The Innocuous Compliment

to neg or not to neg, that is the question.

i’m not here to sway one way or the other. but a lot guys fuck up when complimenting a woman. i’ll give my 2 cents on complimenting.

i usually compliment a woman’s ear rings. the compliment and WHY you like them are irrelevant. you’re setting up for a neg. usually, i’ll say, “i like your ear rings.” and usually she thank me. then i’ll ask WHY she choose to wear them. whatever she tells you is irrelevant. it’s just a set up for this, “well, i approve. they bring attention to your eyes. and your eyes are quite nice if i may say.”

it’s polite, flirty, and non-supplicating in nature. a compliment is fine. especially you make her all tingly and follow with a neg. i usually say, “but we REALLY need to talk about your hair/shirt/jeans, etc.

most guys compliments are supplicating in nature. “Damn, yer hot.” will get you nothing more than a thank you and she’ll look away. you use this approach and you’re dead in the water.

remember, you want to kick the pedestal out from under her. the most I’ll compliment a woman’s looks is with calling her cute. NO WOMAN wants to be called cute.

they call it game for a reason, it’s supposed to be fun. Complimenting her if fine, as long as you make her work for it and have fun with her.

if that doesn’t, try using axe. I hear that shit gets you laid immediately. I’ll be in NO tomorrow and meeting up with Lucky Lothario. i’ll be bringing him to tulane university so I can get his British ass some over educated liberal poon.

stay up.

15 Comments on “The Innocuous Compliment”

  1. Mister E says:

    Since finding the manosphere, it’s been like waking up from a bad dream. I’m paying lots closer attention to how people interact and it’s been amazing to watch. I’ve also been trying the neg on my wife and it shuts her hamster down lickety-split. Good bye shit tests! Just the other day she mentioned to me how she had lost a few pounds. My response to her was “Well, where did they go? You know you are always losing stuff around the house.” Now, later on I did tell her that I was glad that she had lost some weight and that she was trying to be healthier.

    I used to be so blue-pill it wasn’t funny. Tried to compliment her all the time for sex and it seemed like the more I did that the more she resisted. I’m going to teach my son to be red-pill and do it right from the start.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude, my 22 year old nephew is a wolf. Been teaching him since he was a kid what I knew about women. After boot camp he said it clicked.

    • Tin Man says:

      Totally agree with you….so much to (re)learn for an older (yet devilishly handsome) guy like me. I might still be married if I would have found this stuff about 10 years ago – or as I’ve also said, either that, or would have left her on the curb a long time ago.

    • Mister E says:

      You know, my first impression when reading Danny’s stuff was that he was a braggart and came off as being over the top. It all just seemed to be too good to be true. A man not needing any money, looks or all the other features that one normally thinks one needs to get a girl. My old self would have stopped right there and went onto some lame-ass girly mag to see what latest self-help article was flavor-of-the-day for a man down on luck in relationship land. Luckily, I kept reading and started thinking back to my own experiences with my marriage and past relationships and things just began to click. Now, I know I can’t go back and fix all the mistakes I’ve made, but I sure as heck can put the do and don’ts to the test. And so far, it all works.

  2. Feminist Whisperer says:

    Throwing in a “dork” or two is so perfect there as well….Those earrings are so classy and go well with the dorky jeans…

  3. Dammit, danny, now I have to clean the coffee off the monitor…

  4. Tin Man says:

    I’ve been wondering about the whole neg thing — lots of advice out there seems a bit too far or not really my style (which is the first thing most guys should become aware of, their natural style – as long as it’s not to kiss someone else’s ass, that’s not a style as much as a lifestyle).

    Hadn’t thought of the word “cute” as being a negative. I feel the same way about a woman calling me “sweet” – just seems a big negative (so any suggested comebacks if a woman calls you sweet?). Dork/Dorky would also work, if it’s a natural word for you.

    And saying something like….”BUT, we really need to talk about your….” is perfect – delivered with a smirk or grin would add some emphasis.

  5. teebradford says:

    I agree for the most part, as long as the neg is not “contrived”. Heartiste said it best:
    “If you insult a girl, she’ll turn on you. If you neg a girl, she’ll turn on herself”.

  6. Faust says:

    Huh. I thought women wanted to be called cute. Clearly this is a gap in my knowledge.

    Why does it bother them?

  7. Charlotte says:

    I have a lot of respect for men who can do a good neg, because I think it’s an easy thing to get wrong. I’ve witnessed some pretty cringe-inducing neg attempts where the woman walks away angry and insulted and the man can’t figure out what went wrong. And of course, every woman has her own idea of where a neg ends and an insult begins, and it can change with her moods. You’re basically shooting at a moving target while blindfolded.
    It’s kind of annoying when my husband gives me genuine, lovey-dovey compliments, but somehow I love it when he does things like offer a hand to pull me off the couch when my 9-months-pregnant belly makes it hard, but then say he’s just helping return the beached whale to the ocean. Then he’ll make whale sounds and tell me he’s trying to communicate with me in my native tongue. He’ll say he appreciates all the work I out into breastfeeding, then call me a cow and moo at me, or say my pregnant belly makes me beautiful even though it also makes me look like Jabba the Hutt. I have no idea why I love it, but I do. The neg is one of those counterintuitive things that doesn’t seem like it could possibly work, but when you stop to think about it, you realize it does.

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