Comedy Game Genius

God bless youtube.

i first saw “the appointments of dennis jennings” when i was a kid. it cracked me up, and i was only about 10-11 at the time. comedy parallels game. if you can see the jokes and comedy in this short movie, you’re well on you way to red-pill game Jedi mastery. and it’s PACKED with jokes.

you see, when you watch stand up, the jokes are obvious. this entire short movie is all dead pan (if you know stephen wright, then you know his style) so you have to pay attention to the dialogue. there are several parts where i just dropped my head and started giggling. if you care to comment, go ahead. but i will NOT point out the jokes; either you get it, or you don’t.

you can ask anyone that went to vegas meet up, i can make a joke or witticism in nanoseconds after a comment is made. it’s the same thing when i talk to a woman. she makes a statement and i make her laugh. it’s usually self-deprciation, sometimes a neg, and sometimes it’s slightly sexual. i can never predict what i’ll say.

had a friend that ran gorilla game when we’d go out. girls would approach because him, and they stay because i made the laugh. the women never had a chance. now, watch and see if you can see what i see.

now WHY do i suggest watching this video? understanding humor woks WONDERS with game. ask yourself- how many women have you met that complained about a guy making her laugh. laughter leads to comfort and validation. she’ll more likely be open to conversing with you. humor and comfort lead to IOI’s. IOI’s lead to escalation. escalation leads to a number and/or a kiss.

i was at work surfing and ran across this little gem. could there be a shift in opions? i wonder. thank God i’ll be in southern louisiana where tough men are the norm. and our women embrace femininity.

aaaaaaand, interesting thing happened at work today and had a dude come in for an X-ray of his foot. his girl (solid 8) was with him and as i walked him to the exam room she was following, soon i could see was going to follow him in (MAJOR NO-NO, especially since she’s female), and looked back and said, “it’ll just be a second, hang beck here for a moment- referring to the waiting area. did the exam and QC’d the images. as i got back to the front desk my co-worker said, “she said you were really rude.” he rolled his eyes because he had HEARD what i said.

aaaaaw. look at what happens when princess get’s told no. she’s not the problem, i am. how many guys you think just let her do whatever the hel; she wants.

off to NO tomorrow and it looks like i’ll be meeting Lucky Lothario this week. this should be interesting.

stay up.

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