MMGMOMD: Pregame- Day One with Lucky

it was around 6pm when i got the text from Lucky Lothario that he wanted to know a good place to eat. i told him to hang on, i was coming to get him. soon enough we found each other and where heading for the quarter.

found a parking spot and i was going to take him to Johnny’s but they were closed. i ended up taking him to the clover for a burger. from there we went to tropical isle for a hand grenade and we walked bourbon and a few places in the FQ that i frequent. bourbon was basically dead so he wanted to head to frenchmen where he had “success” the night before. fine.

he ended up cold approaching a cute blonde who was with a friend. i let him do his thing until i heard blondie’s friend mention it was her berfdae. i told her about the NO tradition of safety pinning a $1 just above her tit and local’s will ask if it’s her birthday and will give her a dollar. brunette immediately exclaimed, “SEE, I TOLD YOU.” she even had the plastic tiara and all. Lucky copped her number and we were off.

we ended up in a jazz club on frenchmen and after about 15 minutes Lucky’s blonde showed up. we were standing by the door and i heard her tell him, “whatever you do, keep talking.” i laughed and after a minute i took a chair facing the stage. the band came on and Lucky talked to girl for about 10 minutes, then she split. we watched the band and left after about 15 minutes. Lucky commented, “i can’t believe all this free.” frenchmen was a wash so we went back to bourbon.

on bourbon we walked around a bit and i pointed out the tropical isle i took Paw-Paw (RIP) for his last drink in the quarter, Lucky quickly stepped up, “let’s have a drink for Paw-Paw. we got a hand grenade and walked bourbon. again, it was dead. finally, know he wanted some girl action i told him we were going to a strip club.

ok, bear in mind the good clubs in NO feature the A-listers at clubs around the gulf coast. they drive in for a week to work, make 10 times what they make at home, and head back. a lot of the girls will do this sometimes once a month. there typically isn’t a cover charge but the beer is WAAAAAAAY over priced.

we got settled and the girls did what the girls do- they approach, talk to you for about 5 minutes then ask if you’d like a dance. the proper response is, “i just kinda got here. i’m with my boy right now. let us get settled, then maybe later.” and off she goes. now, we spent 5…..FIVE dollars on tipping the girls. i finally number closed this dallas girl, OH, and yes….i mentioned the blog to damn near every girl. they asked how i met some British guy and i replied, “i have a webpage that he follows.” (didn’t want to out him as a blogger). well, once she left, i approached the cute little brunette dancing topless on a back stage. we talked to for a minute, i ended up mentioning the site and she says, “THIS JUST GOT INTERESTING.” i laughed and went to the table with Lucky.

strap in kids, here’s where it get’s good.

girl came to our table and pulled up a chair between us. after a minute of small talk she asks about my site. i pull it up on my phone and bring up the female ejaculation. she reads a little then says DEFIANTLY, “ok, we’ll let my girl read this, she’s a squirter.” i laugh and tell her fine. her girl finally comes over (they’re both from tampa) and girl hands her friend the phone. in less than 2 minutes girl is smiling ear to ear, nodding yes, and shifting in her chair.

while she’s reading it and throwing out TONS of kino at me, i tell her, “why you sitting so far away?” she JUMPED into my lap. we made small talk and i kept carpet bombing her after every flirt i gave with, “how wet are you?” she’d cover her mouth and slapped me and tell me to stop.

this went on for almost 10 minutes before i got her number. i looked over and Lucky had her friend in his lap and was showing her this. by now, i had felt her up (a no no unless you’re in VIP), had her kiss me (on the cheek), massage my back, and had set up a time to meet up and had talked about her coming up to jacksonville or possibly here when i retire to come see me.

they were with us over 30 minutes and not once mentioned a dance. they drove here from Tampa to make money, and we took them out of their game and brought them into ours.

finally, girl wanted some water, me and Lucky had finished our beer, and Lucky was looking off (he was getting drunk). i told him at the start of the night i’d take him home around 10-11.

it was after 2am. lol.

we called it a night and walked over to the girls at the bar and told them we were leaving. we made out good-byes, i got a kiss from girl and i slapped her ass as i walked away. when we got outside i looked at him and asked, “well, did i disappoint?” he laughed and complimented me (can’t remember exactly what he said, but confirmed my stripper ninja ability). dropped him off and headed back home.

i finished writing this at around 10:30am. i’m picking him up in around 30-45 minutes for round 2. i’ll keep you posted.

stay up.

5 Comments on “MMGMOMD: Pregame- Day One with Lucky”

  1. AKA says:

    I am curious, how do you go about introducing your blog to the conversation?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      in this case, i mentioned i was hanging out with a buddy visiting from the UK and they ask how we know each other. then i mentioned me having a website and he was a reader.

      they ask what the site is about and i tell them.

      otherwise when a girls ask what i do for fun i mention having a website. they always ask what it’s about. when i tell them they call BS so i pull up the site on my phone.

      they read and their eyes get huge. lol. best DHV ever.

  2. AKA says:

    LOL. Good stuff man.

  3. Sean says:

    Looks like a bar just kinda kiddy-corner from the Junque shop on FMen Street.

    God, I love FM Street. Danny, I was told when in NO a few years ago, “Bourbon for tourists, Frenchmen for the locals”. True?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I fucking loathe FM. It’s all hipster douches. The R bar is the closest to FM I’ll go. I stick to Decatur. If i’m on bourbon it’s because I know the bartender.

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