ITLR: Outcome Independence

i think one of the things most guys new to game and red-pill face (after approach anxiety ) is outcome independence (OI). most guys tend to equate OI with aloofness. this is too narrow an interpretation. the same as many guys thinking game is tool for helping you get laid. again, a limited definition. a limited definition will only yield limited results. to gain the most benefit from these ideas you must view them with a broader scope

we men are creatures of labor. as such, when we toil we expect to see results, and when we don’t we get frustrated. as we incorporate the red-pill and we open another girl and we get IOI’s, and we neg, and we appear to doing everything right only to have it go to shit it can be a very disappointing. i guess this could offer a nice example

we’ve all been there. and guess what, it’s going to happen MANY MORE TIMES. happens to me quite often.

what’s a man to do? you could be a pussy and quit, give up altogether and move into a travel trailer on a few acr….never-mind. you see my friend nothing will blow a set like a woman sensing a pussy agenda. YES, we all know you’re not chatting her up to discuss the middle east, but….you’re execution mustn’t give off the feeling that this will make or break your day. i mean, you’re not going to quit driving because you keep catching red-lights are you? no, of course not.

so, how does one internalize OI? it’s actually much simpler than you think. it crucial to not give two shits about what happens, and enjoy the moment, have fun. yup, it’s THAT easy. i know it’s much easier to say than to do and i’m sure you were hoping for something more zen. but the fact is, despite the fact being just below the surface that you want to fuck the girl, you can’t come off like you’re investing that much into the interaction with her. a woman can sense an agenda in seconds.

last night i posted the interaction i had with the stripper, i’m sure she knew right away that i wanted to see her nakie. as a matter of fact, after making a few comments about making her squirt and her saying it would be a great time; i told her if it goes down she’d be going back to tampa with a present. she asked what that was and i replied, “a baby.” i got her number without really trying, despite knowing full well that there’s a 2% chance i’m ever going to see her outside the club. but you know what.

1- i didn’t care. 2- i was just having fun.

just KNOWING you can illicit that effect is a very powerful and liberating feeling for a man. i keep telling Lucky, “it’s called “game” because it’s fun. when it isn’t, you shouldn’t be playing.” if she’s being stoic and you’re not getting a playful attitude from her, bail- she’s not feeling you. but what really kills the ability to internalize OI?

one is raging 20 year old hormones. it’s hard NOT to care when you’re a walking hard on 90% of the day and you’ve started getting decent at opening and game in general. the next thing is the entitlement thought process of the typical western 20 year old woman. well, guess what- there’s really not much you can do about these things. BUT….you can keep chomping at the bit and taking the lumps that i’ve told you you’ll encounter in your 20’s. why?

every lump will cement the weakness’ in your game. after time, if you keep at it, eventually you really won’t care about the outcome. does it take time, of course. is it worth it? that’s subjective. i’ve been hanging out with a guy who was a total fucking geek and watching him work now (at 22) would never make me think he had an issue with girls before.

if he can do it, so can you.

tomorrow is the family Christmas party so i’ll try and update. we’ll be having a guest at the party as Lucky will be attending the festivities. that should be pretty interesting since he’ll be meeting my Nephew. You know my nephew, the one I’ve been coaching red pill to since he was 8z tonight i’m going to take Lucky to tulane university.

lastly, i hear there’s been a bit of talk about a louisana family causing some controversy. sorry, but there’s no point in me getting into this especially when other’s have covered it better than i could. personally, I do ‘t have an issue with gays. none. but I DO have an issue that bill mahr still has a gig after saying WAY worse shit than Phil.

H/T- SSM and Free Northerner

stay up.

5 Comments on “ITLR: Outcome Independence”

  1. earl says:

    Stuff from Aristotle about being a man…a lot of things include OI.

    “He is not prone to admiration, since nothing is great to him. He does not bear a grudge, for it is not a mark of greatness of soul to recall things against people, especially the wrongs they have done you, but rather to overlook them.”

    “Other traits generally attributed to the great-souled man are a slow gait, a deep voice, and a deliberate utterance; to speak in shrill tones and walk fast denotes an excitable and nervous temperament, which does not belong to one who cares for few things and thinks nothing great.”

  2. ARoss says:

    Are you going to the New Orleans Bowl?

  3. Faust says:

    she asked what that was and i replied, “a baby.”

    I know you’re telling the truth, and I believe you, but I still have the hardest time understanding how you can get away with saying stuff like this.

    Merry Christmas, by the way, and thanks for the card.

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