

rinse, repeat.

i LOVE when people find out my age (especially women) then ask me when i plan on “settling down”? i tell them exactly what you’ve read above and 90% of the women tell me i can’t go into a marrige with that kind of mentality. then i inform them that they have the LUXURY of not having to think like that because in divorces they get everything.

besides, i have more options now. lol. fuck marriage.

then woman have the gall to bitch and moan about “where have all the good men gone?” when instead men should be asking this and this

interesting how young women typically agree with me on this, but when i suggest it to a woman +30 or that has been divorced twice, out come the claws and crys for my castration. sad. sorry toots, decisions have consequences.

food for thought, you do the dishes.

stay up.

sorry for being Danny downer….. a bit of mood music. these guys are fucking good.

16 Comments on “After Two, she’s Through”

  1. earl says:

    “If one’s an incident, two’s a coincidence, and three’s a pattern…”

    what number is this dude again?

  2. JG says:

    Alimony from two ex-husbands? Insane!

  3. Edwin Calais says:

    It’s perfectly reasonable to count common-law as “marriage” as well, since the government does. Here in my province of British Columbia, it was declared just this past March that all common-law relationships are defacto 100% legal marriages after two years, subject under no uncertain circumstances to 100% of all marriage laws, unless a pre-common-law agreement has been formalized beforehand. (Guess who funded this legislation? Yup, the BC Law Society). This was always kinda sorta the rule here, but having a pre-common-law agreement was unadvisable because even simply having one indicated that you did indeed have a common-law relationship, whereas before there were a few loopholes you could still slip through. Now you’d better get one, or you’re fucked!

    But, since the good Gov’t considers common-law to be 100% the same as a legal marriage, no ifs ands or buts, from now on, so do I. (Btw, way to go Tradcons! Not a fucking peep in defense of marriage or protest about this, yet this destroys the concept of marriage as much as, or more than, gay marriage. Boneheads! Since marriage is now anything, it is also nothing)

    Been married twice? How many unmarried guys have you lived with that you weren’t married to? Three? Well… you’ve been married five times now and are shopping for your sixth husband. And you’re only forty? Hmmm… and Liz Taylor was only on her fourth marriage at forty…

    What’s the market like for sixth husbands, anyway?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      game is the best defense. if a man wants a woman in his life, if has a strong red-pill foundation and game, access to sex is easy. i NEVER allow when too feel my house is theirs nor do treat her place as if it were mine.

      i’m not falling into what you mentioned above.

      thanks for chiming in.

      On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 8:12 PM, dannyfrom504

  4. Charlotte says:

    My dad was 34 when he married my mom, a 38-year-old career woman and divorcee with an adult child from her first marriage. She had every red flag you read about in the manosphere. She quickly ballooned from 130 pounds to almost 300, and although the first 20 years of their marriage was great, she’s spent the past several years complaining of being unhaaaapy for vague reasons. They’re both pretty miserable now. What really sucks is that he’s already been through the ringer twice – his first wife cheated on him with the neighbor and took their daughter when she left, and his second wife got child custody and lifetime alimony despite the fact that the marriage ended because of her physical and emotional abuse. He ought to be the poster child for what happens to men who fail to heed red pill warnings about the true nature of women, and who marry women with baggage. A woman with two divorces under her belt should be out of the question.

  5. Here’s my two bitcoins: I recommend to all men to SCREEN WOMEN HARD. For me personally, if she’s fat, tatted up, a single mom, blew up a marriage & family, or taking alimony, she’s done. In addition, all men should take time to think, sit down ,and write about what qualities they want in woman. Then go to the locations where she’ll be. Part slueth, part sniper.

  6. 8to12 says:

    “One and done” should be the standard.

    Once you’ve crossed a line the first time (for anything in life) it’s easy to cross it the second time.

    The ONLY woman with a marriage history a man should consider marrying is a WIDOW.

    Why should any man settle for a divorcee? A divorce is an indication she wasn’t marriage material in the first place or doesn’t have enough common sense to understand what is (and isn’t) important in a husband (aka he was a nice guy; I loved him, but wasn’t in love with him).

  7. […] should get no more than 2 divorces. I think Danny’s one divorce too […]

  8. Phoenix says:

    My mom divorced my dad after 18 years of marriage. Dad was a nice guy who let my mom bitch and complain about various things without saying a peep. Drove my dad crazy.

    To this day, my mom’s stubborn attitude kicks back to me, and I recently had enough of it that I scolded her. She demanded an apology from me, that I shouldn’t treat her that way because she’s my mom.

    I never will give her an apology. I’m not stupid and I refuse to be beta again.

    My sister went 2 years and divorced. Was engaged recently but broke it off. Next time I hear anything about her dating somebody, I’ll ask her why she’s doing it.

    I think marriage for women is a 1-and-done deal. For men, 3-strikes-you’re-out. Save whatever assets you have left.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      There was a guy that used to work with me that was on his 4th marriage. In each one, the woman dumped him. And for the record, this guy was the ultimate omega.

      Sent from my iPhone


    • Phoenix says:

      Haha fuck man he hasn’t figured anything out.

      I forgot to mention – my mom’s attitude shifted tremendously after our dispute. The iron hammer slapped some sense I guess.

      There’s another friend of mine – his last 2 girlfriends always accused him of cheating when he hung out with our group of friends (guy group).
      Saw him at a party Sat night and it was the same shit going on with a new girl – but this new girl is preggers with their baby.

      Nice guys do finish last – that will never change.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Aw damn. Yeah, some guys just won’t get it.

        I’ll have to write about the night I got invited out and he was there. I was told it was just me and 2 other girls I worked with, and when I showed up he was there. I bounced after 20 minutes.

        He did some serious pussy omega shit.

    • Phoenix says:

      hah funny you bring that up. I had 2 female co-workers with me at a bar once when *sniff sniff* a bitter beta hit on one of them. I came over, took her hand and went to the other side of the bar. She gripped me back.

      An hour later we went back to her place. Done deal. And if a bar is a sausagefest, expect this kind of shit to happen and be ready to protect your investment.

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